Undercover Billonaire Boss

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Undercover Billonaire Boss

By: Emanuel muse Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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“Take him to my room and strip him naked!” She said, This is the biography of Marco Luca,the pauper. After stripping and doing different jobs to give his girlfriend the life that she desired, But guess what? She broke up with him on live TV and picked her rich boss over him.Now Luca found solace and got drunk in a club only to end up as a pawn in another game of wealth. Now he is a prestigious son-in-law treated as trash, but when an old man tells me his real identity, he is no longer the pauper stripper but Lord Ercole!

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Chapter 1 Wretching Betrayal
CHAPTER 1. WRENCHING BETRAYAL. The deafening sound from afar was the only reason Luca could sense that the DJ set he had paid for was already at his girlfriend, Mia's, residence. But it was too loud. Mia doesn't like loud places, and she rarely even goes to the club. This was all the more reason why Luca quickened his pace so he could stop them before she arrived home. She had told him she would be returning today by 5:00 pm. He looked at his watch; it was already 4:47 pm! "She must be on her way now," he mused, adjusting the bouquet of flowers in his hands. She had told him she was going on a business trip to Kenya and would be back today. Well, today was also her birthday, and just like any couple would, Luca was preparing not only to surprise her but also to propose. He had been saving up for all of this for the past nine months. He tripled his hustle: he became a bar attendant during the early evening and a stripper at night so he could afford to give her the life she desir
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Chapter 2. Break his nose.
CHAPTER 2. BREAK HIS NOSE! Luca stared at Mia for some moments, the same woman to whom he had given his heart and done everything within his power to please. His gaze wandered to Owen, who was still grinning from ear to ear. Anger flickered on his face immediately upon seeing the stupid smirk on Owen's face. Well, he didn't blame him. Of course, Owen had everything at the snap of his fingers, while Luca only had Mia, who was definitely leaving his broke ass today! At this point, Luca could only see how the poor get trampled on by the rich. It wasn't the first time he had seen it or heard of it, but this was different. It was supposed to be the poor supporting the poor, but Mia was doing the opposite. "If you want that elevation, then you'll go down on your poverty-stricken knees and lick those Prada shoes!" Owen smiled and taunted. Luca didn't pay him any attention. Instead, he turned to Mia and asked, "What is all of this?" "Hey!" Owen snapped his fingers in the air to get Luc
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Chapter 3.When life throws Lemons at you.
CHAPTER 3 WHEN LIFE THROWS LEMONS AT YOU….. It took what felt like forever for Luca to open his eyes after being intoxicated for over six hours. He slowly blinked his hazel eyes open and let out a loud yawn. He was finally feeling comfortable. He turned around on the large bed, and his hands touched bare skin, causing his brows to furrow in confusion. Where was he? He looked around, and his heart nearly plummeted into his chest. The room was well-furnished with beautiful chandeliers and painted purple walls. From the shoes and bags hanging over the closet, he could tell it was a feminine room. But how did he get here? "Who are you?!" came the question, snapping Luca out of his daze. He looked over to see who was lying next to him. The voice was cold, devoid of any surprise, which surprised Luca even more. He couldn't understand how he ended up in such a lavish room, and little did he know, he was completely naked! "How did I get here?" he asked the beautiful lady lying on the
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Chapter 4. Turn it to Lemonades.
CHAPTER 4. TURN IT TO LEMONADES! The wind blew in through the windows, making each breath very refreshing and comfortable. The Edward mansion was quite empty, with only a few maids and guards on standby. The guards on standby were the ones who hadn't escorted any of the princesses of the Edward family to the birthday banquet. Luca sat by the window, staring blankly outside. How he went from being a rejected boyfriend to a son-in-law within twenty-four hours still surprised him. A cold sweat broke out across his forehead, and he wiped it away with his hands while still observing the surroundings. It looked like rain was imminent, as the sky darkened a little. At the Apple Club, Sara stood in her office, her mind distracted by the phone she was using. She was wearing a customized Chanel piece worth about $15,000, complemented by her pink shades, shoes, and Hermes bag. She looked at the time, and it was almost four o'clock. Once she saw her secretary enter the office, she aske
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Chapter 5. Lord Ercole is back!
CHAPTER 5. LORD ERCOLE IS BACK. Luca narrowed his eyes as he wondered what someone as wealthy as George was doing. The old man wasn't just kneeling; tears of joy were also cascading down his cheeks, leaving wet trails on his face. He blinked his eyes continuously as he tried to figure out what was happening. Why was the man who had just tried to throw him out of his residence now kneeling and calling him lord? Was he psychotic or perhaps suffering from some tumor problem and his medication wasn't close by? "Lord, welcome back home. We have all been waiting for you for over a decade. I am blessed to be in your presence at this moment," George said. Luca's eyes widened at how someone as wealthy as George knew him. He realized that something wasn't right. Something about his past wasn't right. No one was willing to explain his childhood days to him or how he ended up in the orphanage when he was barely twelve years old. Every time he asked, they gave him the same lame answer over and
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Chapter 6. He is him.
CHAPTER 6. HE IS HIM. Luca stared at the paper for a moment. Was he dreaming? This doesn't seem real at all. He blinked rapidly as he muttered, "200 million dollars?" George handed him a check for 200 million dollars. "Lord, I think you should hold onto this. By tomorrow, I'll make sure I get your card from Giovanni," he explained. His tone was filled with empathy, as if he were pleading with Luca. But to Luca, he had never seen such an amount of money in his entire life. And did he just say he would get a card? That would mean billions of dollars then. Luca looked at him with surprise. He didn't know if he should kneel and thank him for the kind gesture, but that would be too much. Of course, he was giving him back what exactly belonged to him! Sara glanced in the direction where George and Luca had gone. She could see no traces of any shadow to show that anyone was coming. It had been thirty minutes already. What was he showing him for such a long time? She couldn't hide the
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Chapter 7. He is a Hood material.
CHAPTER 7. HE IS A HOOD MATERIAL. The next morning, when Luca woke up again, he looked over and saw Sara lying next to him. He was stunned. When did she come in? It was barely six o'clock in the morning, and just four hours ago, she was nowhere to be found. Luca walked slowly, still trying to shake off his sleepiness from his hazel eyes. He switched on the lights, which caused Sara to jolt awake. "Why did you do that?" she asked frustratedly. "Where did you go last night? You didn't sleep at home," Luca asked in a stern tone. Sara froze for a moment, her body going stiff as she looked at Luca. This was exactly what she had hoped to avoid. She had married a pauper so she could do whatever she pleased, but now Luca was starting to ask questions. "Where I went is none of your business," she responded rudely. She pulled the sheets up and covered her body, pretending to still be sleepy, even though she rarely slept at this hour. She was usually at her club during these sleeping hour
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Chapter 8. Bar Saga.
CHAPTER 8. BAR SAGA. When Luca came out of the bathroom, Sara pretended not to have seen any texts. She avoided eye contact with him while her mind pondered and tried to decipher the message. Luca picked up his phone, and when he saw the message, he quickly rolled his eyes at his boss's threat of sacking him from his job, knowing that he could now buy his entire existence. He looked at Sara as if he knew she had seen something, but that wasn't true; he was just checking up on her. His mind swirled with thoughts of who George wanted to introduce him to. Would the person gladly accept him, just as George did? He had a lot of questions, but he followed his instincts and swiped the messages off the screen before throwing the phone back onto the bed. Sara stole glances at Luca as he dressed in one of his clothes; she just couldn't help but wrinkle her nose in disgust. The clothes were obviously torn! After Luca was done, he quickly boarded a bus to a bar. It was around 7 o'clock.
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Chapter 9. Santaro Hotel.
CHAPTER 9. SANTARO HOTEL. Luca swiftly hailed a cab, utilizing the remaining money in his possession, and headed to Santaro Hotel, leaving Aiden at the bar. Aiden sat there, dumbfounded, as he witnessed my departure. A few minutes later, Luca arrived at Santaro Hotel. True to its name, it was an expansive and luxurious establishment, boasting an upscale restaurant within its premises. Santaro Hotel held a prominent position among the top three most expensive hotels in the city, and it didn't fall short of its reputation. People esteemed it highly for its lavish accommodations, bars, clubs, delectable cuisine, inviting pools, and much more. Consequently, it primarily attracted a lot of affluence. Anyone spotted inside Santaro Hotel was immediately deemed filthy rich! . Luca stood outside the hotel, taking in the opulence of the building. Did George truly instruct him to meet here? He gulped, a mischievous smirk playing across his face. He scanned the surroundings, locating the hotel
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Chapter 10. Trail him in secret.
CHAPTER 10. TRAIL HIM IN SECRET. Luca wasn't moved by her words. What he had said had clearly struck a nerve with Alessia, and he could see it. Indeed, as the saying goes, the truth can be bitter, and it was evident to him that he wasn't there to beg George for money. However, what about Alessia? It pained her deeply to know that she was there to sleep with George! "I knew he was just a pathetic joker!" the woman who had confronted him earlier chimed in, showing her support. "But the joke's on the joker today because I'll make sure you don't get inside this place." Suddenly, a loud voice interrupted from behind. "What's going on here?" Luca turned and saw George. He quietly let out a sigh of relief. He had grown tired of arguing with these slow-witted women outside. As soon as the woman saw George, she quickly bowed. "I'm sorry, sir, but the only problem we have here is this petty thief who is desperately trying to get inside the hotel to pickpocket!" She pointed accusing finger
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