The sight of mafias is not unusual in Johji Inn, and maids from the palace had been occasionally seen when they sneaked here to meet their mafias lovers. The cause of the commotion when Zuma stepped into the Inn that is as busy as a colony of ants was the sight of the lady who had been rumoured to look exactly like her majesty.

Since the mafias had arrived earlier before the daily sales boom, most of the maids of services were free to stare and gaped at the incomers as they walked through the corridor and arrived at the section where liquor was served, then towards the administrative blocks.

Leading the team, Zuma halted in front of the burnt building, stared at it for a while, stepped inside and was followed by the two ladies and some mafias.

He soon take note of the sign of gasoline on the ground, and the fact that the fire had started from outside and not inside made him realise the action was deliberate and not an error from those inside the rooms.

Since the lady that had murder
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