The family

“I don't understand” Sam looked at her puzzled. You will listen to her Samuel, grandpa Charles, walk out the room. "Grandpa" Sam looked worried. “Just like your father, you are a photocopy of him” grandma from behind. Mrs. Anita smiled at Samuel. Sam tries to pull out some words, but nothing was showing. “Sit down, boy” grandpa touch him on the shoulder. Sam sat down. “I thought the Olen should be here by now” grandma looked at Anita. “I thought Sam won't make it” she laughed. Sam gets on his knees. “Grandfather, grandmother, I love christabel, I am damn serious” he bow his head “I love her, I can't leave now”. Grandfather stands up from his seat, he slap Sam on the face. “How dare you” he yelled? “Pleading for a woman, have gone insane, look at his boy” he faces his wife pointing Sam “you have tarnished this family image and I won't sit quietly anymore” Anita quickly run to Sam, “please grandfather” she holds him on the shoulder. Sam eyes were widen, he feels the pressure. Anita walk
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