The Ex-Billionaire Husband

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The Ex-Billionaire Husband

By: Sunny Zylven Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After treating his blind and paralyzed wife and helping her career, Alden Lawson only finds his marriage crumbling. They laughed at Alden and made him the butt of jokes without knowing who he really was and the consequences of their decisions. However, their time to laugh was over. now is the time for the antagonists to regret and ask for forgiveness.

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  • Sunny Zylven


    Hello beloved readers. The Meganovel fanpage is currently promoting this novel. If you'd like to receive free bonuses from Meganovel, please come and claim the free bonuses on the post for 'The Ex-Billionaire Husband' novel. Thank you.

    2024-04-07 00:01:05
  • Desiree Fatima P. Santiago


    Good work author

    2024-02-18 21:07:13
  • Roslan


    Good story and good writing. Need more updates, 1 chapter per day is too short to read.

    2024-01-23 16:44:32
  • Diether Villegas


    nice story. please update more chapter author

    2024-01-11 14:50:05
  • Angera Heywards


    beautiful story with a nice flow

    2023-11-17 01:41:19
  • gmg819


    the book is a good read. but i have read the same story on other apps.. just the names and some of the events changed. not to many mistakes on the characters, but there was a few. in my opinion it cost to much per chapter to read

    2024-04-22 07:08:21
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264 chapters
Chapter 0001
"Why do I still see this trash man in your house?"A woman with thick makeup and false eyelashes turned to Rose Matthews, who had a flat face as she stared at the presence of Alden Lawson, who had just returned from work."Have you not talked to him about your decision?" There was a trace of hatred
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Chapter 0002
Everyone in the dining room immediately sneered at Alden for his arrogant behavior. In their hearts, they laughed and imagined Alden would become a homeless person in the days to come.Without wasting any time, Alden made his way to Rose's bedroom and found the divorce documents and the $50,000 chec
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Chapter 0003
Luckily, as the group of men passed by them, they didn't realize that the woman in Alden's arms was the one they were searching for. During this time, Alden's mind couldn't help but wonder about the background of the mysterious woman hugging him.The woman appeared beautiful in her gold dress, with
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Chapter 0004
The men in black shared puzzled looks, their expressions filled with confusion. They were certain they hadn't provoked her in any way. Swiftly, they increased their pace, ushering Grace towards a waiting black SUV."Please, help me! They're going to rape me!""Miss Hopkins, please don't talk nonsens
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Chapter 0005
Alden smiled awkwardly, pretending not to pay attention to anything. "If you're okay, then it's best you pay me one million," he said before pausing and casually added, "Oh no, I think two million because I also had to deal with those guys." He said this in an offhand manner.Still wearing an irrita
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Chapter 0006
Inside the car, Grace discreetly stole a glance at Alden. He looked handsome in her eyes, and his heroic act of saving her had only increased her fascination.Unable to bear the silence between them, Grace attempted to start a conversation. "By the way, what's your name?"Alden replied casually, "Yo
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Chapter 0007
Grace, a woman from the esteemed Hopkins family, would be deeply embarrassed if she were involved in a scandal with a married man. Even though they weren't engaged in any kind of relationship, the fact that she was dining with a married man in an upscale restaurant could tarnish her family's reputat
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Chapter 0008
As if time had come to a standstill, everyone witnessing the commotion stared at Matilda, Edwin, and the group of foolish security guards with sympathy."A silver cardholder challenging a gold card customer? That's incredibly foolish!""They're beyond help now.""If I were them, I'd immediately apol
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Chapter 0009
Alden responded honestly, "Um, we're just—" But Grace interrupted Alden and explained, "This is our first dinner date." Josiah's face brightened, and everyone grew more amazed. "Well, in that case, I don't want to disturb your first date. I'll host you in the Diamond Heaven Chamber." As if everyo
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Chapter 0010
Grace thanked Josiah once again. After that, there were only Grace and Alden in the Diamond Heaven Chamber. As Grace suspected, Alden wasn't as talkative as before. Even after the sumptuous dishes filled their dining table, He acted as if such luxurious dishes were familiar to him. Suddenly, a surp
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