No regrets

Marcel brought christabel to a garden. Somehow it was beautiful today. She turns to Marcel after admiring the surrounding. Christabel Marcel said, scratching the back of his head. Would you be my girlfriend, he finally summoned his courage. Christabel took a step back. She freezes immediately. Her voice became shaking. Marcel, she finally said. He gave the wait sign. He brought something from his bag. Christabel immediately bounce back. Her heart went racing. Marcel brought a dress. This is..... christabel tries to cough out the words. I bought it, Marcel said. It was the dress christabel had always admired. This cost you a lot christabel said holding the dress. She felt the warmth in it. She imagined how beautiful it would be on her. The worth can't be compared to having you marcel said kneeling down. Christabel came to the subject on ground. Marcel stares at her eyes. Christabel drop her hands. Marcel, she said, I already have someone in mind. Marcel gets up from his knees. Sam right. Christabel didn't respond. He is… oh don't christabel stop Marcel, don't bad-mouth him. The reason I refuse wasn't because I like Sam. Loving you will be like walking on eggshells. I don't want that type of love. We can be friends she said, turning to leave. I saw this on your Mr. prefect house. Marcel smiled, giving christabel his phone. Christabel glance the photo Marcel took. Another girl's jacket, how well do you know him. Marcel said having an assuring face. This is my jacket christabel said giving him his phone. I gave him when he was in a bad condition. Marcel got choked, this was his backup plan. Stop looking for the fault of others when you are not prefect. Christabel said running away. Marcel lips were tied. He bow his head on the floor. His eyes were red. she gave, Marcel his dress.he refuse to collect it, she dropped it and scamp 

christabel kept running, she stops when she was tired. She continued this pace until she got to Sam house. Sam, she said knocking on the door. Christabel he said, touching her on the back. She was fright that she almost fell. What is it Sam said to christabel. She took one step back. I… she jams her hands together. It suddenly felt cold. I have to tell you something, Sam said he stared into christabel eyes looking for a reason not to continue. I am from a rich family, Sam voice whisper through the thin air. But it was loud and clear. Christabel shivered. She stepped backward. You are…. christabel lost her voice. What did want to say, Sam breaks the silence. Nothing christabel said. I thought I fought something here. She said, turning to leave. Congratulations on winning, Sam said trying to keep christabel from leaving. It getting dark, christabel said running away. Sam attempted to stop her, but his body refuse to move. Christabel run in tears, she wished she could just stop and pretend not happened. There is no need to confess my love for him. I will surely get rejected. A car speed passes her. She kept running. 

Sam sat on one of the chairs outside. What is wrong with me? He stands up from his chair. I have to go look for her. I have to confess my feelings, he said to himself. He wore off his sandals, he was about leaving when a car drove in. Anita Charles came out. Mom Sam echoed in his mind. He steps back, he wasn't expecting her to come back herself. Enter the car, she said. I thought you said tomorrow. That has changed, she said. "Mom I have things to do" just an hour, I will be right back. Sam pleads with his mom. "That won't work Sam" she said, enter the car now, or I will force you. Some men came out of the car. 

Sam had no choice but to obey. The car drove off. I really miss you, his mom said, touch his face. Sam had no expression. It was pale. Sam looked at the window, he saw christabel in tears running. She stops has they drove pass her. She started running back to Sam house. Sam kept watching tear rolls down his cheeks. she went back until he could see her anymore.

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