Even though the sun is hot in the sky, making the exhausted prince sweat from head to foot, and his eyes red from hunger and exhaustion, Onishi walked for hours because his pride will not allow him to beg for a free ride.

Knowing how impossible is it for him to trek over twenty kilometres distance, his mind was looking for a way out of his predicament, when his eyes caught sight of an Inn by the roadside.

"Let me search for my sucker here."

Been a large Inn with several ladies of services in attendance, the presence of the prince was overlooked as he strolled into the liquor section, sat with a sighed and peered around.

Just like Johji Inn, the ladies of service were glamorous and nudely dressed, the Inn smelled nice and the sound from the speakers nearby completes the setting.

Having no cash with him, his eyes flickered with hunger, and he was about to throw his pride aside and beg for a cup of liquor when he felt a lady of service studying him from afar, then walking closer when
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