Chapter 52

The Princess landed on the ground so hard that both Marcus and Lotus thought her neck or waist was broken. But to their surprise, she slowly got up.

Clarris moved over to the sleeping Pixiu and just stared at it. She was blank, she planned to decapitate it just like it did to her but when she saw the magnificent creature sleeping so peacefully she became blank. She was aware that the brothers were watching her but she did not mind. She knew how to wake it up, but she was afraid of what she might become.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” the Princess shouted at her, forcing her to snap out of her blankness. The Princess was hit so badly that she did not realize that Clarris was a full body.

The brothers only stared, “Elsa shhh keep quiet,” Marcus tried to warn her.

“Do not tell me to shut up! How dare she, you all have been gone for like forever, while I remained here alone and babysat!” she shouted out on top of her voice. The Brothers could see that she lost it, she was covered in
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