The girls basketball game

This was the last term in school. Exams has begun. The score will determine the variety of university to pick from. Sam was worried about this. His concern was the term ran out faster than he thought. The thought of not going home filled his mind. All he does is to sit around in a mansion. Play games, swim, read a book, watch his favorite series. It used to be fun. But now it seems boring to him. Christabel already told Sam to try his best. She wanted Sam to attend the Same university has her. Sam just gave a nodding replies.

The exam was done. The score will be out in two days time. The next day, the girls' basketball competition will be held. They are facing, Cambridge high. The winner faces alpha high.christabel came searching for Sam. She stops when she spotted him. She waves her hands. How was it. She said. It was good Sam fake a smile. I am going to the basketball court. You should tag along, she said. Sam declines, I have something to work on, he said. Christabel finds her team. 

Sam got home, his appearance was of that of someone that haven't slept for days. He walks inside his room. an unexpected guest was waiting for him. Marcel lifts the jacket he saw on Sam couch up. He stared at the door post, Sam walked in. Marcel, he said taking a step back. You frightened me, he placed his hands on his heart. Marcel drops the jacket down. He buzzed passed Sam. He stops step away from Sam. You should be ashamed of yourself. Marcel lift 

what does he mean, Sam puzzled by what just occurred. How did he get in, he wondered. Sam went to where he kept christabel family drawing. Thank God, he didn't reach here. Sam had finished painting the whole family. Christabel had shown Sam her mom only once in a group picture. Sam was going to give her has a present if they win the basketball competition.

Marcel was happy on his way home. The exams are over, the girls' basketball competition is tomorrow. The D day is finally here. He had been planning this event for 3 years now. Marcel got home. He went straight to his room. 

Sam phone rang. The number was unknown. He picked the call and it was ma. "Sam" she called repeatedly. Sam placed his head's down. His eyebrows came down, his eyes were place low. Sam, she called again. yes, mom Sam reliped. Don't worry, you be coming home soon. Her voice echoed. Mom, don't want to come home now, let me make the preparation myself, Sam tries to work a plan. Ain't you excited Sam, her voice echoed again? I have things yet to be completed. Don't worry, the crew coming to pick you, will be there 2 days from now. Mom Sam raise his voice Abit, I don't want to come home now. She was silent for a while. That is your business, not mine. You are coming back two days time and that finally. Sam mom cut the call. Sam fell on his couch. He was flustered. His phone ring out loud again. He quickly picked the call. Ma he said. Jessica is back she said, cutting the call again.Jessica is back rung through Sam brain. 

the school had close for the day. Christabel and her team were still training. I want to win so I can tell him. Christabel whispered, she sent the ball flying to the nest. Three pointers, Sonia screamed, with a joyous voice. They all stood up, running to her. They have finally done it. 

festive moment fo

The basketball competition begins, it was hosted in the town basketball court. Omega high school will be facing Cambridge high. The match begins with Cambridge high school penetrating our defense. The team didn't change any style of their playing. They only played faster than before. Has luck would have it. They won. Christabel scan through the crowd. She couldn't find him. Marcel was there, he was sitting next to his dad. She glances down and she spotted a familiar figure. She quickly glances up again. Finding the exact spot. Her cheeks bounce up. It was Sam, he was standing at a corner. The final and last game begin. Alpha vs Omega high school.

They started and alpha score a three point. They were good at dribbling and get the ball. Settle down, christabel Sam kept saying in his mind. Alpha high was winning with 30 points. Second round finish, and so did the third. Alpha was leading with 40. Remember christabel what you learn now should be used at the final round. This will pressure your opponent, and they will lose their ground. Sam said, when he was teaching the girls team. The fourth round started. Christabel hit the nest with a three point. Alpha high had their mouths wide open. Don't worry, their captain said, she is the only one that can earn points. Mark her, she gave the hand signal. They pointed all focus on her. To their greatest shock, another person score. The crowds were not enjoying the game before. But now it has become all noising. The point gap close quickly. Alpha high lost balance. Two minutes to go and alpha high was winning with one point. They attack fearless and got themselves a foul. A minute left on the time board. Charge in, christabel yelled at her teammates. They arrange themselves properly covering, christabel who was running towards their nest. Sonia was with the ball. Thirty seconds left. Sonia lift ball. Alpha high already got their eyes on christabel. She has fallen to their trap. Sonia lift the ball flying for a three point. The crowd went silent. The captain of alpha high watches the ball as it flies pass them. They were misled by christabel. They all bow their head down. We have lost thought came up. The ball bounce on top of the nest but fall out, before they could react christabel was already on high for the rebound. Which she did successfully score them a 2 point. wow, the crowd screamed. They have won. We won, they gather. Nice shot Sonia. Just as you plan, she said to christabel.

Omega high School took their medals and the trophy. Mr. Carlos and Mrs Sarah hug each with joy. Christabel tried to find Sam, but he wasn't there. Marcel too. Where could they have gone, she wondered. Christabel got home. Her dad hailed her. "My champion" he said. Her mom was there too. They hug her, they burst into laughter for nothing noticeable. Marcel shows up on the scene. Christabel he said. The family turns in his direction. Christabel got released. She and Marcel walk for a while. They finally turn to each other.r them.

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