Son-in-Law's Revenge, After Becoming a Billionaire

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Son-in-Law's Revenge, After Becoming a Billionaire

By: Hare Ra OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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He was forced to marry a pregnant woman, and it was because of that marriage that he became a rich man.

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Chapter 1. Marry a Pergnant Woman
"Marry my daughter and sign this agreement!" said Mr. Mattew to Axell."But sir...""I don't like being argued with; come to my house on the tenth. The money will be transferred to your account. Now please get out of my room!"Axell could only be dumbfounded by thoughts that went nowhere. He didn't know what was wrong with Mr. Mattew's daughtet that Mr. Mattew was forcing him to marry.There was no other choice but to marry Mr. Mattew's daughter; otherwise, bad luck would lurk. Meanwhile, he has to support his mother, who is currently sick.After leaving Mr. Mattew's room, Axell went straight home. He even refused to work overtime today."Mom, Axell is getting married." Axell immediately told Mrs. Ania that afternoon.Axell couldn't keep the problem to himself. For him, marriage was no joke.Although Mrs. Ania was not his biological mother, she was the one who had cared for and raised Axell since childhood."Alhamdulillah. Who's the lucky lady?" asked Mrs. Ania enthusiastically. It d
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Chapter 2. Axell Waned
Emily moved closer to Axell and followed the instructions of her friends, who asked her to kiss Axell's hand."Now take turns; the husband kisses his wife's forehead," said one of the invited guests.Emily's eyes seemed to glaze over; she looked very disgusted when Axell kissed her forehead.Meanwhile, Axell's feelings were mixed together. It turned out that he was just a cover for Emily, who was pregnant."Who actually got her pregnant?" asked Axell in his heart. Axell did not even focus on today's event; his mind was filled with Emily's pregnancy, which was already quite large.With great reluctance, Axell and Emily followed the procession of the very simple event. The two of them did not even greet each other.Axell and Emily were currently hanging out with Emily's friends after the marriage ceremony was over. Several men and women looked very familiar with Emily.However, there was one thing that made Axell shake his head. Emily's female friends wore dresses that were no less luxu
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Chapter 3. Sign This!
"Whatever! It's none of my business," Emily replied rudely.Emily didn't even look at Axell out of disgust."If it's up to you, then I can sleep here," replied Axell, who wanted to sit on the bed again."STOP! You have ears, right? I'm disgusted to have to sleep with a disgusting person like you. Get out of my way!" Emily shouted angrily.Axell just smiled a simple smile. Although he had only known Emily for a few hours, he found it very amusing to see her angry."I'm tired, Emily. I want to rest for a while," Axell said pleadingly."Sofa! Or downstairs, there's an empty room for you! It's even more suitable for someone like you! This room is too nice for trash like you!" Emily yelled in annoyance.Axell didn't understand how Mattew had forced her, as it seemed Emily had never accepted the marriage."Alright. There is no problem sleeping anywhere. But what do people say when newlyweds sleep separately?" asked Axell, smiling as he walked towards the large sofa that was more than enoug
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Chapter 4. You're More Savage Than the Devil!
"How was it?" asked Axell, who had just come out of the bathroom with a mocking smile."Son of a bitch, what do I have to sign?" asked Emily, staring Axell in the eyes."Don't be angry; everything is reciprocal," whispered Axell, who then handed Emily a piece of paper.It turned out that Axell had prepared everything; he had prepared several sheets of the same paper. Because he knew Emily would not sign it with just one threat,Emily furrowed her brow as she read the paper Axell handed her. "Why make another agreement? Didn't you already sign an agreement with my father?"Emily gave Axell a probing look."That's different. The agreement with Mr. Mattew was between me and him. And this one is between the two of us," Axell replied casually.In the event of a divorce between Axell and Emily, forty percent of Mattew's property belongs to Axell Waned. [And if they stay together, Mattew is obliged to give Axell twenty percent of his property to be managed by Axell.]That was one of the con
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Chapter 5. Give Us a House!
"Isn't it worth it?" Axell asked again."What is?""You ruined my life with this marriage, and here I am not considered human. So, there's a price to pay, wifey," Axell chuckled as he patted Emily's cheek."Don't think you can get me! As you know, you don't deserve to be married to me!" replied Emily with a chuckle.She even swatted away Axell's hand, which was still on her face, very rudely."We'll see who falls to their knees in love.""Ck! That sucks!"Axell smiled, grinning, which annoyed Emily even more.Right now, Emily really felt like she had lost to Axell."I'm going to ask you to move into my mom's house," Axell said then.Emily widened her eyes at that; even thinking about it made her shudder in horror."No way, that would be a cramped, stuffy hut!" replied Emily, refusing Axell's request."You're my wife now, so you have to come with me wherever I go," Axell said casually."I still don't want to; I'm not a goat who has to sleep in a rickety house," replied Emily, who was
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Chapter 6. Good Question, Baby!
Mattew stared at Axell with a piercing gaze, like he wanted to eat him alive."What is this nonsense?" he snarled."Just a copy of a document, sir; the original has been scanned, and I'm ready to send it to ABC Group," Axell replied casually."Oh yes, sir, I have one recording that can make you happy," continued Axell, sending a video that he managed to record that night.Yes, last night, Axell accidentally saw and heard what Mattew was doing with his secretary, Lily. That night, Mattew was making love to Lily while plotting a plan to ruin the ABC Group company. That's when Axell took the opportunity to record everything and now uses it as a weapon to intimidate Mattew."You bastard, how dare you?" Mattew asked emotionally and pulled Axell's shirt collar. He certainly didn't expect that the person who was married to his daughter would now have the audacity to threaten him. And Mattew also felt that he had misjudged Axell, who had looked like an obedient dog, now that he was turning in
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Chapter 7. Let's Start Living a Normal Life, Emily
Before arriving at the orphanage, Axell shopped for some of the orphanage's daily needs as well as various snacks for the children."Brother Axell!" greeted the children enthusiastically when they saw Axell's arrival, especially seeing so many snacks brought by Axell."Hi, my dear brothers and sisters," said Axell while holding one of the boys, who was about three years old."Where's mom?" Axell asked. "She's inside," they replied simultaneously.Axell smiled. "Come on, let's eat the snacks together. You call mom?" Axell asked the eight-year-old girl."Yes."Axell was lost in happiness with his mother and younger brother and sister."Mom, Axell is moving out of town to the west," Axell said with his head down."Why did you move so far away?" asked Mrs. Ania."Mr. Mattew bought a house for Axell and Emily in that area, Mom. I'm sorry Axell won't be here much. But Axell will always send needs here.""Yes, be careful. Greetings to your wife.""Yes mom."At exactly two o'clock in the af
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Chapter 8. What Mr. Mattew Said?
"Mr. Mattew said what?" Axell asked again when he found his maid silent and shaking her head."Ah, no. Nothing," Inah replied nervously, and she went to her room.However, before she could take a step, Axell had already grabbed her hand."Where are you going?" Axell asked."To the master's room," Inah replied hesitantly."Aunt, I hate lies the most. Tell me what Mr. Mattew said," Axell said quietly, but with a frightening look in his eyes."Yes, sir.""Tell me quickly!" Axell pressed. "Earlier, when Mr. Mattew was here, he said that Mr. Axell is the president director of his company, so we have to monitor your every move. There's even some CCTV installed in this house, but I don't know exactly where. I swear!" whispered Inah softly."Is there one here?" asked Axell, pointing to where they were talking."I don't think so, because I didn't see them in the kitchen.""Alright, thanks. No need to prepare my meal; I'll prepare it myself.""Yes, sir."Axell walked away and entered his room,
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Chapter 9. Mr. Mattew Spy
Axell grunted in annoyance and chose to sit on the terrace again until the morning."Why is Mr. Axell here?" asked Bidin when he came out of the house after dawn."It's okay, just getting some fresh air," Axell replied while putting out his cigarette."I think you've been here since last night; there are so many cigarette marks," continued Bidin while sitting next to Axell."From one o'clock.""Why sir?"Axell shook his head, and then both of them fell silent with their own thoughts."Sir, can I ask you something?" asked Bidin hesitantly."You can.""Where does your family live?"Axell let out a long sigh before answering Bidin's question."I've lived in an orphanage since I was a child; my parents dumped me in an orphanage in the East," Axell replied dreamily."Since what age?""Since I was a week old, my mother found me near a garbage can guarded by a dog all night.""What does that mean?""I was thrown out in the middle of the night; there was a dog looking for food."Axell took a
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Chapter 10. What Wrong The Name of Waned?
After breakfast, Axell said goodbye to Emily and went to work."I work first," said Axell as he stood up from his seat."Do you know the place?" asked Emily."Mr. Mattew sent a car with a driver.""Who?""Peter.""Peter's the driver?" asked Emily as she frowned."Yes, why?" replied Axell briefly."It's okay," Emily replied a little nervously. It seemed like Emily knew Peter well.On the front porch, Bidin was ready and waiting for Axell. Bidin was going to the nearby market to buy gardening supplies.After about thirty minutes, they arrived at the paper mill that Axell was going to lead. Bidin got off at the gate and continued to the market by motorcycle taxi.Meanwhile, Axell went straight to the thirty-minute introductory meeting. Axel walked around the factory. When the opportunity arose, Axell put on his jacket and glasses, went to the ojek base, and followed Bidin to the market.The distance between the factory and the market was about twenty minutes by motorcycle taxi. Axell arr
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