Underestimated Son In Law

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Underestimated Son In Law

By: Raishico OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Sett was the shame of the Laurel Family, not only because he was just a son-in-law, also because everyone thought he was a useless bum, including his wife. He was disgusted, despised, seemed as a pig. Until the day, a luxury car stopped in front of the door, and an amazing beautiful secretary got off the car...


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170 chapters
Chapter 1 Everything Is Lost
On the wide street of the City of Darian, a crowd of people could be seen whispering at each other as they looked at the drama across the wide street near the prestigious hospital.A rather gorgeous lady with a pair of bright green eyes, indicating she's a foreigner.At that moment, she was shouting at a fat man whose weight could easily be compared to three adult men, and to add insult to injury, he was wearing worn-out clothes, making the gossiping crowd throw disgusting and judging eyes at him.Suddenly, a crisp sound echoed, as fatty Sett was slapped across the face by the gorgeous lady. "I've had enough with you, Sett!" She pointed at his nose. Her face brewed in rage."The marriage was a mistake! If I had known that you were useless and poor..... What kind of future could you give me? I doubt you can accomplish anything in life. You're just a spineless coward who can't talk back to his family even after being bullied for so long! Are you even a man?" She screamed at his face, th
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Chapter 2 Class Reunion
"Right, right, a poor fat guy like him should just castrate himself in some corner and not embarrass himself in public!" "Hey, do you think he would pick up the money after being humiliated like that?" "Pick up? That's funny. That would be the same as throwing away his pride." A middle-aged man sneered. He was confident that Fatty wouldn't have the guts to pick up the money, not to mention that everyone's eyes were on him.At this point, the whole crowd of people was curious if he would start picking the money up.Just then, lightning appeared in the sky, shortly after raindrops poured down. As the crowd scattered to find shelter.On the other hand, fatty Sett just gazed upward, as the raindrops rolled down his cheeks. No one knew if it was just the rain or his silent cry.Under the dumbfounded gazes of the onlookers, Sett bent his body with no sign of humiliation on his face as he picked up the scattered bills on the ground, one by one, and put them under his shirt."....maybe I sho
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Chapter 3 Schoolmates
Sett could barely endure such humiliation, as he knew that it was hopeless to fight Antonio, who was an amateur boxing champion and a representative from senior high. He didn't have a chance to fight a guy like him. "Be sure to come inside, Fatso; don't make Lucy and the others wait. Otherwise, I'll break your leg." Antonio eyed Sett dangerously. "Let's go, Anna, that fatso is lucky that he was even invited."Sett struggled to get up while holding the ticket. This was the reason he didn't want to get involved with his senior high school classmates.A moment later, he was standing in front of the reserve room. He could hear his classmate celebrating inside. He pulled all his courage together as he opened the room's door."Oi, oi, look who we have here; it's Fatso Sett! What are you standing there for? Hurry up and have a seat." A lanky man chuckles. Sett's attention was immediately drawn to a gorgeous short-haired girl playing with the glass.Lucy?It's only been a year, but she has b
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Chapter 4 Foreigners
"Don't you know that a clown is always welcome at a party?" Lucy giggled while everyone burst into laughter."That's cruel, Lucy, but I'm glad he did, and you guys should also be glad that he left. After all, the place would smell like garlic if he stayed any longer!"Upon hearing that, everyone bursts into laughter for a second time while holding their stomachs, as they couldn't take any more of the joke.On the other hand, Sett didn't leave immediately as he listened to their conversation behind the door."I thought Lucy was different from the others... But she's the same." Sett let out a heavy sigh of disappointment. Lucy was a female friend of his in senior high. She had always defended him against Antonio and the others who were bullying him. Unfortunately, people change, and he couldn't even recognize her gentle characteristics.It was better to go home rather than remain here and be showered with insults. He walked off with a heavy heart."Going home early? Your group must have
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Chapter 5, Crow Family
"Umm.... You guys must be greatly mistaken, Ms. Scarlett. My name isn't Mr. Crow, but Sett Crossword. I came from the Crossword family of Darian City. I don't know anything about the Crow family, so please let me go." Sett blurted out nervously that as much as he wished to look at Ms. Scarlett's assets, he had to leave, as who knew what this stranger would do to him?"Don't be nervous, Mr. Crow. Rest assured, we aren't a hostile group, as I'm sent by the Crow family to be your aid.""Do you even know my background? Why do you keep insisting that I'm Mr. Crow? " Sett smiled warily. "Because you are." Scarlett confidently said. The look on her face implied that she was absolutely certain of it. Sett's mouth twitched. Was this sister joking with him? They should investigate him first before jumping to conclusion that he is the so-called "Mr. Crow" or something. He took a deep breath as it was already past seven o'clock and his sister at home would be worried sick about him."If you do
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Chapter 6 Causing Trouble
At this time, Ms. Scarlett handed the camera directly to Sett's palm. He turned on the video recording. Sett's mind turned blank as he saw a white-bearded man gradually stripping his tuxedo with his bare hands, revealing his extremely macular back to the point of being god-like! Sett raised his brows. Why the h*ck, would this guy suddenly stripping? "Mr. Crow, he is your grandfather, Mark Crow." Ms. Scarlett stated calmly. "You mean that's him? For real? I thought he was old. Seriously." Sett was puzzled. Ms. Scarlett slightly raised the edge of her lips. "Indeed, the president is old. I think he was eighty years old when this video was taken." "What!" Sett was awestruck. Was that even the physique of a fre*cking eighty-year-old? Wouldn't that put the bodybuilders to shame? His grandpa could even win the Mr. Olympia award! Anyways, it was undeniable they have somewhat similar faces. Just then, Sett noticed the birthmark on the back of his grandfather Mark, which was in the shape
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Chapter 7 Beaten Up & Humiliated
"What!" Sett's face was drained of color as he heard his sister's frantic voice and the sound of something breaking in the background, being mixed with the shouts of men. Damn it! Sett cursed as he gritted his teeth in anger. They better pray that his sister and the others are alright! He knew that the masterminds behind this were his aunt and uncle. He always hated them to the core, as they were quite sadistic. The Crossword main house had already confiscated his parents' properties, and the only thing they had left was the old, dilapidated mansion. Nonetheless, they keep insisting on selling the old mansion! They were just too much. Sett let out a breath with a worried expression on his face. "Ms. Scarlett, ask your men to hurry up! I'm worried that something may have happened to my sister. I won't be able to forgive myself." Ms. Scarlett nodded to assure Sett as she commanded the driver to pick up speed. Sett anxiously gazes at the faraway hill. They were getting close to
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Chapter 8 The House Is Being Sold
"Please, Miss, release us! We didn't offend anyone with the name, Mr. Crow!" Abner gritted his bloodied teeth. "We're men from the second-rate Crossword family, a direct subordinate of Madam Claire, the daughter of the family head. I'm warning you, lady, if you offend us, you'll regret it!" In response, Ms. Scarlett smirked. "It looks to me like you're not getting the message, do you? Are you actually using a second-rate family to threaten me? This is the first time. Let me tell you this: if I wanted to, the Crossword family would cease to exist. Heh! But I don't want to. You see, in the future, Mr. Crow may be using that family as a stepping stone."Abner was about to retort, clearly not believing a single word from her, but then he caught a glimpse of a pistol on those men in black belts. Instantly, Abner's face turned pale, as though he had seen a ghost. His back broke a cold sweat. What the sexy yet brutal lady claimed was most likely true, deeming that only the powerful family h
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Chapter 9 Pawnshop Manager
In Sett's excitement, he started examining the other notebooks and cards inside the suitcase. To his surprise, he found a driver's license! And all of the information and appearances came from him. "Seriously, how is this possible?" Sett murmured, literally dumbfounded by this discovery. He didn't stop there, as he started examining the other cards, and that's when he became speechless. 'How should I say this? This is too much.' Sett reflected as he examined the important cards in his hand, which included a military card with the large word "Arm-force of the United States" and others from various countries. If he could spell it in one phrase, then that would be "amazing!"Sett decided to ask Grandpa Mark about how he made these essential cards. But why is there no debit card or credit card? At least Grandpa Mark shouldn't forget about the money. Although these cards are important. 'On second thought, Grandpa Mark never lacked money. Maybe he thought these blue diamonds would suffic
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Chapter 10 Allure
The snobbish female employee was stunned and fearful of why the manager's attitude toward her had turned hostile."I'll deal with you later!" Ms. Jasmine had almost lost a great deal with a customer. Because of the employee's negligence, of course, she would be wrathful towards her employee, and judging from the actions of the gentleman when handing the blue diamonds, he may have come from an extraordinary background. Ms. Jasmine hastily turned around to face Sett, who was calmly watching everything as though it had nothing to do with him.On the other hand, the snobbish employee's face turns pale. She knew how ruthless Ms. Jasmine could be towards her employees when they made mistakes. She felt like crying. Now, she could only kiss her job goodbye. It is impossible not to feel regretful. Why did she look down on this fatty? She glared daggers at Sett, cursing him in her mind."Sir, my name is Jasmine Pearce, and I am a branch manager of the Treasure Palace conglomerate. Respectabl
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