War And Throne

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War And Throne

By: TomTommiy OngoingFantasy

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The battle for the kingdom's leadership begins when King Edward decides to abdicate. Whoever is the toughest and survives to the end, is the one who deserves to be the successor of the kingdom. For the title of leader, all clans elbow each other to achieve victory. Who is lucky in the game and escapes great danger? Who is willing to sacrifice blood and life to join the game? And the question that bothered everyone, which clan would win the game? Will the ice clan retain its title as the leader of the Crimson country? None of the clans guessed who would be the winner.

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36 chapters
Chapter 1 : Fire Spreads
Flames whipped at high speed from Darren's hands, moving quickly forward, swirling, then piercing and burning three trees at once in front of him. The young man roared and cried loudly, tears falling down his cheeks, his chest tight; he didn't care about the trees that were getting swallowed up by the flames. Anger mixed with pain had gathered together to form a lump that choked his chest. The young man then sat limply on the ground. His eyeballs were now red, radiating the fire he had created so ferociously. "Darren, what are you doing?!" The young man didn't care about the shouts coming from behind him; he didn't even bother to reply. Darren merely sat limply. His eyes were now tightly closed, along with the tears that were falling more and more heavily. "Hey, you burned those innocent trees, man. What's wrong with you, Darren?" The person tapped Darren lightly on the shoulder from the side. Darren still wouldn't give an answer, and the nineteen-year-old only looked down de
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Chapter 2 : Nightmares
Darren jumped out of his sleep, was panting, and then sat up on the bed with his body bathed in sweat, his broad chest rising and falling due to his irregular breathing. The young man turned his face to look at the clock on the wall. It was still early in the morning; the clock showed 1:25 a.m."It was just a dream," Darren said softly. Darren closed his eyes, let out a long breath, then pulled back the thin blanket and got out of his narrow bed. Darren stomped off to the kitchen to get a drink of water. After his throat was no longer dry, Darren hurried back into his room to continue sleeping; tomorrow he had to do his usual activities, including helping his mother sell at the market. Darren lay back on his bed, thoughts of his dream flashing back. Then he shook his head vigorously. "I don't want to think about that dream," Darren muttered softly. Nightmares often come unexpectedly, and that's exactly what Darren was experiencing. He dreamed that his mother had just died in his
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Chapter 3 : Darren and the Thief
"Thief!" Someone shouted very loudly. "Help me! That guy stole my wallet!" Darren's footsteps came to an abrupt halt, and he turned his head to look at the source of the voice. A woman was panicking because her purse had just vanished from her hands, taken by force by a thief who was now on the run, scurrying away, avoiding the crowd area, and going into the forest. Darren was alert; he watched Yupo with a hardened jawline. His gaze turned sharp and watchful. "Yupo, we have to help that woman; let's postpone going to the fish market." "Once we catch up with the thief, I'll give you some fresh fish." Darren nodded firmly to Yupo, to which the giant cat replied with a loud meow. With a single slam, Darren climbed onto Yupo's back. "Yupo, walk now!" Yupo's four feet stomped loudly on the ground, speeding up, charging forward, and cutting through the crowd that was created. People were busy with their own businesses; the woman was crying as she chased after Darren, who had already sp
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Chapter 4 : Painful Failure
Darren had never felt the sensation of falling from a height, and as his body floated, the young man closed his eyes, his mind blank, and he was ready for whatever was down there. Until finally, Darren felt pain as his body hit the water so hard. The handsome young man sank for a few moments; the water seemed to be pulling him down. Darren squirmed quickly, trying to move his arms and legs, and swam towards the surface. Darren gasped for breath. He rubbed his face, which was full of water, and his vision, which was originally blurred, was now clear again. Fortunately, the river wasn't swift, so Darren wasn't swept away. Instead of swimming towards the bank, Darren looked up. The thief uncovered his head. Although from a considerable distance, Darren could still see him clearly. The thief smiled sarcastically at Darren with a satisfied look on his face. The damn thief again smiled arrogantly, this time accompanied by a wave of his hand. The thief was bald-headed with a cut across h
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Chapter 5 : Crimson Country Clan
The white Full Palace of Darkness towered high; beautiful and sturdy towers were all around it. The Crimson Country was ruled by the Ice Clan, and it had been 100 years since the Ice Clan became the leader of the country. At this time, the Crimson Country was under the leadership of King Edward. The people of Crimson Country had various kinds of power. All clans were grouped together and had their own territories. The palace was in the center of all these territories, floating in the middle of the water. There is a large bridge to connect the clan territories. King Edward was a fair and kind leader, although, although he came from the Ice Clan, he did not treat all his subjects equally. The king did not give special treatment to the Ice Clan.All the people of Crimson felt fine under King Edward's leadership; everything was safe and secure, there was prosperity, and there were no serious disturbances. All clans did have their own territories, but that did not mean that their territ
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Chapter 6 : Message Bubble
"Finn, why are you here?" Instead of answering the question that came out of Darren's lips, Finn, Darren's friend from the Wind Clan, immediately dragged Darren from the front of the shop. "Hey, where are you taking me, Finn?" asked Darren again in between his steps that were being dragged forcibly by Finn."We have to go to Lake's house, right now!" Finn shouted. Darren was still surrounded by a fog of confusion. He stared at Finn uncomprehendingly. "Why do we have to go there? At this time of night?" It was already getting late, time was moving fast. Then, when Finn nodded with a suddenly serious look on his face, Darren concluded that something was going on, whatever it was, he just didn't know it yet. "The message bubble came to my house while I was planting fertilizer on the sunflower plants." "The message bubble came from Lake?" "That's right, Lake sent a message to me through the bubble. You must have gotten it too, right?" Darren quickly shook his head. "No, I didn't g
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Chapter 7 : Help from Yupo, the Giant Cat
A transparent blue message bubble made of water was seen in front of Darren's bedroom window. After Yupo got there, Darren immediately picked up the bubble. Finn said, "I'm telling you, you've got it, Darren, Lake is our best friend, there's no way she's just sending me a message bubble." "Yeah, now I believe you." Darren then increased the heat of his hand, making the bubble burst just like that, revealing a piece of paper containing a message. To Darren: I have a little problem, please come to my house with Finn. I don't know what to do, sorry I'm just sending a message, I don't have time to go see you and Finn in person. Love: LakeDarren crumpled the paper in his hand, threw it to the ground, and then told Yupo to immediately proceed to the place where the water clan settled. The day had turned into night, but the streets were still quite busy. The Crimson Country did not have a curfew. Everyone was free to go and go, as they wished. The Crimson Country was almost in the s
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Chapter 8 : Boot Camp
"Your Majesty, are you sure of the decision you have made. I just want to make sure that His Majesty does not rush into actions and decisions. One small mistake could be fatal, I want Your Majesty to know about that." King Edward squinted, watching Gio. Gio was the royal advisor, always faithfully accompanying the king wherever he went. Feeling stared at so deeply by the King, Gio bowed his head, the corner of his lips twitching. "I beg your majesty to think over the plan once more." "Gio, I appreciate the advice and input you always give me. Indeed, I am very impressed and always helped by your presence by my side." Gio listened to the words spoken by the king. King Edward straightened up from the large white chair he was sitting on. A white crown with a pointed tip seemed to fit perfectly on his head. The king let out a long breath before his words resumed. "My mind is made up Gio, it is inviolable, now you may leave my room. I want to be alone." Although not satisfied with t
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Chapter 9 : Fire Element
Darren and Cassie looked at each other with similar facial expressions, bulging eyes and half open mouths. Nail suddenly clapped his hands, making all pairs of eyes immediately look at the hairless youth. Nail's action was followed by the others. The master who saw his protégé so enthusiastically welcoming him was immediately taken aback, especially when he was greeted so enthusiastically with applause and admiring glances. Not that he had never felt this way, it was just that this time the master experienced another, more turbulent feeling. "Gaby, Domes, distribute the books to your friends, one child gets one book, and so do you two." Gaby nodded enthusiastically. "Ready master, carry it out immediately. Come on Domes!" Domes followed behind Gaby after giving the master a smile. Next, they began to distribute the books of materials as the master had said. "No need to be afraid of not getting one, everyone gets one, I've counted them," the master said from the front. "Ready mas
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Chapter 10 : Announcement from the Palace
Everyone covered their ears due to the loud noise that came so suddenly. The sound of a trumpet was shouted loudly from a distance three times. When it was over, those on the field looked at each other. "The royal horn," murmured Master Jael. He coughed for a moment as he loosened his tie. "Children, please pay attention for a moment." To attract attention, Master Jael clapped his hands three times. Darren knew that the sound of the horn just now came from the palace of the full moon of darkness, the sound was familiar. If the palace had sounded the horn, it meant that important information was about to be released by King Edward, the leader of the Crimson Country. "You heard the trumpet sound yourselves, didn't you?" "We heard it, master!" replied all the students, in unison, their voices coming together to form a loud shout. "The horn signaled that King Edward, aka the Ice King, aka the King of Us All, was about to make an important announcement. Well, you must already know." Ma
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