REX: The Powerful Being

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REX: The Powerful Being

By: Moni Sky CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Rex was a nobody, just your average guy next door that barely ever left the apartment and he never thought that his life would ever be anything more than that. That was until it ended in his favourite coffee shop being consumed by flames and he was caught up in it. He thought that it was all over for him. The last thing that he expected was that he was going to be reborn in a magical world of wizards, he's admitted into the most elite magical University, Jared university. At first, he was a natural and he gain the attention and recognition of his fellow students and teachers but then something unexpected drags him to rock bottom will he be able to surpass these several challenges that will be coming his way? Or will he succumb to them? . . FIND OUT MORE IN THE STORY... . . ......

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  • HD Gaming519


    why does it seem like there's missing sentences at the end of every chapter it makes it so hard to read

    2023-08-21 03:34:39
  • Monica Nelson


    I will rate 5 stars ...️ or more

    2022-11-01 18:30:20
  • Monica Nelson


    This is the best Fantasy/Magic book I have read lately. Error-free and very intriguing. This is highly recommended. Kudos to the Author ...️......

    2022-11-01 18:28:58
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152 chapters
Chapter 1
“Arggh!" Rex yelled as the energy began to build up at his fingertips until finally it formed into a ball of fire and he was breathing heavily with satisfaction then his eyes darted over to the target in front of him three straw men that had been placed about 100 m away from him in the training hall of Jared magical university. Keeping his breathing focused he built up the ball of fire that was hovering above the palms of his hand until it was the size of a boulder and then he shot it at the straw men watching with satisfaction as they burst into flames. ” Bullseye!" He yelled as he threw his fist in the air, his scream attracted the attention of a female student that was just coming in, and the blonde looked at him with confusion then her eyes darted over to the straw men that were still burning up and she had to cover her mouth before she started bursting into laughter. Unable to hold herself she walks towards him and when she was close enough that he could hear her footsteps
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Chapter 2
“I would like an order of black coffee with a muffin by the side if you don't mind.” “Coming right up!" Rex had not always been a student at the prestigious Jared magic University, he had been a regular guy that only ever came out of his apartment to visit his favourite coffee shop and then crawl right back in like a shell. Until something happened that totally changed his life. It had been a totally uneventful Thursday afternoon and he had come to the shop at a time that you will show had fewer customers so he would not have to bother with interacting with too many people or standing in a long line and just get his coffee and be going his way. But then it seems like life had other things in store for him. After he made his order instead of the strong scent of black coffee reaching him it was the toxic smell of smoke that got to him first. The coffee shop was on fire. He didn't know how the fire started. All he knew was that it immediately engulfed the entire shop without any m
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Chapter 3
The days grew into weeks which eventually developed into months and then before Rex knew it he had already spent time here in Jared magical University. However, things were no longer the same as they were before when he first started university after learning the fire enchantment on his first try he became the talk of the school his fellow students stepped on each other to be friends with him and the professors were incredibly fond of him as well. And he advanced faster than all of his other mates combined so much that it amazed everybody in the university. But then those good days did not last long and initially, even Rex did not notice it himself it was until a professor called him and told him to stay after class that he had an important discussion with him. “Guys, the professor says if you want to talk to me I'll catch up with you all later.” He said to his friends who were already heading out one of them managed to turn back and say.“Don't worry about it, take your time, it m
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Chapter 4
“Hey isn't that fireball freak?!"Rex clenched the books in his hand as the two students in his year were coming from behind and they were openly making fun of him pretending to be whispering even though he could hear them very well.” That's definitely him I bet he's going to practice that stupid fireball enchantment of his... Doesn't he ever get tired?"They both chuckled but when they noticed that he wasn't giving them any attention they decided to bother him even more walking up to your side.“Hey, buddy classes already ended for the day where are you rushing off to?"One of them, a tall male with red hair, said placing his elbow on Rex's shoulder, Rex immediately stopped.”I'm going to do you mind taking your hand off my shoulder?"He then gave him an icy look.“You know...while it's still not roasted yet,”The redhead immediately took his hand and then signalled his friend.“Yeah, we have the stuff to do anyway later...”As they had gotten a little farther from him th
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Chapter 5
After that day we started to hear that voice everywhere, even in his dreams he could hear it echo in over and over again.“Fireball max level reached.” it sounded like neither a man nor a woman and it was on constant repeat and it got even worse when he was training so Rex decided to take a break from training for a while and focus on reading on enchantments but the voice did not really him a break, he was barely able to sleep anymore and he walked into classes looking like death warmed up and almost all of the time lately.Though the professors barely scolded him, this was because they did not even see him as a student anymore but rather just a spare part that came to warm up the seat. They even liked it or at least preferred it when it came late or missed classes altogether.Then it started one sunny afternoon, after coming in late as usual Rex looked around for an empty seat of course nobody wanted him to sit next to them and so we have to go all the way to the back where there was
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Chapter 6
"So you are one of the reasons that I have been stuck in a rut all this time?" Rex said angrily to the voice clenching his fist as he works to a more secluded area of the library so nobody was with him while he was having a conversation seemingly with himself. "Do you know how many enchantments that people in my own year have probably learnt huh ?" He asked them with his stern voice as he raked his fingers through his hair. "About 4 to 5 ..." The voice said almost not currently and the young man rested his back against the wall taking a deep breath as he held up all of his fingers. "In an entire year, I've only learnt one enchantment ..." "That's absolutely true." "I became the laughingstock of my entire school." "That is also correct." Rex felt like he was going to explode in the next second but he took some deep breaths trying to calm himself down. "So this is just how your system works ... who cares that I had to go through all of this?" He pulled out one of the chairs t
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Chapter 7
Rex was going to practice his new enchantment but then he saw some students in his year going into another hall it seemed like a professor had scheduled a sudden class probably one that goes behind in the curriculum for that year and of course, nobody told him because they would rather see him kicked out of school than attending his classes.The moment he walked into class tongues had already started wagging, I knew they were talking about him again. The voice had given him a chance to become even more laughable than before, but he told himself to be patient and in a few moments he will be showing them his new enchantment.A smile immediately wrapped around his face as he got to a seat that immediately became empty the moment he slipped into it.In a few moments, the professor walked in, and the lanky bearded male scanned the class with a scrutinizing gaze."I'm sure that some of you are very unhappy about this sudden class, but please if you have something else to do then you should
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Chapter 8
The next morning, he woke up with a wide smile on his face, to the point that it seemed as if he was trying to touch his ears with the corner of his lips. His roommates were particularly curious about what had gotten him so cheerful that early in the morning when he had practically stumped into the room the evening before, complaining about a class that had been scheduled out of the blue. But since he was an outcast in the room there was no one that was going to ask him why he was so cheerful that morning, so they did the usual off taunting him, but he did not even spare them a single glance and just got ready for his first lecture that day. The person that will be teaching them that morning was the same professor that had embarrassed him the day before, this left his roommates even more confused as to why he was excited about that. but Rex was not able to make it to the class before he noticed that some people were following him from behind. When he stood waiting for them to pass,
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Chapter 9
The news that the wonder student of the first year had learnt another spell spread across the entire university like wildfire and for the first time in over a year people were talking about him but not in a gossiping manner. For the next few days, Rex was relieved because nobody came to bother him or bully him as before, and it was nice walking along the halls without having the fear of someone setting out their leg for him to fall, or going to his seat to find little pins scatter around it as a way of booby-trapping it for him. This was because all of his bullies were cowards who were actually just jealous of his gifts and so now that you have learnt a new enchantment and had executed it so nicely for his first try they were afraid that he would continue unlocking more enchantments. but as the days passed they watched him like vultures that wanted to swoop in on a corpse waiting for him to pull out another out and enchantment but then they realize that that was not happening any
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Chapter 10
The bullies were surprised to approach them in the hallway and they were almost tempted to rub their eyes to make sure that they were not seeing an illusion because if they weren't they would not understand why she was so furious as she was marching towards them."Lyra?" one of the bullies called her name when she was finally in front of them, Lyra was the second most popular student in her first year and after that, but unlike Rex, she remained popular on a positive note because she excelled in all her classes though she was not as advanced as Rex was with his fire skill she was one of the leading students in his year.She had never once looked his way before Rex thought in his mind as she walked towards them."Don't you guys ever get tired of picking on Rex, he didn't even do anything to you!"she said to the bullies as she whipped back her brown hair that had golden highlights."Come on, Lyra, are you sure that you saw us right?"said the only girl among the bullies who had always
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