Son-in-Law: A Commoner's Path to Revenge

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Son-in-Law: A Commoner's Path to Revenge

By: Naughty Snail OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jackson lost everything the night they kicked him out of the Family. His life was a piece of rag until an old man appeared. Jackson Raven, now Jackson Taylor, is preparing gifts to pay them back. A/N Many thanks to @dobolyuvV for the gorgeous cover


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71 chapters
Ch. 01 - Second Chance
“Damn it!” Jackson kicked a trash can in front of him. He had his shirt unbuttoned and the jacket of a suit over his shoulder. It was a usual occurrence for him. Every time someone humiliated him, he would get drunk. Once, a respected young man with a bright future ahead of him and everything within his grasp, he became a nobody in the blink of an eye. A commoner who would get humiliated day in and day out. “Mr Walker, that fucker!” Alcohol made his face flash crimson. The humiliation of the day added to the outburst. He groaned when he punched a wall. Jackson kept replaying the events in his mind. He gritted his teeth and clenched his bloody fist. “He made me kneel, damn him! I’ll rip him to pieces!” Even though his mind was dizzy, he could still feel the pain from when Mr Walker slapped him. A reddened handprint on his cheek ached, although his face became numb. “And that sexy little bitch he had with him…?!” He stopped and pondered for a while. "I will return the humiliatio
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Ch. 02 - Heir
That same day, Jackson visited the bank. One thought that crossed his mind was perhaps this was a joke. However, would it be worse than what had already happened yesterday? It’s not like he had anything else to do, anyway. [Meet Mr Pearl at Arolia Bank] That’s the last words from the old man in the call. Arolia Bank was one of the most prestigious institutions in the entire world. Even a normal worker, a janitor, held more prestige than any of his peers. If the bank claimed to be the number two business, no one dared say it was the first. Though never really meet Mr. Pearl, Jackson knows this name. In fact, everyone does. ‘King of the Bank’, that’s what people call him. He had the option to greet whoever he wanted. If he ignored someone for whatever reason, rumors would spread like wildfire and the family business would meet its end. Jackson walked in, approached the help desk, and asked for Mr. Pearl. The girl there scanned him from head to toe. She had a displeased look on her
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Ch. 03 - Reception
The immediate response of his wife made his mouth distort in disbelief. Seeing no other way out, he dropped to his knees and pleaded to Jackson. “I’m very sorry, young master. I was too blind to see your brilliance. Please forg…!” Jackson didn’t even let him finish; he snapped his fingers and snorted coldly. “Get lost! Loser!” The men in black suits had no choice. They grabbed him and dragged him out of the restaurant. The beautiful woman, who was by his side, stayed back and watched the entire thing unfold in front of her. When she tried to take a step, Jackson’s icy eyes froze the blood in her veins. Still in disbelief at what happened in front of her moments ago, words refused to leave her mouth. She looked around and everyone avoided her gaze. As Jackson walked towards her, she lost all strength to her knees. Jackson swiftly grabbed her waist and supported her. He pulled her close and stared into her frightened eyes. His voice echoed coldly in her ears, sending shivers down
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Ch. 04 - Annulment
A chandelier hovered over the lobby, laced in gold, looking down on those beneath it. Its steady light shone in every corner. Red carpets and black glistening marble decorated the floor. The panic ensued by Jackson’s phone call trampled through the tranquil atmosphere in seconds. The crowd murmured about the mysterious person with such an enormous power. The two youngsters of the Adams family looked at each other with visible horror in their eyes. Naomi shared the same expression on her face. She knew what he was capable of, but her measly family’s restaurant was nothing compared to the prestigious Jade Palace. “Oh, my! Who might you be?” The crowd became silent as a couple approached them. Jackson recognized them. How could he not? They were Hannah Kraft’s parents, his parents-in-law. Jackson swallowed his pride and anger. “Good evening, madam!” She tried to maintain her manners in front of the young man who bought the Jade Palace with a dollar. Even though she wore a mask, sh
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Ch. 05 - Raven Estate
The following day, Jackson woke up in his bed. What surprised him were the two emerald eyes staring at him. Her soft voice tickled his ears. “Good morning!” Her luscious lips touched his cheek, leaving a wet sensation on his skin. With blood filling his head, turning his face crimson, he uttered. “Good morning…” The girl buried herself in his arms. A comfortable warmth produced by their bare skins under the sheets excited them both. Wasting no time, Naomi got on top of him and landed a long kiss on his lips. Jackson could only embrace her and accept it. *** A week has passed since the events at Jade Palace. The Adams Family pleaded multiple times at the bank, but Mr. Pearl refused to meet with them. Rake Adams approached Naomi at her family’s restaurant, hoping to reconcile. Instead, she proudly kicked him out. As for the Kraft family, they had daily meetings, trying to figure out ways to regain the young man from the Raven family as their son-in-law. The days went on like th
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Ch. 06 - Encounter
The patriarch scoffed. “Teaching some manners to your idiot son. I can teach you too‌!” Jackson waved his hand. “It’s ok, patriarch. We can talk, but can we please do something about the noise?” He looked at his fuming uncle straight in the eyes and sneered. “It’s annoying!” The patriarch kicked them out of the meeting room. The only people inside were Jackson and his grandfather, along with his new wife. If the old man was a little past his sixties, that woman was in her thirties. Her snake-like body leaned at the table next to Jackson. Her curvy body could strike any man who dared to look at her. The patriarch looked at Jackson. At first, Jackson got his attention by mentioning the new project, but the longer he thought about it and looking at his cheap attire, the more he doubted him. “So, tell me what kind of job you got there?” “Ah, yes. I will scout and recruit people for the new project. Since you guys were my family once…” The old patriarch sweated. He interrupted
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Ch. 07 - Damien Shaw
The tranquility of the garden met the patriarch’s fury when his thunderous voice silenced even the chirping birds. With a hint of sarcasm in his voice, the first son scolded. “My men saw her entering his apartment about an hour ago. She still hasn’t come out!” “That ungrateful wench! Let her come back, and I’ll show her who’s the boss!” “What about Jackson?” “He’ll get what’s coming to him. We just must be a little patient with the little fiend!” Not even a second passed and the alluring woman with the raven hair joined them at the kiosk. “What are you guys doing out here? The sun is scorching.” The old patriarch glared at his son, who hurriedly picked up his phone and called his men. “What’s the situation?” [Yes sir. She’s still in there!] The first son looked at the woman in front of him, confused. “A-Are you sure?” [Yes, sir!] He looked at his father and shook his head. *** At Jackson’s apartment, a woman peeks through the curtain, making sure the black cars foll
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Ch. 08 - Dinner Table
Only the crackling wood in the fireplace broke the silence of the grand dining hall. Jackson sneaked a few glances around the room. The stoic master, Damien Shaw, enjoyed his rustic soup, whereas his beautiful daughter simply dipped her bread. The dining room was large. Only three people enjoyed the table in the middle, which was big enough for a dozen people. Over their heads a shining chandelier with candles which illuminated the entire room. A few doors scattered about, guarded by muscular men in suits, and the windows had velvet crimson drapes guarding them from the outside world. Jackson was sure the sky darkened, but he had no way of confirming it. His fast-beating heart wouldn’t rest. He ate nervously while monitoring the situation. He quenched his thirst with a full glass of wine. Apparently, the alcohol eased his racing mind. Damien Shaw coughed to get their attention. His voice hinted at a sense of self-discipline, which Jackson lacked. “My Rina said she had a chat wit
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Ch. 09 - Rikelia Group
Two days after he had dinner with Damien Shaw, Jackson and Alicia Shaw arrived at the headquarters of Rikelia Group. A long drive to Borealis Valley, the home of multinational conglomerates. Anyone with a business wants their base amongst the big names of the corporate world. Though he’s the heir of the Rikelia Group, He has yet to unveil his identity to the public. At the entrance of the imposing building, a group of youngsters stood in his path. They glared at the girl. Alicia Shaw didn’t have the same allure as her sister, but she had a unique charm and unparalleled beauty. Silky long raven hair tied to a bun and blue eyes. Her elegance and demeanor mesmerized anyone who stole a glimpse of her. Her gray skirt which reached her knees, perfectly toned to her hips. A buttoned white shirt left much to be desired when one realized she playfully exposed her enticing neckline. A woman like that stood next to a young man with a cheap jacket on top of a white t-shirt and jeans. In the
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Ch. 10 - Ally
The young woman behind the reception desk gasped. She couldn't believe her eyes. For the first time, she witnessed Mrs. Aria lowering her head to an unknown younger man. Jeremiah Ivory’s jaw dropped when he saw this. Fumed with rage and jealousy. He stood in front of Mrs. Aria. “Mrs. Aria, I…” He didn’t even have time to finish his sentence when a slap landed on his face and threw him over the reception counter. Unfazed, Mrs. Aria glared at him. It instantly froze the blood in his veins. She then turned to Jackson and smiled. “Mr. Taylor, what took you so long? Did something happen?” The young woman thought she was screwd, she couldn't raise her head up. Jackson saw her hands are shaking.“Mr Ivory and I had a bit misunderstoood” He said simply with a smirk on his face.She was grateful that Jackson didn't blame her or she would lose everything. Jeremiah Ivory leaped over the counter. “Out of the way, servant!” He pushed Jackson to the side and stood in front of the woman.
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