The Affinity For Darkness

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The Affinity For Darkness

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Jason Yeager who is summoned to another world along with his classmates learned that he wields the affinity for darkness, betrayed by his lover, abused and abandoned by his classmates.He gets send to the bottom of a Dungeon where he meets Indura the Black Dragon of Darkness who took him as his son, reconstituted him into a Dragonoid and gave him the name Lucifer. Now Lucifer is on a journey to find a way back to his world, hold deep vengeance for anyone who gets in his way of doing so and along the way he meets Monster Women who becomes his wives.

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29 chapters
Chapter 1: World Crossing
In the 21st centruy, A bus arrived in the parking lot of a school. A total of 9 children were waiting in this bus when it arrived. The teacher got out of the driver's seat, stepped outside and stood at the door. She has long brown hair, Glasses and a short figure."Okay, all of you line up, Come on," She instructed.The students all lined up according to what she said and one boy was purposely pushed out of the line by a male student. Soon after a few more students laughed at him and mocked him with insulting names such as "loser"or"nerd". The boy searched around for his glasses before putting it back on his face and reopened his eyes revealing blue pupils. His long white hair and long bangs covered most of his face and after putting on his glasses he saw someone standing in front of him. It was a girl, she has blond hair, red gem-like eyes and with a pure smile on her face she reached out her hand to him. "Come one Jason you shouldn't let others bully you like this.""I'm sorry Amel
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Chapter 2: An Act Of Betrayal
Jason quickly removed his hand from the water and it slowly turned to its original colorless state. He turned and looked at everyone. The nuns prepared themselves to cast magic with the full intention of killing him."The affinity for darkness! Impossible, this is impossible!" Ferora shuddered.Jason panicked as everyone gave him a fearful stare and shuddered as if they were seeing the Demon King himself. He stepped forward and everyone stepped back. He took another step forward and then stepped away from him again. "What's going on? I don't understand...Why are all of you looking at me like that?...What is this darkness that you're so afraid of," He asked in bewilderment. Then he turned his gaze to his girlfriend Amelia standing there looking at him with the same stare as everyone else, "Amelia, talk to me. Please,"he requested. "Hehehehe," Amelia started to laugh sinisterly. "Jason. You've fallen low, very low which means you're no longer useful to me anymore," she chuckled arrog
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Chapter 3: The Black Dragon
In a dark cave so silent you could hear the water as it dripped from off the ceiling off the cave and into the water below. One of the water fell from the ceiling and landed right in Jason's face which made him wake up immediately. "Aaaaaaaaah!'' he screamed at the top of his lungs and cried in despair as he remembered everything that happened. His legs were missing, his eyes were slashed making him blind and the pain was unbearable."Why—did this have to happen to me?...What did I do to deserve this?" he questioned himself.He continued to cry with tears and blood flowed from his eyes. Suddenly, he heard a growling sound and footsteps coming closer to him. It was a pack of gray demonic wolves with red eyes horns that protruded from their shoulders. "W-who is there?" Jason asked with a shuddering voice.He heard the growling sounds of the wolves and crawled with his hands as fast as he could. Jason cried and tried to escape as fast as he could but the wolves kept getting closer and
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Chapter 4: Reconstruction into a Dragonoid
The 8 heroes walked the streets as a parade was prepared for them. Everyone in the city is gathered to greet the new heroes who are supposed to save them from the Demon Queen reign of terror. The person who stood out the most is Amelia as she has the Affinity for light. She waved to the people with a friendly smile on her face as she walked by them.'These people will become nothing but my pawns soon,' she thought to herself as she continued to smile.A girl ran over and handed Amelia a bouquet of roses and with a smile on her face. Amelia accepted it and suddenly her finger was pricked by a thorn from one of the roses. "Oh, I'm sorry, please forgive me," the little girl apologized."Don't worry, it's okay... Please go back to your mother," Amelia said with a smile.The little girl smiled happily and returned to her mother and Amelia waved at them both. The people were impressed and marveled by her level of gentleness. After the parade she returned to her room and threw the bouquet o
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Chapter 5: Preparations
The fight between Lucifer and the two Metal statues had begun. The statue without sword punched at him with all its strength and Lucifer clad his fist in darkness before he punched the statue. The two fists collided with a powerful shockwave and during the impact Lucifer felt his arm broke in three places. He jumped away and leaped into the air with all his strength. With a flying kick he landed in the chest of the statue and came out through its back with a large red gem the size of a stove in his hand. The light in the statue's eyes vanished and it fell to the ground motionless."As expected," Lucifer said, understanding the situation. "You have a core and without your core your death...Huh?"Lucifer noticed that his darkness swallowed the core and suddenly his strength started to rise at a rapid pace. 'Is this the power father was walking about? Is this「Gluttony 」?' he asked himself. The darkness dissolved the core until there was nothing left and returned back into his body. He
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Chapter 6: Skills and Resistance
Three shots were fired.The sound of Lucifer guns being fired as he easily killed the wolves around him. He did a spin‐kick and kicked one of the wolves in its face, smashed its skull, then aimed his gun behind him and pulled the trigger. It was a one-sided massacre as the wolves couldn't get close to him. Their bloods painted the ground and the wolves red and they didn't seem like they were giving up. The wolves stopped and looked at Lucifer who was dyed red with the blood of their dead companions. He remained composed and completely still as the wolves walked around him trying to find an opening. "What's wrong? Afraid to attack me?" he asked ominously. Lucifer dashed towards one of the wolves, kicked it on the wall and the impact caused all of its internal organs to rupture. He leaped on one of the wolves and fired multiple bullets at its head. After his evolution not only has he lost his sense of fear but also become more aggressive and cold. He turned to the wolves that cower i
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Chapter 7: Finally Reaching The Surface
A month later, the sun shone bright in the sky. There were no clouds as far as the eyes could see and the weather was perfect for a trip."Stop slacking and get moving!" A man ordered as he pushed a boy to walk faster.The boy has long blue shaggy hair and red eyes. On his head were two wolf ears and near his waist was the tail of a wolf. These characters suggest that the boy wasn't human. The three males and females who walked with him were Humans and they had the poor little boy carry all their load on his back. The collar around his neck suggest that he was a slave. "It's a good thing we bought a werewolf slave or else it would be a pain if we have to carry all this luggage with us. Who knows what we'll be finding inside that cave. I hope it's worth this journey though," The female adventure hoped."Yeah," Another male adventurer agreed, "this cave we are exploring hasn't been explored yet, so we'll get dibs on what's inside....There it is up ahead."The five of them walked toward
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Chapter 8: Fenrir The Werewolf
Lucifer continued to point his gun at the half naked werewolf before him and she glared at him with an intense look in her eyes, he could feel murderous intention directed at him. "Sister!" Pacoon called out. "Pacoon, get away from this monster, no matter what I won't let him hurt you," He declared heroically."Sister wait this is all a misunderstanding—" Pacoon's words arrived too late as his sister already charged at Lucifer. "Release my brother you devil!" she demanded.She swung her claw at Lucifer and he jumped away. She punched the ground where he was standing and smashed it to rubble. She dashed toward him again, swung her claws, and punched at him hoping to strike him. One of her punches managed to hit Lucifer and sent him flying through the air then she dashed toward him. Lucifer maneuvered his body in the air and fired a bullet at her, chopping off her left arm. He pulled his trigger again and shot off her right arm. 'What's with this power?' She thought to herself as s
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Chapter 9: First Companion
"Dustin, what's the meaning of this?!" Fenrir fumed."I don't need to answer to you," he responded. "Just know that I'm talking over as Alpha, now die "Dustin swung both of his claws at Fenrir and she grabbed both hands. She used all her strengths to push him back then she turned to her brother."Pacoon stayed close to me," Fenrir ordered.Her white fur started to glow and discharged white lightning. She lifted Dustin into the air with all her strength and threw him into one of the huts. She was soon attacked by another member of her pack and she easily kicked and punched them away. One of them attacked her from and she grabbed him around his throat then slammed him against the ground. "Have all of you lost your mind?" he yelled."We want change, a new Alpha...It is not right for a coward to lead us," he responded."I see what this is all about," Fenrir understood what was going on as she looked at the others. "You want to attack those humans after I forbid you? Only cowards would a
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Chapter 10: Travel to the Human Town
Fenrir looked below at the large green forest as she and Lucifer flew through the air in his glider board. She held his shoulders tightly with her paws and her large boobs were pressed against his nape. Lucifer founds it very exasperating but Fenrir found it enjoyable to tease him. Since he wasn't of this world she told him about this world."The world is called Ovelenus. It was created by the goddess called Meratrim. The continent they are currently on is called Manchester. The lands they are on is called The Great Forest Of Indura named after the Black Dragon of Darkness Indura. In the forest there are over a hundred different Monster species werewolves included. A few human cities and Kingdom are scattered around the Forest of Indura. At the far end of the continent to the west of Manchester is the Holy City of Nerotopia. It's a city that's more advanced than ours. I've heard from the rumors of the humans that the buildings there are as tall as mountains," Fenrir explained."Buildi
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