I owe you an apology

Christabel was drug inside the car, her heart rate has reduced, her were blurring, they were four men inside the car, she was terrified, is this the end, she thought, Samuel she muttered, his face was smiling in front of her, she refused to blink, she felt the car stopped, everyone in front her seems to have disappeared, she felt her body flying in air. Her sight was still blurring, she felt taps on her cheeks, “what” she shouted, it came out really low, “christabel” her mom called. Her vision clears, she saw her mom, “thank goodness” she thought, she crawls back, “was she caught too” she looks around, she was surrounded with people, “mom” she called, hugging her, “mom, I am sorry” she cries, “it okay” Mrs. Smith taps her on the back, “you are safe now” she said. “She has wakened” she heard from the crowd, “inform Mr. Jing” she heard. Her mom gave water to drink, she stands up to her feet, “Samuel” she said, “don't tell Samuel” she added. Her mom smirked at her, “well that will be a p
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