“Samuel, be, careful” Mr. Jing cut the calls, Sam didn't blink his eyes he kept looking straight. His mind suddenly became empty, he dropped the phone. “Why is she selling fake material, with another identification and Mr. Robinson, been threatened to do it, I can't take action yet, I have not been sworn in has the new owner. “This doesn't make sense” he tries to combine his facts, but it kept leading to confusion. He couldn't sleep, mom is selling material that makeing the family share lost value, there must be a reason. What about the “zebra”, who is hiring them. These thought filled his head. He was exhausted, he sat barely on the bed, he felt pain all over his body.

Sam woke up early, he waited for his mom until his patience runs out, he knocked at the door, she opens it, “mom, do you have a company" Sam looked at her eyes, "I don't have a company" she laughs, "what will I be doing, with one" she added. "Mr Robinson is buying low material for the family projects" he looks worr
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