Christabel looked around, there seem to be nobody around. She knocks at the door but no response. She knocks repeatedly, but there was no response. She noticed noise inside. It hit the door. She was happy. She smiles, she waited patiently for the door to open, but that didn't happen. It was only 15 minutes she heard the noise, but it seems to be a day in christabel mind. The cloud wasn't going to her favor "it about to rain" she thought. She sat on the floor. Watches the atmosphere for a while, the cool winds, she remembers her last time inside. " Sam I know you are in their" she slowly said. " I want to say" she stops wondering what she was doing. Her mouth seems to be tape. " I would like to say this, it has been in my mind for ages. I would like to say it now" she clenches her fist hard. " I love you" she said with a low tone. "You talk so gentle, your smiles, your posture, your laughter which I barely see. She stressed each one. " I really miss these things, even though we don't know each other, I seem to be bonded with you, being around you gives me joy. We could learn to know each other better, solve our problems. "I love you Sam" she cried out loud. "Just open the door" she whispered. The environment went quiet. There was no response. Christabel lost hope. I should have listened to you, she whispered again, but it was loud and clear. The noise came in again inside. Christabel went on her feet. She wasn't going to give up until she sees Sam. Maybe he can't hear me, she thought. She went to the back. She found the door open, it hasn't been fixed. A thought of Sam not being around pop in her heart. She walks slowly to the door. She finally reached there. She leaned her head forward like she has caught something. She was surprise that she covers her mouth. 

Sam went straight to his room, he shut the door. His room was different and decorated than before. " Mom" he thought. He glances around. Then suddenly a thought of all his things have been replaced flash to his mind. He quickly ran to his bedroom. He checked the locker and his phone was waiting for him. 

christabel cover her mouth, has she sight a painting of her entire family. Sam painted her family in a big board. She walked in, the closer she went, the more beautiful it was. She noticed an envelope was attached to it. She took it. It was written christabel, she opened it. She heard noise at her back, she almost fell. It was a bird, she realized quickly enough to hold herself. She brought the piece of paper inside. It was Sam handwriting she noticed has she glance thought it. She straightened it. 

" Dear christabel

I have never written this type of note before, I don't really know what to say. 

if you're reading this, it means I have left without saying goodbye, and you have forgiven me. I never meant for any of these to happen, it all came too quickly, and I was too weak to react. I want to thank you for your assistance during my staying. Thank you for helping me during the judo competition. Not only that, but I know it was you, but you never mentioned it. I don't know if I told, or maybe I didn't but am sure I did. I am serious, I can't make promises now, but I am certain. I would miss your smiles, your attitude and that royal voice I heard that day. Goodbye christabel.

Christabel finish it. Is this the end, she scans through it again looking for a portal

she sat on the floor close to the door, she was speechless. The rain came heavy, the cold breeze follow through her, she felt exposed. She raised the paper up again, then she spotted something on the says my contact, it was a written number. 

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