Murder Out By Caster Bridge

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Murder Out By Caster Bridge

By: Erica St. Charles OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Caster Valley, Kansas, is a small peaceful town where nothing stays a secret for long. Where no paranormal phenomena ever happen. And it's the last place any murders ever happen. At least, that's what some of the townsfolk thought. Weston Brooks doesn't know what to believe. On his eighteenth birthday, strange unbelievable things begin to happen. Not only is his family in shambles, but the magic powers he was born with are out of control which divides them even more so after an accidental mishap that leads him to run away only for him to wind up at his best friend's house, who he has a crush on. Unfortunately, the bad luck he constantly has is only getting worse because his best friend's mother places a curse on them to never interact romantically without disastrous consequences happening. Now, with his misfortunes, he also begins to see a strange ghostly truck. At first, he ignores it. But then one day, he gets the courage to follow it. But that might have been his biggest mistake... Or maybe it was his fate. Being led to the bridge where he finds a black truck, the same black truck he's been seeing is at the bottom of the cliff by the bridge, and inside is the dead body of Barry Bloomsdale--a person everyone in town knows. Now, he gets thrown into a deep mystery and must solve the case with the help of the police chief's son and his cousin as well as a mysterious black cat that insists she's there to protect him. As they investigate, what they learn just might frighten Weston.

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34 chapters
If you would have foretold me that today would be a living hell, I would have thought you were a mentally insane nut job and run you off into the next millennium if it meant you would get out of my life forever.I'm not one to believe in fortune-tellers or prophets, but a part of me did wish someone would have warned me about today. If you had, maybe, just maybe, I would have listened and wouldn't be in this predicament situation. Then again, with my luck, this was probably bound to happen sooner or later because apparently destiny or fate always had something up their sleeve to make my days miserable.Oh, great, now my thoughts have gone off into a tangent. Hiding in this damp and freezing cold cave with my newest miles and acres of desolate trees that were not only dead but looked like they had been burnt and charred by a massive fire of some kind and grass that was as black as night would drive any sane person crazy.The reason for my hiding, well, it's because I'm being pursued by
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Chapter one
Two weeks agoNot only did the loud beeping from my alarm clock forcefully wake me up, but also a mind-numbing headache drilled itself deeper and deeper the more awake until I jolted awake. It only got worse and worse the more alert I became. When the bleariness in my vision didn't clear from rubbing them, I realized that I needed my glasses.I groaned. Seriously, why did this have to happen today of all days? Here I was hoping to go about my normal day.After I sat up and stretched, I reached over and picked up my glasses from the nightstand which cleared the bleariness instantly. That's when my eyes wandered to the window.Blue bolts of lightning zapped across the begrimed sky while in the distance thunder rumbled. It wasn't loud enough to cause me to jump, but it must have been noisy enough to startle the hundreds of slumbering ravens perched on the powerlines. They cawed and flew off over the nearby red building.Warning bells rang inside my pounding skull. This wasn't right. Most
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Chapter two
"Hurry up and take a seat!" yelled the grumpy bus driver.For the first time, I looked at him confused. This bus driver wasn't the same one as usual. Mr. Bloomsdale was the one assigned to this bus and usually was a lot nicer. Who was this new driver?This driver was different. Short and stocky with white hair that looked to be balding behind his ears."What are you standing there for?" the driver yelled again.I...""Quit your yapping and go take a seat!"What a jerk, I thought.Now I wished more than ever that I stayed at home. Even though my mother radiated hatred and anger, this man was top-notch. It was worse because his emotions didn't seem to have a defined reason. Or if he did, it was a reason I couldn't detect. Then again, my empathy couldn't always delve deep into a person's psyche and reveal why or what made them feel that way. However, something inside me told me that I wasn't the cause of this man's rudeness.Miserably and awkwardly, I pulled out some change from my pocke
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Chapter three
Bent over on a bench outside of the museum, trying not to panic, was the hardest thing in the world at the moment. Inside, I could hear the muffled voices of my mother, the police, and Mr. Newman yelling. And by the sound of it, they were in a heated argument and it didn't seem to be pleasant at all.While I sat there, lost in my thoughts, I knew I was in a heap of trouble. I knew that as I restlessly squeezed my hands from the anxiety running a mile a minute through me as I fought to keep my leg from bouncing up and down. This was the first time I'd ever been in this amount of trouble.I placed my head in my hands and snaked my fingers through my black hair and tugged at it frustratingly. The guilt and anger were eating me alive. I knew I messed up. I just knew it, but the question was: what did I do exactly? I didn't rig the sprinkler system. I didnt even have that kind of know-how.Oh, God, it must have been my magic. Did it get out of hand? Something, probably my conscience, told
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Chapter four
"What did you do?" screamed my mother.I couldn't speak. The shock was trembling down my whole body. Had I done that?As the realization hit, I realized then that what happened at the museum was indeed my fault."Weston!"Ignoring her heated shouts, I dashed out of the door, down the stairs, out of the apartment building's lobby door, and straight down the street. I didn't know where I was heading. I just knew I needed to get away.Rain was pouring, and I didn't have a raincoat to keep me from getting soaked. All I had on were the same clothes that I had been wearing all day.I found I didn't need any rain protection.The rain I found wasn't even touching me and my pounding footsteps weren't wet. It was like I had an invisible force field surrounding me, keeping me dry. I stored the question in the back of my mind for later. Because right this minute, I didn't care about anything. I was just focused on getting far away.Every couple of seconds I would check behind me to see if she was
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Chapter five
"Hayden Lakewood!" a female voice demanded. "What is going on here?"We broke apart and together we looked up to see a woman who I pegged to be in her late twenties. She stood there dressed in a white flowing gown with a pair of white flats. I admit she was beautiful. Her ginger hair was braided like a crown around her head.I felt the bewilderment shoot through Hayden's emotions as he jumped to his feet. "Mother!"This was Hayden's mother? I've never met her before. Anytime I asked about Hayden's parents, he always said they were out of town or too busy. However, now that I was looking at her, I could see some resemblance. Their turquoise eyes, their hair, and the shape of their noses. But that was all there was in terms of physical appearance. However, their stance, and the way their deadly intimidating gaze locked on one another as though they were in the middle of a heated battle, made me see just how much they were alike in personality.I froze in the icy moment."You snuck out a
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Chapter six
Late! I'm so incredibly late!Those were the thoughts running through my head as I jumped out of bed.Melinda was no doubt going to give me one heck of a lecture the second I arrived. She was probably getting ready to plan my demise. In my head, I pictured her standing in front of the door with a steaming cup of coffee and then splashing it in my face.I didn't mean to be late...again. I had the alarm clock raring to go and went to bed early and everything. But that hadn't been good enough. Sometime during the night, the electricity was knocked out in the room I was occupying.That had been my fault.These past two days had been hard on me. For one, I hadn't heard a word from Hayden. I had also been avoiding home like it was the plague. Since that dreadful night, I have been staying with my cousin and his nosy roommate. I borrowed his phone yesterday and sent texts and calls to Hayden, but he hadn't responded. Was he angry at me?And like I said, it's been two days--two lonely, hard d
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Chapter seven
"Seriously?" asked Melinda, who, when I turned my head and looked over, was sitting on the edge of the counter. Her jet-black curly hair hung more than normal like she used a curling iron. The flounce of her black dress shifted as her legs covered in black leggings with black ankle laced-up boots kicked about playfully. The white star down into the silk dress caught the light as she lifted her head toward me through the rim of her pointy black hat. She moved her head to the side as if she was trying to show off her crescent moon-dangling earrings. She then giggled, a sinister smile curling her black-painted lips as her bright luminous green eyes glowered at me. From the look on her face, she was not impressed with my sudden and unexpected entrance."Don't say a word," I hissed."I wasn't going to say anything.""Good.""But if I was, I would have said that you are the world's clumsiest empath of all time."This was Melinda Black, my boss, and owner of this shop. I never bothered to un
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Chapter eight
The second my mother invited me to have coffee with her, I found myself questioning her intentions. After running away from the apartment two days ago and not showing up or calling, I figured she'd be furious with me which wasn't far from the truth. Her emotions were seething underneath that false calm exterior that she was portraying. I knew immediately that she only wanted to be in public so that an argument wouldn't break out.After we walked to the coffee shop across the street and walked in, I was immediately and acutely aware of the emotions in the shop. However, there were too many to sort out. I took a few deep cleansing breaths. Out of my peripheral, my mother was giving me a look that made me shiver.Doing my best to ignore the emotions, my mother and I took a seat in the back near the window and took a seat, and neither of us ordered anything right away. Instead, my mother reached into her purse and pulled out her keys, and slid them across the table."What is this?" I aske
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Chapter nine
Following the black truck down the road until it disappeared in a puff of black smoke over the Caster Bridge made me slam on the brake rather roughly. This was quite surprising. This was one of the town's most haunted areas. At least, according to some of the stories you read on the Caster Vally website. People came up with the dumbest ways to attract tourists.I stepped out of the Jeep without turning off the engine. What was I thinking? What was I even doing this for? I could simply be hallucinating. I mean, for crying out loud, I just saw a truck turn into a puff of smoke.Carefully and cautiously, I walked over the bridge. It was still daylight. Just a little past noon, and yet I shivered. The sun shone high and I was freezing. This place was utterly creeping me out. As soon as I put my weight against the old iron railing, I gulped. I wasn't afraid of heights, but the thought of someone about ready to jump up, point a camera at me, and shout out that this whole ordeal was a prank
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