A step away

Mr Johnson got home, he was really mad in his mood, you got tell. "Marcel" he called. he came out immediately, "explain yourself" Mr Johnson said, watching him. "I thought he was, harassing her" Marcel said with a stammering tone. "you thought" Mr Johnson looked at him closely. "christabel yelled", that why I acted that way. he quickly knees on the floor, "am sorry, it won't happen again, I don't want my best friend to get hurt".Mr Johnson took a deep breath, you shouldn't apologize to me, but the people you offended,you where never like this, Mr Johnson said, finding a answer to it. do you like christabel. "no she just my friend" Marcel quickly replied. if you do like her Mr Johnson added, you shouldn't behave like this in her presence, your score is zero, right now.marcel looked another direction, apologize to sam and christabel, you even hurt her knee, Mr Johnson stands up. especially sam, I don't want to explore on what happened today, I have promised your mom, that I won't punish you, in anyway but you must apologize to them. 

Marcel stands up from the floor, his little acts worked. it has always, he smiled to himself.he had to go apologize to christabel about her wounds. if she was interfere, she wouldn't have got it. he left for his room.

"doom , doom ,doom" the heart beat of both.she stare at Sam on the floor.her body weigh on him.sam was in a dimension far from this one.the cool breeze blow pass them from the open door. christabel, heart kept pounding heavy.her hands moved, by  themselves she touch sam chest. it was muscular indeed, Sam tried to say something.but the words refuse to come out, he pray christabel snap out of it.christabel immediately felt the pain from her knee. she came back to reality with a light speed.her face turn red, knowning she was on top of sam, "am sorry" she  immediately gets up.sam,was frozen on the floor, he barely responded by noding his head.his heads where filled with thoughts.i will be leaving christabel said rushing towards the door.sam nodded again he barely moved.christabel came out with a racing heart.why does this always happen to me, whenever I visit. she flash back out what happened, she wanted to kiss sam. she felt his entire body, his heart beat.what have done now she covers her eyes with her hands. 

Sam was still frozen on the floor, why didn't I stop her, I have stop many, why can't I stop christabel.my heart was racing, I wanted it.her wanted her kiss. I alway lost self control whenever am with her. a thought that she was hurt suddenly Burst in. why didn't I excort her. Sam jumped up, from the floor, he wanted to hit the road. but it is best this way, I can't go.

I don't think I will be able to stand Sam again, christabel wanders has, approach home. she spotted a face from her far. she tries to get a picture before reaching home. could it be Sam, she wonder. no it can't be which way would have follow. when, she finally close the gap, she realised it was Marcel. her mood change

Marcel got to christabel house, she wasn't around, her mom Mrs smith was around, so Marcel explained to her in detail, mending the sides that, he is at faults, he even shed tears. Mrs smith confronted him. She wasn't happy with this story. She waits for christabel to come home. Marcel came out of the house, Simon, and his sister were outside." hey brother Marcel" Anita rush to meet him. Marcel ignored her, let play she said finally reaching Marcel. I prefer not to Marcel said, I am busy he added. She frowns her face, Marcel ignore her. Simon, on the other hand, already know the outcome, so he doesn't bother. 

Marcel was at the entrance where, he could see if anybody was coming. He soon spotted christabel. He walked to Anita let play, he said. Anita was happy. Marcel lift her up. He put her on his heads, he runs around and Anita was happy. Simon, already his sister, was coming. This is why he doesn't like Marcel. Only when christabel is around, that when he pretend to care. Simon walked away. Simon, Marcel called, come join us, he said. Simon didn't respond, he simply went inside.

Christabel approaches, he noticed someone, but she could tell. When she came closely.it was Marcel, christabel mood changed. She walked inside. Anita was screaming with joy has Marcel brought her down. He quickly ran to christabel. "Christabel" he said trying to hold her, don't touch me christabel said pointing a finger at Marcel."am sorry"Marcel said on his knee. "What your problem Marcel" christabel, you act all bosses these. You nearly broke his legs. "What your issue" she repeated. "What is wrong with" christabel said looking at him. Marcel looked at the ground.Anita holds her sister close and started crying. Leave brother Marcel an alone, she said. He thought, you were hurt mrs smith jumped in. christabel was shocking seeing her mom, on this discussion. That why he acted that way, you yelled at him. so, he thought that way. Marcel nod his heads, christabel mom told Marcel to get up. "You have done enough" she said, go home. Marcel stands up. thank you, Mom, he said. He turns to christabel, I will go apologize to Sam, see at school tomorrow, he said after covering a distance. He walked away. 

christabel knees has been treated. He wanted to use that to his advantage.

"Why are you like this" Mrs Smith said looking at Christabel. Wasting money on a boy, when you have things that you are saving. I think this is your friendship with Sam whatever his name has to stop."mom" christabel looked at her mother, are you choosing my friends now. You aren't concerned about my side of the story. I don't Mrs Smith hasty replied. Christabel frown her face, walking out. Mr. Smith walks in. christabel are you hurt, he rushed to her checking every aspect of body. thanks, God, he said, raising his hands high. Mrs Smith was staring at her husband. Mr. Johnson called me, apologizing his son injured christabel. Thanks to Sam, it wasn't worst. He said facing his wife. Mrs Smith was puzzled. Children of these days, this gets angry over nothing Mr. Smith said walking away with christabel. Mrs Smith soon realize Marcel has come to paint his sides.

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