Mt. Enigma

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Mt. Enigma

By: Obscurascriptoris CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Mt. Enigma, the unknown mountain. Everything here is alarming because of the story about the magnet, a large rock shaped like a priest and a cave with various hidden treasures. Anyone interested, everyone interested became aggressive, hiking the mountain full of mystery and as a reward for their audacity, their lives were exchanged for it. Until sooner, this mountain became fierce, whoever entered could never return. But in the modern generation there is a group of vloggers, discovered it. They will go to this mountain during the Holy Week on Friday the thirteenth. What mystery will they discover? Will they survive or become like the previous victims?

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  • Shichi Kuroichi Arai


    Interesting plot!

    2022-08-17 07:02:18
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56 chapters
Chapter 1
All the lights inside the house were turned off and only the television turned on served as light in the living room where the friends were present. The rustling sound of junk food bags and crisp chewing of chips is what brings relief to the quiet night. They were both focused on the television that was showing only beautiful sights."I'm losing interest in road trips, you know? We can't find any good places anymore," Zaliyah sneered as she sat on the couch and leaned on her boyfriend Nivo's chest. He also looked down at her face and stared at her chewing mouth. He didn't speak and just grabbed the chips she was holding and then threw a piece into his mouth."Yeah," agreed Yvaine who didn't feel like peeling a piece of ring chips into small portions before eating them. "We have almost been to all the beautiful places in the country. Even all the historic mountains or volcanoes in the Philippines, are not new to me," she said in a low tone and flicked the plastic of the chips."Then l
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Chapter 2
Vynx just watched his companions staring at the book Zaliyah was holding. It was too old and the paper on each page was too soft. Upon opening it, the map appeared to them. His grandfather had shown him this before, besides that he had also told him about Mt. Enigma.Yvaine quickly took the map. It also immediately unfolded every fold and Bax was currently waiting. "So, this is the map?" Yvaine asked in a whisper and she and Bax looked at each other as it was completely unfolded."What are the important parties there at Mt. Enigma?" Bax asked and pouted at the map. Only moderate silence prevailed when they heard noises outside—the smell of talking. Vyze and Colthen looked there, Nivo and Zaliyah were busy flipping the book and didn't pay attention to the newcomer while Yvaine and Bax were busy tracing the map.They were in that situation when the door opened. It spat out their three other companions; their manager Skyeh whom they call Mamo, Wynce and the beautiful little girl Chaleigh
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Chapter 3
The clock is ticking, the TV is on, almost inaudible due to the weakness of its volume, the sound of Colthen's fingers knocking on the round table between the couches they are sitting on is the noise that relieves their moment of silence. They were all looking at Vynx and waiting for his speech. He just stared at their manager with an unpredictable reaction on his face.When he noticed that he was not blinking, he was forced to open his mouth. "Because..." He glanced at his companions for a moment. "It's cursed in the end," he answered and his eyes stopped at Nivo who was also staring at him."Why is it cursed?" he asked while leaning on the back of the couch.He hesitated to answer for reasons he knew. He was sure that if he said it, they would just laugh at him. He turned to look at their manager who was also right next to his twin. Mamo eyes widened at him as if ordering him to answer. He took a deep breath before speaking, almost forcing himself. "Because..." He moved his eyes to
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Chapter 4
"Vyze, are you done there? Hurry up, we're the only ones here," Chaleigh impatiently called her artistic best friend. She was holding the handle of his pink suitcase. The lights in the whole house were already turned off because they were just leaving. All their companions are already downstairs and they are the only ones left. There is nothing new here for his friend and it is no wonder that she is the always last of all of them."Vyze! How long have you been there?" she called and tried to reflect the direction of the door. It's not that dark even though the whole house is sealed. Its windows are only in each room. It also added thick curtains, which killed even more color in the bright morning.She stomped her feet on the floor out of impatience. She snorted even more because she knew that their companions were waiting for them and she was worried that they might be impatient. She thought for a while when her phone suddenly rang. She seemed suddenly lost herself and turned arou
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Chapter 5
"Traffic is boring, guys!" Zaliyah complained while looking out the glass window of the car. They are currently stopped in the traffic area of ​​Taguig. "We'll be here for a long time, Mamo. Can we just go around, right?" Colthen suggested. "The NAIA expressway is the only traffic we will cross." "What are you going to do there?" Mamo blocked him, which caused Chaleigh to look up at them. "We won't turn around and we won't turn around! We're going to Batangas because we're just going to ship!" He snarled at Colthen and hit him on the head with a fan. "Shall we go across the sea?" Yvaine and Vyze asked at the same time. Mamo looked at the two and they looked at each other. When Chaleigh looked ahead, Mamo turned to them. "Are we rich enough to take a plane? Maybe you'll make money later with your vlog on Mt. Enigma, not even your fare!" He continued and self-indulgent. "How much does it cost to flight, Mamo?" Bax asked from behind and Chaleigh turned around. It was just too diffic
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Chapter 6
"My twin brother likes you, you just don't notice it, Chaleigh!" She heard what Vyze told her over and over again. It couldn't get it out of her mind even though she pretended she hadn't heard it before. What if it's true? What will she do? This is the question she asked herself.There is nothing wrong if Vynx likes her or even if she likes him too. He's good and almost don't know how to commit a sin. The only problem is that she is afraid; fear of being left behind, fear of being hurt. She once liked a man and she thought that man liked her too. But she was wrong, it turns out it's all prank. She didn't want that thing to happen again.She didn't even have a boyfriend but she has experienced being hurt. Maybe it's better to just ignore whatever Vyze said to her earlier. "Right," she whispered to herself."Yes, Miss! That's right." Her sanity returned to the present when the woman in uniform similar to the seafarers in front of her suddenly spoke. "This is mine," she said as she made
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Chapter 7
Her knees shaking like a leaf when she saw the tip of the knife sticking out of the wall and it was held by a hand that seemed to belong to a man, wearing black gloves. The dazzling reflection of the sun on its blade even hit her eyes. That caused her to close her eyes as her arms to block her face.Vynx took it one step further. "Don't come closer," he said firmly and took another step back. As she looked at the floor, a pair of shoes also stepped forward towards Vynx. Her fear increased and her throat began to dry. She worried that the man might suddenly rush to hurt Vynx.Vynx took another step back. And as the man in front of him stepped forward. She saw only half of his body. He was wearing black pants, a long-sleeved black shirt but the sleeves were slightly raised that his triangle-shaped tattoo on his arm could be seen, and it looked like there was a rosary around the base of it. The rosary is red, the triangle is green, but it's not a perfect triangle shape. It is slightly
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Chapter 8
Chaleigh heard the whispers of the passengers inside the ship. Others have not yet recovered from the shock of what happened. By now their group is gathering at their spot. Yvaine was currently rubbing Vyze's shoulder to ease her trauma. She was sitting on the right side and Zaliyah, who sighing, sitting on the left side. Vyze sitting on between them and Mamo sitting across from them. There was only a table in between and Bax sitting next to Mamo on the arm panel of the couch.They just face each other in silence—both thinking. She's standing next to Wynce and Nivo. She even noticed Nivo rubbing his neck as if stressed by what was happening. Colthen also just bent over sitting next to Vynx at the very end of the couch where Mamo was also sitting. Vynx was sitting on the side before Colthen. When she saw Vynx who was quiet and seemed to be thinking, she looked at what she was holding. That is bottled water that Mamo ordered her to bought for Vynx."Why haven't they touched the dea
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Chapter 9
The man looked at her and saw that she was staring. He simply lowered his arms that were blocking his chest then left. Her suspicion grew stronger that the man who died earlier was an accomplice of that man. She decided to quietly leave Colthen's side and follow him. She walk normal, followed the man. She immediately went out the door and even ran into the girl she met, which is why she suddenly spilled the drink she was holding."Sorry," she said and patted the girl's shoulder but her eyes were on the man walking to the left—toward the stern of the ship. She immediately left in front of the little girl and followed him. They reached the end and there were only a few people there. Most of the ones she notices are lovers. Some are holding hands and others are the man hugging the woman's back—watching the sea water that the ship is passing through.The man turned left, and she followed. When she turned around, there was no one there, but she saw that there was only one more to turn
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Chapter 10
It was late at night when she woke up from her sleep on the couch. She immediately got up when she noticed that she's alone. Her mind is also asking where they are. She looked around, there were still many people; Others were talking, laughing and children were playing, while the little ones were crying. Maybe because of the tiredness brought by the long voyage of the ship.She removed the towel that looked like a blanket from her body. She think for a moment but she didn't remember that she had made it as her blanket. But she ignored it in the end, thinking that maybe one of Yvaine and Vyze put it on her. She stood up, wandering her gaze. Her companions were not around. She looked at their things and those are there on the couch.She took a deep breath and thought that maybe they were just outside. Besides, the ship was still floating and that only meant that they hadn't docked yet. A little girl came up and looked up at her. She even gave her an angelic smile. But there's someone
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