The Heir's Revenge

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The Heir's Revenge

By: Twine Twin CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Dennis Damara was abandoned by his wife, Jesselyn, because he was considered unable to provide for his family. So far, Dennis Damara, who works as a driver, gives most of his income to his wife, but Jesselyn doesn't manage money well and prefers to spend it. Dennis, who is still recovering from the pain of being abused and abandoned by his wife, must accept the harsh reality that Jesselyn has decided to become Mr. Raymond’s girlfriend, who happened to be Dennis' employer. Dennis is desperate for revenge on his ex-wife and former employer.

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  • Darwin Alvarez Layesa


    nice story

    2022-07-18 08:31:39
  • Skyline R34


    how can I get all chapters for free??

    2022-10-11 01:46:37
  • OscarAzalea


    Nice story, one of my favorites. keep it up author

    2022-08-22 14:37:32
  • O4igins master


    Great book so far. The grandmother's so stupid and selfish. She's doing the same thing she did years ago and sees nothing wrong in it. She's partially responsible for her sons death because of her snobbery. Family are not puppets but people. How can she claim to love someone and take their loveaway?

    2022-07-26 00:08:52
  • Thuthlungmawi Intoate


    I have read first few chapters but there are too many grammatical mistakes, though the storyline seems interesting...

    2022-07-12 03:41:02
  • Zuleyma Dawson


    very interesting story ...

    2022-07-09 07:18:29
  • Ummi Aida


    i think i won't continue readingvthis book. grammar mistakes..some sentence which don't really make sense..

    2023-04-16 11:12:57
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306 chapters
A Wife Flees In The Middle Of The Night
"Jesselyn, where are you going?" Dennis exclaimed in surprise when he noticed his wife, Jesselyn, packing clothes into a suitcase."I'm going back to my parents' house," Jesselyn stated flatly, not looking at her husband.“But why? What is the problem? And why does it have to be late at night? "As Dennis said again, it's eleven o'clock in the evening. Dennis had just finished taking a shower after a long day working as Mr. Raymond's personal chauffeur for a large export and import company. Jesselyn was already cold to Dennis. home early. Dennis thought Jesselyn was punishing him for watching drama on television. Dennis had no idea his wife was upset with him, let alone packed her own clothes."I can't live with you any longer!" cursed Jesselyn."How can you stand it? What's wrong with me?" concluded Dennis.Jesselyn did not respond right away. She began by picking up the electricity and water arrears on the table and slid them directly in front of Dennis' eyes. "You're still perplexed
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Cheating With Husband's Employer
In contrast to Dennis, who appeared shocked by what he saw, Raymond and Jesselyn appeared relaxed. Raymond, also, had his fingers wrapped around Jesselyn's waist, as if he didn't care that the man in front of him was still Jesselyn's legal husband."Oh, Dennis! Good morning! I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell you yesterday, that I was going to be absent today. So you can take the day off today as well,” Raymond stated as he brushed his wet hair, his face devoid of guilt."What exactly is this, Mr. Raymond? Why would you betray me with this?" Dennis screamed loudly."Sorry? I am betrayed you? Dennis, I didn't betray you in the least...""But you already know Jesselyn is my wife!""That's right. But she came to me and said she no longer wanted to be your wife. And, Dennis, a woman as beautiful as Jesselyn does not deserve to be the wife of a driver like you. It would be far more appropriate if she was this hostess, accompanying and pleasing me. Jesselyn is a lovely lady. Isn't that true, ho
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Lukman's Secret
Mr. Lukman had arrived at his son house early in the morning."Uh, Dad, I didn't expect you to arrive too soon." Dennis pushed the door for his father. Dennis was taken aback to see his father dressed in a suit and shiny shoes, despite the fact that Mr. Luman's usual attire consists of a shabby shirt and cheap leather sandals. "Why are you dressed so neatly. What is your plans? ""Like what I said yesterday, I'll drive you somewhere. and don't forget to dress like me. This is for you," Mr. Lukman handed a bag to his son.Dennis frowned as he looked down at the suit and shoes his father had given him. "How did you get these clothes?""I rented it," Mr. Lukman explained."And why do we have to wear such clothes, Dad? Where are we going?""My son, you'll find out later. You should get ready right away so we can leave as soon as possible."Despite the fact that he had many unanswered questions, Lukman decided to follow his father's orders. He walked into the room. Dennis changed his clot
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The Heir
Mrs. Berlin's gaze was drawn to a young man standing next to Lewis, who was holding a baby. Mrs. Berlin's eyes glazed over, Dennis' face so similar to Damara, her only son who lost twenty-five years ago. Mrs. Berlin was instantly convinced that Dennis was her grandson."My grandson... Come here! I missed you!" Mrs. Berlin exclaimed, shaking her head.Dennis, on the other hand, immediately shook his head."Come to your grandma. Mr. Dennis," Lewis said to Dennis."What exactly is this, Dad? Is this some kind of joke?" Denis objected."I know it won't be easy for you to believe all of this, but it's true. You are Mrs. Berlin's grandson.""Dad! Stop with the nonsense! Stop calling me "Mr.!" Dad, I am your son!""I'm sorry for lying too long. Sir, I'm not your biological father. I am Mr. Damara's personal aide, whom he has entrusted with the care and raising of his only son," Lewis, lowering his head, said.Dennis shook his head again, as if nothing made sense to him. Dennis chose to leave
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The CEO of Argonius Company
Dennis walked into a room that had been set up for him. The man appeared surprised. The room was even larger than his previous residence. What's more, not only does Dennis own the room, but also the entire contents of the house and all of his grandmother's assets. Dennis felt as if everything was a dream, and if it was, he didn't want to wake up again."Sir... Does you require anything?" Dennis was asked by a waiter"Hmmm, everything is here, I'm not sure what else to ask for," Dennis muttered.Lewis arrived not long after with a large box."Oh, Dad! I mean, Lewis!" Dennis went up to the person who had raised him. "I am grateful to you because you have always taken good care of me, even treating me like your own child. You're also the one who brought me here to my grandma. I will never be able to repay all of your kindness," Dennis admitted.Lewis grinned. "Thank you, sir. I also consider myself extremely fortunate to have been entrusted with the responsibility of raising the family's
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The Beginning Of A Revenge
Dennis took a firm step forward to approach Raymond and Jesselyn. "Wow, what a surprise to meet you at this party," Dennis said sarcastically to the couple."What exactly are you doing here?" Raymond responded, "A driver should just wait outside!""Driver? Oh, I guess I'll have to re-introduce myself for you two." Dennis extended his hand to Raymond. "I'm Dennis Damara, CEO of Argonius Company," Dennis said.When Raymond and Jesselyn heard that, they both looked at each other and laughed at the same time. "Haha, looks like this guy has gone insane since you dumped him, honey. So he pretended to be the CEO of the Argonius Corporation. I really don't want to," Raymond stated."Perhaps he's drunk or just crazy," Jesselyn responded. Jesselyn turned to face Lewis, who stood behind Dennis. "Hi, Father-in-law! Oops! I meant ex-father-in-law! What brought your crazy son here? You should have taken him to a mental institution instead of this party.""Mrs. Jesselyn, please speak to Mr. Dennis p
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Jesselyne's Regret
Jesselyn threw her bag onto the bed as soon as she entered Raymond's mansion and entered the room. The woman appeared irritated."Be angry, but don't break the bag! You know, the cost of the bag is far greater than the cost of your life from birth until now," Raymond told the woman."I'm sorry, dear. I'm just so irritated,"Jesselyn said."Don't worry, he won't be able to bask in his victory for too long. I will undoubtedly beat him in the near future," Raymond predicted.Jesselyn remained silent, her chest heaving with rage. while Raymond seemed to gently caress Jesselyn's face. "You are so beautiful tonight," Raymond said as he moved his lips closer to Jesselyn's face, but Jesselyn dodged before Raymond's lips touched hers."I'm exhausted tonight. Shouldn't we just go to bed?" Jesselyn stated."You turned me down?" Raymond was irritated."No, but I believe we need to rest. It's also late at night. Don't you have an important client meeting tomorrow morning?""Hmm, you're right. It ap
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Greedy Laady's Punishment
Jesselyn was dragged back to Mr. Raymond's house by his aides. Jesselyn lowered her head as Raymond stared at her."You know, Jesselyn, what you're doing so irritates me," Raymond hissed."I'll explain everything to you, honey. I went there just to talk about our divorce," Jesselyn explained.Raymond smiled sinisterly as he lifted his upper lip. "Oh yes? Do you think I am believe in you? Jesselyn, I'm not a fool to whom you can tell lies." Jesselyn's hair was pulled back by Raymond."Aaaa..." Jesselyn screamed out in agony."I suspected last night, based on your refusal to sleep with me, that you must be sorry for leaving your husband, who is already wealthy. I know you want to see him again.""No, honey. Why would I go back to him when I already with you?""Shut up!" Jesselyn was thrown to the edge of the bed by Raymond."Aahhh!" Jesselyn screamed in agony once more."You told the maid in this house you were going to the spa, but instead you went to see your husband. I'm not sure wha
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"Thanks for the dinner," Bella said to Dennis after they finished their meal together."I'd like to thank you once more for agreeing to have dinner with me."Bella Cathlin nodded her head, smiling. "Can I call this dinner our first date, Mr. Dennis Damara?" Bella said cautiously."Date?" Dennis furrowed his brow. "Oh, I think it's too soon to talk about dating," Dennis said.Despite her disappointment, Bella Cathlin put on a brave face. "You're right. Forget everything I said before. I was joking.""It's Okay.""Then I'm going to go home first. Good night, Mr. Dennis. See you later.""All right, see you later."They parted ways in front of the restaurant and went back to their cars."Miss Bella Cathlin appears to be interested in you, Sir," Lewis said as he drove home."Won't all the women in this country be interested in me, CEO of Argonius Company?""Yes, of course! But aren't you curious about Miss Bella Cathlin?""Hmmm." Dennis remained silent for a few moments. "I still don't tru
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Jesselyn,'s Mother Come to Raymond's House
Jesselyn stuttered when Raymond's ‘gun’ suddenly filled her mouth. "Suck it, Jesselyn! Play like you always do!" Raymond ordered with a ragged breath. Instead of carrying out Raymond's orders, Jesselyn just spat out her vomit. Jesselyn needed something to fill her empty stomach, not something she could only taste with her tongue. "Ahhh, what the hell? You throwing up? You think mine is that disgusting? Don't try to insult me, Jesselyn!" rebuked Raymond who was offended. "Please give me some food first, Sir. My saliva is bitter from not being fed all day. I promise, after eating, I will satisfy you until morning," begged Jesselyn half lamenting. Raymond cracked a sinister smile. "Do not hope!" said the man, putting his pants back on. "Get some rest tonight. After sleeping, you will definitely be more energetic. And be prepared, I will come to you again tomorrow morning," said Raymond, then he left the room. "Master Raymond! How can I sleep soundly when my stomach is empty!" cried
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