Put into action

I arrive at school, Christabel was waiting for me at the entrance, hey Sam she said after spotting, why didn't you wait for me yesterday. I had something vital at home, I replied swiftly walking into the school.(what up with him today, he seemed strange). so, what your plan today Christabel followed me. Nothing from the usual I said walking faster (it must have affected him, Marcel said he was humiliated in the judo team, even the worst person beat him by an ipon) (an ipon is when throw the opponent perfect on floor). I walked fast, leaving behind Christabel. 

when it was time for sport activities, I went straight to the judo practice ground. When I got there, the coach had screened me out. I saw the number one in the judo squad he was wearing an orange belt, I put on my gi and went on the tatami uninvited. I want to spar with you, I told the number one, the others sitting all burst into laughter, even the coach. Let go he said, my name is James, he expends his hands for a handshake, I shake him and took my position. Begin the coach said from the middle taking a step out of the tatami, James quickly rushed to me, I used that force in lifting him up, high and stuck him on the ground, he couldn't move his body, for a minute, I held him still on the floor. the crowd went mute after that incident occurred. Their eyes were widening, and their mouth fell open. He won by an ippon one of them said stammering. One more time James said standing up. We begin again, this time he was curious, without wasting time, I went for the catch, I swiftly move toward him intending to pulling him, but I steak kick him, and he fell, he wasn't expecting that, I force him on the floor quickly, he tried to resist by my force on him which was that of a gorilla. I won again by an ippon. The coach was amazed. I want to teach, some of my basic skills, I said. The coach gave me a go ahead, at first, nobody was coming forward , suddenly James and the number five came forward, my name is Chris, the number five said, on seeing this the rest started gathering us, I showed them some of my judo throws, pinning, choking and lock Techniques. They were moved by my techniques, some turned away, stepping outside to get there together. While we were still practicing Marcel came with his friends, Christabel followed them, with her facial reaction I could tell, she had been trying to stop him. But they were left in shock seeing me giving out techniques. Marcel body freeze at a particular spot. He must be embarrassed, he didn't expect this. Christabel, on the hand, had a smile that reaches the eyes, she left the boys walking towards my direction Nodding slightly while grinning. Marcel left angrily. We were finally done for the day, all the student place their hands on their cheat, taking a bow as I left the tatami. I think it was a sign of gratitude. Sam, Christabel said with a beaming expression. I didn't know you were good at this, she said when I finally got to her. I only know some tricks I said and we both laughed, she gave me a yearning look, Sam she said slowly, her tone change completely, it was attracting and adorable. Then she stops, rubbing the back of the neck. Nothing she finally said, I was lost by her first tone, Sam, Sam she called me repeatedly to waking me up to reality. What did you say, I stammered. I said nothing she replied hasty, let go to Mr. Johnson's place, she added. yeah, I finally woke up completely. We took our leave. Christabel, what are the competition for this year, I asked calmly. We have a science competition coming up, basketball and judo 

okay she said warmly. (since when did he become interested in the school competition)? We finish our shift for the day, Marcel came later, but he was busy sorting out his job, so we weren't disturb, Christabel and I left, I could see Marcel from the window, his chin poking forward. On our way home, Christabel had, and I had some, chats about the competition, she prolonged eye contact to every word I said, I was beginning to get freak out. We reach where we divert and wave at each other. 

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