The visitor

Rodney watched Rodrigo come to a stop a few metres away from him. At any other time, he would have felt intimidated but that time he was too angry to care.

“I’m sorry about the vase but I had no idea it belonged to your grandmother. I just want to know where my mother is. I need to see her.”

Rodrigo slapped him across the face. Rodney lifted his hand to retaliate but Rodrigo grabbed it and tried to twist it. Summoning all the energy he had, Rodney pulled his hand from his half-brother’s tight grip.

“So what? Little Roddy wants to see his mommy, and now everyone had to look for poor Roddy’s mommy,” Rodrigo spoke in a fake girly accent. Listen here little boy, just because you can’t find your mother does not mean you should throw tantrums like a two year old.”

“I’m sorry I was wrong. Can someone tell me where she is?”

Rodrigo shook his head. “First you are going to pick up all the little pieces of that vase and put them back together.”

Rodney glanced at the scattered fragments. Some of
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