Austin couldn't believe he was back where he grew up. The place he once called home had turned to nothing but piles of dust. He walked to where his father's house was once built. It had turned into a place for all different kinds of leaves. He could remember how he and his father used to run around that house when he was five until his father left. Austin frowned at his face when he remembered how his father left him and his mother. Austin walked to the tree as instructed by his father. A small hole was imprinted in the middle of the tree, and when Austin pressed it, the ground opened.

"What the hell?"

Austin thought, as he never imagined that his father could build something like that. He entered into the ground that had opened and closed. He took the staircase that led to the underground tunnel. When he got into the tunnel, he was surprised that his father had built a bunker. His pictures from when he was five were all pasted around the tunnel. On a desk that belonged to his father were pictures of his family. His mother, father, and himself. Another picture was of himself, his deceased wife, and his daughter. Austin couldn't believe his father had kept a family he had destroyed with his hands. In resentment, he ripped apart the picture of when he was five years old. He yelled until he almost lost his voice.

"I hate you, father!" He yelled again and walked to where a king-sized bed was and laid on it. He couldn't imagine his father having kept the secret of the bunker from his family. He looked around for any paper that might look different in the bunker. He searched his father's desk but found nothing. He searched under the bed, but there was nothing that seemed different. A shelf filled with different books was behind the bed, and Austin made sure he searched all the books on the shelf, but he didn't find anything until his hand pushed the shelf and it turned. The shelf turned and Austin found himself inside another bunker, but this one was bigger as it contained two beds and a large desk where a green book was laid.

Austin rushed to the desk and grabbed the green book to read. As Austin thought, the book was about the creatures, and it had the content listed for every chapter. The last chapter was written by the founders of MASK. Austin opened the book to the page where the founders were listed, but it was ripped out. The entire chapter on the founder was ripped out. "That couldn't be all." Austin rummaged through the desk, but he found nothing. "Why?" He questioned no one in particular. Austin sat on one of the beds inside the second bunker, but it felt heavy, so he turned the bed over.

"Oh!" Austin gasped when he saw all the different kinds of guns, bombs, and swords attached to the bed. "Why did your father have all this?" I must ask him why. " Austin concluded. He turned back to the desk and started to flip the pages of the green book. Austin spent hours on the book, but he couldn't understand anything, so he went to visit his father in prison.

"I've read everything but I don't understand," Austin said to his father, who seemed uninterested in whatever Austin had to say.

"You saw the bunker, didn't you?" The Lord asked his son instead of giving a reply to his son's curiosity. "Why aren't you saying anything?"

"Because you are a sly old fool." How could you build a bunker without letting your family know? "

"Because I was trying to protect our family! You never gave me a chance to prove myself. I built that bunker because of our family. "

"You mean the family you tear apart!" Austin is accused.

"I knew you'd say something like that, but I built that bunker to keep the family safe in case of any emergency." The Lord defended himself.

"Whatever you say, I need you to tell me about that book. I do not understand a thing, and the founder's chapter is ripped out. What are you not telling me? " Austin questioned his father.

"I have nothing to say to you, but I have some advice for you," the Lord said to his son. "Leave while you still can. Reject the deployment offer. Take your daughter and leave! "

"I'm not like you, father," Austin pointed out.

"The war will wipe out every existence and only those with power will survive."

"I came to ask more about the book." I'm not here to ask for your opinion. You know who is behind this; tell me so I'll report it to the authorities. "

"And they'll do what?" The Lord questioned his son. They'll kill your daughter first and punish you viciously. Son, "he called. "This war started years ago and they've been hiding from the public, but now that it has become something greater, they decided to send you on a mission of death."

"What do you know about the book?" Austin ignored his father's concern.

"If I were you, take my advice and save your daughter." The creatures aren't exactly what you thought they are. That's all I have to say, son. " "One more piece of advice, son," the Lord said through the glass as he stood up to leave."If you decide to go, that book will guide you. Prepare for blood, son. " He laughed and walked out through the door behind the desk.

Austin heaved a sigh and placed a hand on his head. His father had refused to share more information about the creature, and he was stuck in between choosing to go or turning the offer down.


Austin returned to his home with a heavy heart. He had thought over and over again about the decision to deploy or take his father's decision. "Dad," his daughter's voice broke him out of his reverie.The little girl sat beside him on the brown couch in his mini living room.

"Zenobia," Austin said, ruffling the girl's hair.

"Don't do that again, daddy." I'm seven years old. "

"Sorry," Austin muttered and hugged her daughter. "Where is Penelope?" He asked after her nanny.

"Sleeping. She is tired, Daddy. When are you taking me out to the park? " Zenobia pouted.

"Soon, Zenobia." Daddy has just been busy lately. I'll take you tomorrow before Daddy goes to work. " He promised

"Okay, daddy," she said in excitement.

Austin thought about what his father said, and he knew he had to make a huge decision just then. His phone rang.

"Hail, Medianda!" He stood up and hailed when he picked up the call.

"This is Colonel Gary, you are to report to Langose base camp tomorrow morning."

"But sir, it's until tomorrow."

"It's the general commander's order."

"Yes sir," Hail Médicanda! " He dropped the car and looked at his daughter, who was already staring at him with her obsidian eyes.

"Work again?" She asked with a sad tone.

"Yes, sweetie," Austin replied with guilt.

It's okay, dad. "You are a hero and I'm proud of you." Zenobia gave her father a thumbs-up.

That was what Austin needed. himself and his daughter's support. "Come give your dad a hug," Austin said, opening his hand for a warm embrace. "Daddy loves you so much."

"I love you too, daddy." The little girl replied, making Austin's head swell in happiness.

Austin didn't need his father's advice as he had gotten the support he needed. He was going to face the war and also make sure that his daughter was fine. He was going on a mission, as a soldier should.


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