The Almighty Landon

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The Almighty Landon

By: Princez Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Landon, a poor pizza delivery man who is known as a pauper on campus was betrayed by his girlfriend and was given a good beating to top it all off. Just when he was dumped to his miserable fate, a mysterious figure shone upon him. With just a lucky deal, he was no longer a mere pauper but the ruler of the world! There’s no one that can be hidden from his punishment. However, gaining the entire world comes at its own price which he has to pay. This is the flaw that came with so much power.

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  • Joshua


    I really love the part that Landon’s family is a secret family that rules the world. Nice read! Definitely worth my money!

    2024-02-28 14:11:34
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 1.
..Muzak Pizza, Dimvale City.Ring! Ring! Ring!Landon parked his courier bike in front of the pizza shop and then his phone rang out loudly.Without hesitation, he picked up the call after identifying the caller’s ID.“Hello, Jude.”[“Hey Landon where the hell are you bro?! The party has already begun and I have still not seen you!” ]“Sorry, Bro. I just delivered my last order of the day so I should be there in thirty minutes.”[ Come on bro! I thought you said you would close from work 1 hour before the party. This job is taking a toll on you. You know…I’ve already told you, you don’t have to depend on the job. I can help you out! We are brothers after all! ]“I know bro and I appreciate your help but I’ll be okay. I will definitely be there in 30 minutes.”Landon felt touched when Jude, his dorm mate offered to help him but he did what he had always done. Refuse Jude’s help.Landon was a poor 23-year-old guy who attended the prestigious Cradle Valley University but he could only
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 2.
..“Tricia!”Landon screamed in pain.It was not so hard for a baby to notice that his scream was one of pain from his soul.Landon was still finding it hard to believe his eyes. Didn’t Tricia say she was sick? Then why is she here?! She had told him that she’s sick but she’s currently here sucking on someone else’s crotch! And, it was not just someone’s crotch but his hated enemy’s crotch! There’s no mistake in what he had just seen?!“Tricia! What are you doing?!” Landon screamed at the top of his lungs in anger!His mind was already lost to anger. It has been six months now since he started dating Tricia but he hasn’t gotten even a kiss from her.Seeing her doing such a thing as sucking on Xander’s crotch made him extremely angry! Such a thought was enough to drive him insane that he had to doubt if this was an illusion or imaginary but his anger got the best of him!“Landon!…w-why are you here?…” Tricia, who was a beauty adverted his gaze as she tried to cover herself up because
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 3.
..Blink.Landon opened his eyes to see a familiar scenery.He was back in his dorm room.‘What happened?…’It was then the memories of yesterday night flooded his mind.This got him to sit up.Slap.Landon gave himself a slap on his cheek, trying to wake himself from the little slumber that was still left in his eyes.‘What a dream?…’{ “You will be the most capable man in the world but it would come at a price..” }A memory of his conversation with the strange being flooded his mind.Landon frowned. He knew he was forgetting a lot of things regarding his communication with this strange being but he clearly remembered one thing.In a state of his injury, this being had promised him all the wealth in the world but he had to pay a price. He knew that he had a long conversation with this being but he could not remember anything. {“You will be the most capable man in the world but it will come at a price”}The only thing he could remember was that. Just a few words from this being… the
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 4.
..“Young master?” Landon frowned.[“Yes young master where are you right now?” ]Landon was confused. The female voice on the other end of the phone was too enticing to listen to unfortunately this lady must have mistaken him for someone else. He’s anything but a young master.“I’m sorry you must have the wrong number.” Landon replied and he was almost about to hang up.[ “No, no, no! Young master, I have the right number!” The female voice replied frantically on the phone. “I want to see you so that I can get you to catch up on things. I’m sure you must have already met him already. I’m sure you must have met our lord.” ]Our lord? What lord? Landon had to pause because he was so confused at the moment.It was almost as if the voice on the other end of the phone saw Landon’s confusion so she spoke again:[ “You must have met our Lord. The Crimson silhouette.” ]Landon was unconvinced with what the lady was saying on the other end of the phone but when he heard her words again his a
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 5.
..The loud sound of the mighty bodyguard’s fist connecting with something resounded in the entire restaurant but the scene of Landon being punched to the ground did not happen.“W-What?!” The bodyguard’s eyes became widened.His fist was held in place in the air by a hand that was much smaller than his.Landon had easily caught his fist in the air like it was nothing.Now his body was standing still, with his fist still trapped by Landon’s smaller hand. It was almost like the bodyguard was struggling to move his fist but it did not move.The bodyguard’s eyes met Landon's gaze for a second only to notice the Crimson shimmer in Landon’s eyes, causing a cold shiver to go down his spine.At this point, Landon looked like the Devil.“What?!”“Did he really just stop the bodyguard that is way twice as big as him?”“That’s impossible! It can’t be! The poor guy does not look anything athletic at all!”“But that’s what is happening right now, he stopped the big bodyguard’s fist with only one
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 6.
..Landon was stunned.What the hell is really going on?!‘No…this has to be a joke right..’To be honest, since yesterday things are so strange that he has so many questions to ask but he did not expect his mysterious caller to be like this. First of all how did she know she had seen a mysterious crimson silhouette? Who is she? How did she get his number?At first he had thought that his encounter with the crimson silhouette was a dream but this lady before him is making him think otherwise…and to top it all of he didn’t expect his mysterious caller to turn out like this.“Are you the one who called me?” Landon asked.“Yes, young master. You can call me Eve.” Eve looked around and understood the current situation going on so she took action. “Young master, why don’t we go somewhere private so that we can talk?”Then why the hell does she keep referring to him as young master?!Landon was still stunned but he nodded. He was sick of this place already.Eve turned around as they walked
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 7.
..At this point Landon was confused.“I’m the only one to have heard the Crimson’s figure’s voice other than Marcus my ancestor?”“Yes..” Eve answered, still having an incredulous expression on her face.“You said I’m the only one to have heard the Crimson figure’s voice apart from Marcus without dying? I still don’t understand…”From the way Eve had spoken about this mysterious Crimson figure, Landon assumed that this being had been in contact with his family for many centuries now…with Marcus King, being the first person to come in contact with it…so how is it that he is the only person apart from Marcus King to have heard this Crimson figure’s voice? So many things still don’t make sense.First of all…what kind of a relationship does this mysterious being have with his family? Then why does it seem like this being’s voice can kill a person?“Yes, you are the only one to have heard the Crimson figure's voice without dying after Marcus King…The Crimson figure has been with the King
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 8.
..Landon was stunned.“My father was murdered?” Landon asked.“Yes.”“Was my father ever the leader of the family?”“Yes. Your father was the last leader of the King family before you became the next heir after his sudden death.”This made Landon to be very curious so he could not help but ask:“Wait…I thought you said the Crimson figure worked hand in hand with every family leader if that’s the case then my father should have been powerful…he should have had supernatural powers just like me…then how is it that he was murdered?”This was a part Landon was very curious about. He could feel that he had grown more powerful so how was it his father was suddenly murdered? If his father had such a power and if his family is as powerful as Eve says they are then how did his father lose his life?Eve understood Landon’s question clearly so she proceeded to answer him immediately:“Remember I told you the Crimson figure is not the only one of its kind?”“Yes..” Landon nodded. He remembered E
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 9.
..100 billion dollars? Landon was so shocked that his mind immediately went blank.‘Did she just say that there’s 100 billion dollars in this card?’Landon quickly held the black card with both hands like an egg he could not allow to fall off his hands.“W-wait…did you just say there’s a 100 billion dollars in this card?” Landon asked, still unwilling to believe Eve’s last statement.“Yes, young master. Inside that card is 100 billion dollars. Manage it for now. I did not have enough time to pull out enough funds into the card but don’t worry if it’s not enough I’ll be sure to triple the amount or make it to whichever amount you want me to!” Eve replied as if she was agitated.“, it’s not that!” Landon hurriedly gestured. “It’s just that…”Landon did not know how to even explain it but 100 billion dollars?! 100 billion dollars?! How can Eve call such an amount of money little?!Landon has not even seen 100 thousand dollars not to mention 100 billion dollars. That fact Eve ref
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The Almighty Landon. Chapter 10.
..“What was that for?” Landon was very annoyed right now.Landon had said he would give her money in a couple of minutes. He just needed to withdraw and that would be all but instead, he got slapped by Elena.“Are you stupid?! Really a few minutes?! So is that the lie you want to tell me so that I will let you go away and I won’t see you again for a while?! You are a very terrible human being! Was I a bad person to borrow you some money?! Tell me?! You are not only poor but the worst person ever!” Elena yelled.“But I said I just need to withdraw so that I can pay you so why do you have to slap me?!” Landon was fuming right now.“Oh really?” Elena replied unwilling to believe him. “You want a few minutes to go withdraw the money huh?! Who do you take for a fool? If you want to pay me my money you will ask for my account details and make a transfer! You don’t need to go withdraw away to go make a withdrawal you imbecile! Just admit it you want to ditch me without paying me today!”“Th
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