The Chance

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The Chance

By: Jejewiyyah OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The book entitled " Chance" is a story of hardwork, power tussle,betrayal,envy and vengeance. The protagonist of the story Ven was just a ten years old boy when he lost his parents and twenty years old when he lost his guardian who he considers as father. How is he then going to survive?, identify the murderer among a lot of suspicious people, plan his revenge and also retain the claim to inherit the Brown empire as he is also the grandson of the Brown empire. Grab your popcorn as you find out in this intriguing and wonderful story.

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    Good story but the update is very poor coming, It makes the reading mundane

    2024-01-21 16:06:22
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64 chapters
It was a gloomy night without the moon in sight. A luxurious black car parked and two black, shiny, Italian shoes could be seen stepping on the tarred road. Jim, popularly known as "J" in the Assassin's world and notorious for his quick elimination, brutality and swiftness in operations, had a stern expression worn on his scarred face as he stared at the black gate to the mansion before him. "Kruger, you know what to do, right?" He asked aloud, as if speaking to the nothingness around."Yes, boss." A shadow appeared from nowhere in the darkness and responded. Nonetheless, J wasn't a bit fazed by this, he was aware of Kruger's presence beforehand after all. He simply reached into his chest pocket and took out a cigar and a lighter, acting as though he only parked to take a few puff."Good. You're to hack into the security system of the base. Our Intel says that the mark is tightly secured and monitored closely by expert agents. Fast and swiftly, don't hesitate to do the needful. Under
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FIFTEEN YEARS LATERKelvin, average in height, fair in complexion and physically built and strong now work as a security guard at a company called Vite in a City far away from Kandon known as Krumb. This job he had to take just to take care of himself and his adopted son Ven as he had to change the boy surname to that of his own to protect him as he knew those who masterminded the murder of Ven's parents would still be on the lookout to eliminate him.In the evening when kelvin got home after a hectic day at work, he met Ven sleeping on the couch calmly. He looked at him for a while lovingly before he went in to prepare their dinner for both of them to eat. Even though,he was not his biological father, the love he has for Ven is something else even to his surprise. People will never believe he's not his father because they somehow look like only that Ven is taller than him this he got from Alex.After the cooking,he went to wake Ven to eat dinner. He tapped him and as if he had been w
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The day dawned crisp and clear.The sun poured through Ven's window alerting him that another day had dawned.Ven woke up rubbing his eyes and stood up to check the time but to his dismay saw that it was already 7:30 AM. He was surprised that time has gone and he was still on the bed when he had a lecture around 9 AM this morning.He hurriedly went into the bathroom to have his bathe and get ready for school as he knew the gravity of entering Professor Daniel class late......At around 8:20 AM, he left the house after bidding his father farewell and started running to the park where he was going to board the cab that will take him to school as such was what he go through everyday for coming to school from home. He is a year two student of Achievers University regarded as the best University in Krumb studying Financial Management.He got into the school campus, and since he was running due to time issue,he bumped into a lady and they both fell down though not intentional." Are you bli
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" What is happening here Davis?" Henry brown asked his younger brother Davis over the issue going round Kandon. He had to rush to his brother's office to find out what was going on when he heard of it.Davis was invited by the state prosecution for creating a slush fund account under a paper company siphoning a massive amount of company money into an overseas account. Someone actually exposed him with evidences which shows that he really did so, and even the media are not helping matters as they also reported the news which is affecting the company's stocks." It's really nothing bro,it is a setup by those who wish to get rid of this great company,"Davis said." I will take your word for that. Let us say you were wrongfully accused for a crime you know nothing about. It has not been up to a year that the issue of one of your staff was reported to have committed suicide here at this company that someone went to instigate another crime on you." Henry said to his brother because he's rea
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"Please can i sit down here?" Ven asked the female passenger sitting down at the seat at the last row of the bus." Yes, you can sit down here", she said to him." Thank you very much",Ven said and sat down beside her.Ven was finally done with his studies and thus decided to settle down at Kandon though with a different reason entirely.Ven's journey to Kandon was due to the blood stained paper he saw beside his adopted father Kelvin dead body. That night still remained evergreen in his memory as he got home to meet the only person he has ever known as father lying on the floor dead.He got home and saw his father in his pool of blood was something he always try and avoid remembering. That night saw his rebirth as the only thing he kept thinking of was who murdered him as it was obvious that he was not killed and when he saw the blood stained paper with Brown empire inscribed in it he knew something was fishy.Funy enough, the police closed the cast early as if there was something beh
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"Can you tell us a little about yourself with your qualifications?" Asked Mr.Wright one of the interviewers present for the interview program which is the last segment to determine those people they would later employ and to the subsidiaries they would work for."My name is Richard Joel,an aspiring business analyst. I had my degree at Kref university here in kandon and had worked as a part-time staff at various restaurants and even worked briefly at Grandy at their marketing unit." That is great,so we shouldn't expect less from you.From your own angle, Brown company as a case study,are there ways to increase the company's revenue?" another interviewer, Mr.Stephen asked Richard. "I believe that increment in revenue generation would be made possible by adopting two basic methods. Firstly,I believe that improvement in the output delivered to the masses should be made. Also, I believe that personnels should be reduced in order to reduce the dependency ratio."Richard said with confidence
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CHAPTER SEVEN: The First Training Task
The journey to Qawm was a silent journey for the newly employed staffs. Everybody was busy dwelling in his or her own thought till they arrived at Qawm. It is a town close to Kandon and also an important place for Brown because it has to do with the foundation of the Empire....."We're not going to commence the training today, but tommorow. Today would only be to organize you into groups for the training and give you some tips on how this training is going to be," Mr.Steff said to them." Since you are six in numbers,then we're going to create two groups with three people in each group. For Team A ,we have Richard Joel,Joy Prisis and Ken light. Then for Team B, we have Daniella Eva, Olivia Grace and Ven Kelvin."He said to them with a tone of finality.He has gotten use to this kind of duty since he has been the one in charge of this screening exercise for years." We're done with sorting out the group now to the main business. This training entails everything you need to understand ab
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" I don't understand this at all. According to what you told us,we were instructed to return back with the flag which was located around the mountain. This means that the team or the person from a team who returns with the flag would be the winner and not the other team. I returned here early with the flag which means my team won and not the other team."" We need an explanation for this Sir. I brought the flag which means my team should be awarded the required points and not the other team." Richard said with anger and confusion spitting from his eyes." I know that this announcement will look strange both to the two teams because it's clear from your activities the team that should be declared the winner under normal circumstances should be Team A because Richard was the only one that returned back here with the flag but the rationale behind this stage cut across accomplishing and winning this stage."" I'm sure that before you started this stage, I told you that at the end of the d
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The two teams are expecting the last assessment project just as they were informed by Mr.Steff. They now have equal points since the combat assessment after Ven punched Richard and he fainted from the punch.Mr.Steff then told them that although he didn't mention it, they should know that anybody who hit someone till the person fainted or due to a secondary reason,won't be awarded points that he deserve but the point will be given to the other team as penalty for the action committed.Richard was expecting this and he didn't hide his excitement when Mr.Steff announced this only that he didn't know that he's going to faint as he felt ridiculed by that and that infuriated his anger for Richard the more........They assembled as usual inside the hall as ordered by Mr.Steff who told them that they will be given the last task to start today. They were surprised to meet Mr.Drip and Mr.Johnson in the hall." This task the team has prepared for you is going to be the last task for your asses
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The days left to accomplish the mission was spent on finding out about the name Bryan and linking the person to the protest by the workers. Both teams since they knew the key item to the issue at hand,knew that the first to handle it will definitely win." Olivia you've not gotten the information needed on that person?" Ven asked as they had to log in to the workers portal to find out his data and position but unfortunately no information on him was found as if it's cleared." Yes, nothing that could link him to the workers remain. It's as if the person does not exist at all and that itself is hard to crack." Olivia said tiredly, she had been on that for days now trying to look for means to identify the man which is not going as planned."We can't go back to that place, they're not ready to entertain us for discussion. What should we do there's limited time left to the deadline." Ven asked, everything they've been trying to do have not been yielding the desired results." I also don't
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