The mysterious girl

Christabel gets up to leave, wait mike tries to stop her, he suddenly realized tears in her eyes. What wrong he asked, being surprised. Christabel didn't respond, seat number 600 the spoken man called out loud. Jessica stared at mike, who was confused too. Seat number 600, he repeated. Christabel that you mike said looking at her seat number. Christabel heart jumped up, everybody fixed theirs eyes on her. She buried her head on the floor. She battles to go or run away, until the spoken man called her full name christabel smith, please come down. Sam lift his head looking for the row, he soon spot somebody standing still. Christabel summon up courage, she was coming down to the court, she made a promise to confess her feelings to Sam that why she is here, she won't blow this opportunity she said to herself. She walked pass Jessica, who kept staring at her. The crowd went silent. Sam watches christabel as she approaches the court. Is her, Sam said, it christabel, he rushed to her christ
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