The wedding

Sam followed his mother, they came down from the cars she waited for all of them to gather, I shifted the marriage to on Sunday, she said. "Mom" Jessica raise her hands. We have shared all the invitation cards and the arrival of certain things have not been delivered yet. “I know that Jessica” get our people to work she clapped both hands, “oh, Sam, is that okay by you” Sam nodded. “ The earlier, the better” Sam took Jessica inside. The preparation were made quickly.

christabel open the letter, come here on Sunday. She dropped the location. On the piece of paper. Christabel was worried, why will mom, just drop a location, no sorry for not coming, to your graduation, just a location, she threw the paper away but later picked it up. She went to her bed, she saw the painted picture of sam, Simon is going to kill me, if I bring this back. She lifts it up, something fell off, she picked it up, it says christabel, but this one was clearly Sam handwriting. “How could this be possible”. She
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