Alex Brim, Hero for Hire

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Alex Brim, Hero for Hire

By: krushandkill CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Follow the life of Sakamo Ryu on Earth, where he is Sakamo Ryu, a fifteen-year-old boy with ascendency of English-Japanese.  His other life is as Alex Brim, a Hero for Hire on the Magical World Azurath to where he can travel by using a magical pendant.  His help is needed from time to time, because of the Magical Voids that appear in the sky from where Monsters fall, making the lives of the different species that lives there, a very hard one.  … Alex shouted to the Orc, surprising everyone, “Eat him already! He is in my way, I want your head and the pretty Magical Orb you have inside you! You are not dead already because that dumbass is still there, but as soon as you kill him, you are all mine!” The Orc let his hostage go that fell on the ground with a muffled bump. The Orc raised his mace to the sky and screamed, giving the signal for the Goblins to attack. At the same time, Alex whispered, “Give me a little of your strength, Shinatobe.” A small dot of light near his right ear answered in a low voice, “As you say, Master.” ...


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Chapter 1 - Quest in Azurath 1
Alex Brim was finishing his lunch, together with his Party for that Quest. Gabriel Dawson got up after finishing his meal and said, “Before anything else, I need to pee. I will be right back to help with tidying the campsite.”   The Fairy Wenammy spoke while disguising a smile and trying to remain serious, “If you get in trouble, try not to scream like a little girl. It’s kind of embarrassing hearing such a big man scream like that.”   Gabriel grunted. “I didn’t scream like a little girl when those Goblins attacked us in the morning. I made out a very virile scream because of surprise!”Read more
Chapter 1.1 - Quest in Azurath 1.1
Alex skilfully avoided the questions by talking the least possible about him while riding his horse next to James Macdonald. “I am used to having my employers doubting my skills in the first job, but then they realize I am way more powerful than the money they paid for my services, and they always hire me again.”   “Well, I will be one of them, for sure. Your services were extremely useful, and we completed this extremely dangerous Quest with none of us dying, and… I was told that you are also a powerful Mage, but I only saw you using a sword, daggers, bow, and your shield. I noticed you glowing a little with Magic when you were running at an incredible speed to that Orc, but it was only that time.”

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Chapter 2 – First day of High School 1
In the morning, Sakamo Ryu grabbed his new School bag and left his house. His new School was only a six-minute walk, that was one of the reasons why he rented that house. The other one was that the real state agency also informed him that there was a nice family restaurant nearby and a small market. In the street, there was a familiar man disguised in a municipal uniform, sweeping the floor. Sakamo Ryu made a slight nod, and the man returned it. Ryu walked and looked left and right, trying to find a place where he could have breakfast, considering it was still early for School, and he couldn’t eat breakfast at home because he didn’t buy grocerie
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Chapter 2.1 – First day of High School 1.1
The Principal gulped. Applying to the admission tests of all the High Schools and getting the highest score on all of them was not a simple task. Having such a student attending his School would also be good for him, not only to increase the status of the School, but because he could also brag about having an amazing student under his care.   “I see… I thank you for that choice, and I hope we don’t make you regret it. It will be an honour to have you here, and I do hope we can help you in your future when you graduate.”   “As do I, Principal. By the way, I may need to be absent one or two
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Chapter 2.2 – First day of High School 1.2
Kaishu Katsu walked to his desk and faced his students. He took a slow deep breath and spoke, “Place the page with your answers on my desk when class ends. Don’t forget to put your name on it. It’s probably better if we relax for a while and everyone says a few things about themselves so that we can know each other a little better. Who wants to start?”   A girl in the left row spoke while looking at Sakamo with dreamy eyes, “Sensei, I wouldn’t mind hearing everything about Sakamo-kun! Maybe he doesn’t mind being the first if we ask him nicely!”   Kaishu Katsu slowly nodded and faced the o
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Chapter 3 – Takechi Hito in trouble 1
Lunch time arrived, and a bunch of girls from his class dragged Sakamo out with some boys joining the mix, just to watch the show and laugh at his expense. In the corridor, Sakamo looked to his left, trying to find Takechi Hito, but there was only a group of students talking, and he was not there. Sakamo made a forced smile to the smiling girl clinging on his right arm, Hangaku Mae, and her partner in crime on his left arm, Tomiko Hari, a purple-haired girl with tiny glasses and medium-sized breasts, that contrasted with the yellow painted hair of Hangaku Mae and her big breasts, that were squashed against Sakamo’s arm.

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Chapter 3.1 – Takechi Hito in trouble 1.1
Takechi Hito asked while entering the cafeteria, “How did you do that? And you are not afraid of their revenge? What if they snitch you out to the Principal? You could get a suspension!”   “Don’t worry about them anymore, but if they annoy you again, tell me, ok? I will make sure they have to eat through a straw for six months. After lunch, I will go have a talk with your classmates. They should have helped you, those cowards.”   Takechi Hito looked down and spoke in a low voice, “Sakamo-kun… Thanks… I used to be mocked because of my looks and weight in Middle School, and I thought things
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Chapter 3.2 – Takechi Hito in trouble 1.2
Tomiko felt her cheeks turning hot and said, “Sakamo-kun? Yes… he sure is...”   “Tomiko-chan, you know very well I was not talking about Sakamo-kun… I meant Takechi-kun, or Takechi-sama, like Sakamo-kun calls him.”   “Yeah… I guess he is… kind of sweet… I am used to having boys flattering me, but the way he says things… and the way he looks at me… it’s like… if I am the only girl around. It’s… kind of nice. Most of the time, boys get distracted by Hangaku-chan boldness and prettiness, but he didn’t look at her ever since he sat next to me, not even once. It was like… if I was the only gir
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Chapter 4 – Fixing the mess
When the short break in the afternoon started, Sakamo left before Hangaku could catch him to ask what happened in the other classroom, and waited for Takechi in the corridor. As soon as he came, Sakamo signalled so that he would follow him. “We don’t have much time, but I had an idea, and we need to go talk with the Principal. What would you say if you could change to my class, considering that your classmates are a bunch of morons that don’t deserve your company?”   “I… don’t know. I was with most of them in Middle School. But… Yeah, they were never great friends. They always mocked me or laughed at my expenses, and because those three joined my class in this School, things became even worse. Do you think the Principal will let me join
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Chapter 5 – Coffee-house
When classes ended, Hangaku Mae quickly grabbed her bag and went to Sakamo, who was completely focused on a strange set of equations and a list. She took a glance at it and pointed to the list of to-do things. “What is this about, ‘send email to Doctor Teruko-san regarding results from new simulation’? Or this ‘collect data from new site’? I am not even asking about all these equations! You were not following class, were you?”   Sakamo looked up, surprised by the sudden appearance next to him. “What… I mean, no, I was following the class in the beginning, but I got bored because I already knew what the Teacher was talking about, and I got distracted with this. The class finished?”   Read more