Samuel Charles, the most handsome guy in GIU, rumors has it that he is still single. Jessica Olen, the hottest girl, she is still single. Find out more about these figures and the mystery behind Samuel. "You still check the school app Rebecca" Jesse asked. "There are new update of the captain and mystery has been solved" Rebecca cheeks bounce up.Jesse quickly opened the school app. Samuel, Eric is hosting a party,, would you be available? Jessica asked. nope, Sam said. I have a lot of things to do. I have to go help my dad, he left. He has changed completely these three years. He used to love parties. Jessica walks to her car. She drives away. She rides pass Sam, who has booked for a taxi. "He does that now" Jessica whispered. She went to the least restaurant. She stops by a friend place before setting out. She, Terry and Jacob. They drive to their destination until Terry interrupted them."is that not Samuel, what is doing in such a place. Jessica turns too, this local restaurant she
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