The crowd

Mrs. Anita looked at all the jewelries, “you collected everything”, she asked again, yes the voice replied. Anita cut the call, this is less expensive she touches them, but to be certain, she looked at Grandma, “yes to be certain, teenager can be intelligent if they are eager for something”. Grandmother looked at grandfather, “your plan worked, that lady did the tricks” they laughed. “I told you he hasn't given up” he places his head on one of his hands. “The D day is fast approaching” Anita took the glass behind her, “for Samuel future” she lifted her glass up, they did the same. “For Samuel future” they drank in silence. Her phone rings, it is Charles, she told grandfather. “Honey, where are you”, “I am safe darling” he said. The line was cracking," I will tell you everything when I get back” the line finally cut. Grandfather stares at the phone. “Establishing more business, was a bad idea for him”, “especially in a new geographically area” grandmother added, “you shouldn't complai
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