Billionaire in Disguise

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Billionaire in Disguise

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Angry at his father, Travis Danforth left his father's house and inheritance to live a low profile on his own. For ten years, he lived as a poor and wretched person, he fell in love with Joanna Bloom and they got married. He was humiliated and insulted by his wife's family who were against their relationship. And by every other suitor she has had. His daughter got sick and his wife started becoming fed up with him. Seeing he needed help, his dad sent his trusted person to persuade him to accept his inheritance. Without choice, he did it to save his daughter's life. But his marriage was on the rocks since his wife began to misbehave. She didn't want to suffer with him anymore.


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At the entrance of Lombard's street, Travis Danforth was seen holding a box of dessert that he bought for his precious daughter, Maya.He was in deep thought when he heard a voice he hadn't heard in a long time, "Wow, young master, ten years have passed already."He furrowed his brows and his gaze swept over the elderly man dressed in an expensive suit. He chuckled coldly as he recognized him to be his family's manager.And he asked, "What the hell are you doing here?""I think it's time for you to let go of your past grudges. It's been more than ten years since you've seen your father and he misses you deeply. He also mentioned he'll be giving you everything when you return…""Return?" Travis snorted, his gaze distant. "From the day he allowed that harlot, Bianca, and her bastard son to enter our home and hurt my mother, I've severed my ties with him. He didn't believe me because he was head over heels in love with such a bitch! Believed every lie she told him. However, it could stil
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Hearing what the nurse said, Travis sighed and nodded. "We'll pay up today."After saying this, he took a glance at his unconscious daughter. Her face was pale as a ghost and she looked so weak. He was desperate for anything that's gonna make her get better.The nurse chuckled as she looked at Travis disdainfully. "Then be quick. If we don't get the money before the day end, her medication will be taken off." She threatened and walked away.Ashley scoffed. "So rude. Like she owns the hospital."Madame Alice raised her voice as she reprimanded, "How can you be so…so useless! The promise you just made is impossible, Travis! Where are we gonna get five hundred thousand dollars?! Does it fall from the sky?! Do you want my daughter to go around and beg for money?! Is that how shameless you are?! Unbelievable!"Ashley chuckled and said, "Don't worry, mom. I've been planning on bringing Malcolm Baker and Joanna together so I gave him a call to come here. I'm sure he could be of help. He's ri
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As Malcolm left, Joanna looked at Travis in disbelief. "Why did you do that, Travis? You think we can afford any pride at the moment?"Travis was silent for a moment as he was in deep thought. He dropped the confectionery box he was holding onto the table and he answered in a low voice, "I'm going to borrow money.""You're going to borrow money? Who do you even know? Where on earth are you going to get it, Travis?! The only person we have right now who happens to be our only hope is Director Baker!" She bawled out resentfully.Madame Alice looked at her daughter and sighed since she could tell her daughter was slowly regretting her relationship with Travis. The illness of their child is opening the blinds Travis used to cover her eyes.But it's too late. Old lady Elizabeth will not accept them ever again. Except there's a miracle. The only way out is to make her divorce Travis and find someone perfect for her. Perhaps when that happens, Old lady, Elizabeth will see reasons to accept t
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Upon hearing the absurd statement Travis made, Alison looked at him like he was stupid. "What? You're looking for Manager Marshall? Do you know who he is? Do you know who he works for? Do you want to get kicked out like a dog?!"Travis frowned at her and scoffed. "Why do you care? If I get kicked out, it will be a comedy show for you to watch."Incensed by his statement, Alison replied. "Do you want to be a running joke?! To disgrace my family name?! That man works for Leon Danforth! The richest man in Mainville and the country as a whole! And you…you're just a lowly security guard! Stop making a full out of yourself!"Sandra chuckled and chided, "He probably thinks because his last name is Danforth, perhaps he could be their lost family. What a stupid coincidence, though. A nobody like you dares to answer the Danforth name."'And an ordinary secretary like you dares to insult me.' He said in his thoughts. 'One day, I will show you who the nobody is.'He sighed and decided to make a c
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Travis entered the ward with his angry gaze set on Malcolm. He hated the fact that the guy was surrounding his family.But before he could say anything, Joanna beat him up to it."So where did you go to, Travis?! The hospital sent someone to ask for their fees! If Director Baker wasn't here, if he hadn't helped us settle the debt, then the would really have kicked us out of the hospital!" Joanna was livid at the sight of Travis.Her gaze held disappointment.He just left without care in the name of looking for money to borrow as if that's possible. Who does he have? He's just useless and she regretted it! What the hell blindfolded her that made her so infatuated with Travis despite his stability in the financial world."Mom, please don't yell at daddy. I know he's stressed our too so please don't yell." Maya pleaded with a pouty expression. She could tell her parents were about to start another squabble…rather her mom, since she's the only one finding faults in her dad when she consid
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Malcolm stiffened to the spot where he stood, the expression on his face freezing as he stared at the money with wide eyes. He would never have imagined that a simple bodyguard like Travis would be able to borrow such a big amount of money in the amount of time that had passed since he left the hospital.Who the hell would be so generous to be willing to give out such an amount to an ordinary pauper who only earned several thousand in a month?!Things were not working out well for him. The reason why he stayed was because he needed to jibe at Travis when he returned penniless and let Joanna see how useless her husband is.He was both surprised and dissatisfied.Joanna was taken aback as well. She dreaded the fact that she was seeing Travis holding such an amount of money. Where could he have borrowed it from? How would they pay back? Is this guy even thinking?So she anxiously asked after recovering from the initial shock, "Where did you get the money? Please don't tell me it's from a
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Travis scoffed and looked away at the thought of getting fired.His lips curled up as he remembered Malcolm's threat but it didn't matter to him because he was gonna resign anyway. As he arrived at the security supervisor's – John Lee's office, before he could hand over his resignation letter, the man already took the lead by saying, "You've been absent every two or three days. Taking leaves like this company is your oyster. It has severely disrupted the schedule of the security department and we've decided that we've had enough of your incompetence. The General Manager knows about this and you're being fired."Travis sighed and he requested calmly. "Okay. So give me my remaining salary then."Supervisor Lee frowned at him. Is he stupid or what? "I just said you're being fired, so why would you still have a salary? Even your deposit is forfeited!" He wore a faint jeering smile as he made that statement.It wasn't his fault that an ordinary guard like him went and got on the bad side
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"Oh, Travis! I heard you went to talk to the manager. Did he adhere to your plea?" Malcolm sardonically mocked, loving the fun he was about to make Dylan into.Malcolm and his other friends laughed. The guys behind him were his puppets who do everything Malcolm tells them to do. They are part of his department.But knowing what he already planned for them, Travis wasn't affected by his words so he said, "Just go on with the show. I know you've arranged one. I wanna see how it goes."Since Malcolm was showing himself then let him go all out now that he has the advantage.But he'd see how he would fare when his precious workplace is declared bankrupt.Hearing Travis's sarcasm, the smile on Malcolm's face dropped. He hated it when Travis put on airs with him when being cornered. He hated the fact that even though he was above Malcolm, he somehow ends up feeling beneath him."You keep doing this, Travis. Putting on airs with me even when it's so clear that I'm above you.""Yeah, Travis. D
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After a long talk with the general manager, Travis decided against bankrupting the company and he proposed to acquire the company.But in the end, after acceding to the general manager's pleading, he decided to not brush him aside completely and instead bought seventy percent of the shares which made him the principal shareholder of the company.Travis returned to the hospital only to find Joanna's angry gaze on him. "It takes time to resign from a job, right?"She had to agree with Travis about resigning cause she knew that they couldn't keep up with taking leaves from work. It was affecting the flow of their work thereby reducing her monthly payment.After all, his salary is just nothing. A stagnant sum that will not be of any use to them.Travis sighed and plainly replied, "Just had to handle important matters.""Important matters? What could be more important than our daughter? Huh, tell me!"Travis shook his head. "No. We shouldn't do this now, Joanna. Maya is sleeping and I'm ba
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Aiden kept his shocked gaze on Travis for a long time. It's been like six to seven years they last kept in touch and that's because Travis decided he no longer wants any connection to his past.But getting his call, it was like heaven has finally fell on earth. He considered it the most impossible thing.Travis poured half a glass of whiskey on his glass cup and sipped a little of it before breaking down the silence between them, "I know you must be wondering while I called for this meeting.""Duh. That's the only thing on my mind right now, mate." Aiden confessed.Travis nodded and some further, "I need your help with something."Aiden furrowed his brows in confusion, this time wondering what could have happened that would made Travis seek for his help. The guy has so much pride that he will rather die with it. Out of curiosity, he inquired by saying, "And what could that be?""Bloom construction."Aiden darted his eyes left and right, having an idea of what Travis said. "Bloom const
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