Chapter 50

Sam ride drive inside the compound, Sam noticed the security has reduced and something hasn't been maintained for long time. He came off the car, he saw his mom, moving sideways. She didn't even notice the sound of the car. “Mom, it okay” Sam release him mom. Mr. Anita folds her hands together. It is not going to be okay, she looks at sam. “I haven't told grandfather yet, he might” she stops herself from completing the sentence. “I have always warned him, stop going to this Abandon places, but he Never listen”. She lays her two hands on Sam shoulder, she looks at the floor. Sam thoughts were empty. He forgot about the grandmother. Tears rolls down his cheeks. “How did it happen”. "Car accident" she replied. Sam mouth open wide, he couldn't cover it. “He called once asking about you, but you have left” she added. Sam reoccurs his dad voice. They entered the house. Grandfather saw sam, he smiles at Anita, “I told you, he will come back”. “I will give you the credit, suffering for a
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