My wife's secrets

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My wife's secrets

By: Harlequin CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Perfect was the definition of Chris' marriage, it was worth envying to those who hadn't had a peek of it but what happens when he finds out his marriage was based on lies, betrayals, and thorns in the flesh and his loving wife was no more than an enemy of his to begin with. How could he heal from the injuries left in his heart? Would he be willing enough to let another woman claim it or forever hold on to the grudge that women are nothing but scandalous

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  • Harlequin


    check out my new urban book titled 'Return of the God of War'

    2023-12-04 23:41:51
  • Harlequin


    Looking toward to your comment and suggestions ..., I do hope you enjoying reading my book.

    2023-09-23 21:47:49
  • Lance


    Literally just had the same repeated chapters for like 10 straight chapters

    2023-10-03 15:58:17
  • Irene


    The writing style is not what I’m looking for but I’m rating this book for the effort the author put into it

    2023-12-09 06:04:55
  • oreniyi taiwo


    too cost even though it looks like it would b interesting but it's too cost

    2023-10-05 09:07:48
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175 chapters
Chapter 1
Chris never thought his wife would cheat on him. They had been married for three years and they were always passionate about each other. Or at least, that's what he thought. But the tutu shattered his illusions. In the morning, Chris received a mysterious black package. He examined the package in his hands, racking his brain as he tried recalling when he had ordered something but didn't seem to recall, although his wife shopped a lot she never bought anything under his name which made him more confused.He tore open the wrappings of the package and took out a skirt that had been neatly folded yet it didn't seem to be new as it was wrinkled, he examined the wrinkled white skirt smudged with red lipstick that his wife often wore but thought it was part of the design until he touched it and noticed it was still quite fresh as though it was done recently. "Is this a joke?" He frowned as he continued to examine the shirt, he noticed an embroidery flower and instantly recalled seeing hi
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Chapter 2
Chris lit up a cigarette crossing his legs as he stared at the package box which had no name of the sender but only a number which he had tried calling yet it was out of service, Countless thoughts ran through his mind that this could either be a coincidence or an accident, there's a probability that his wife wasn't cheating and he had heard the man in the phone wrong. Could it be that it was the man who sent it or his wife who knew of the affair or there could be someone jealous of his wife?"Why can't I get an answer." He mumbled to himself in an irritated tone, just then his phone began to ring and he stared down at it hoping it would be the number he had tried dialing but it turned out to be his wife's colleague Susan. He stared at his phone for a while before picking up the call, placing the phone on his ear, and removing the cigar from his mouth, he leaned his head back on the couch listening to whatever she wanted to say."Hey, Chris." She cheered from the other end of the line
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Chapter 3
"Hello, babe!" She chimed"Sorry the call got interrupted, I bumped into someone while running making me drop my phone…. And it broke." His wife explained with her sweet charming voice, when she previously used this tone to talk to him it always melted his heart, and right now it irritated it more than anything, it was as though every feeling he had for her evaporated."Why does it feel this way?" He thought to himself.He found it hard to believe the words she just spat, his lips curved into a wry smile that had pain seethed underneath."Oh really?" He asked doubtfully, he knew she was going to frown at the question because he never really questioned her answers ever since they were married because they never hid anything from each other."What do you mean by that?" Aria asked him, noticing how his tone was doubtful of her words. "Do you feel I'm lying?" Her voice sounded pained as though she had been stung by his words but right now he didn't seem to care, he was in a whirlpool of c
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Chapter 4
Chris had prepared dinner knowing his wife was finally coming home from the business trip, The doorbell ringing was a sign that she had arrived, he wondered why he hadn't heard her car engine but that made him realize how deep in thought he was. He wiped off his hand on a clean towel and walked towards the door turning the knob and opening it. Aria immediately joined him happily like a child who was meeting her father after a school vacation. "I miss you, honey." She beamed with joy placing playful kisses on his face. "Did my handsome hubby miss me?" Chris was nervous that he had to reveal the package he had received earlier and didn't know how she would react, would the truth be found or tell more lies or it was just a vivid misconception all along? "Yes, I am babe." He smiled trailing his eyes down her body once she was on her feet, she wore a black long-sleeve fitted dress that revealed her petite yet alluring figure that was a thirst trap for most men. Seeing her dressed like
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Chapter 5
His wife stared at him for a while still figuring out what to say and was in absolute shock staring at her skirt as though it had brought some sort of memory, his lips were trembling as though she was talking but in fact, she wasn't at all saying anything. Chris gazed at her as if confirming his hunch was right all along, his chest felt tight like he was about to suffocate in pain."This can't be true right?" He thought to himself shifting his gaze on one knee, it was as though everything was moving quote slowly and he hated every second he gazed at her and she hadn't said a word yet.Aria let out a sigh to calm herself before clicking her thumb as she quickly did. "Now I remember." She chimed gazing at him. He tilted his head waiting for her to be more detailed about what she meant."I had worn this skirt for a show to dance then washed it and hung it on the balcony but then I couldn't find it when I went to retrieve it later." She explained. "I thought it had been blown by the wind
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Chapter 6
"On second thought." His wife turned to look at him smiling mischievously. "Let's do it because I miss you." She placed a kiss on his lips, he was taken back at first but turned on right in the moment. He trailed wet kisses on her neck but she quickly stopped him."Wait." He stared down at her wondering why she wanted him to stop. "Turn off the light." She implored him not to think too much of it and stood up from the bed turning the lights off leaving only the dim bedside lamps so he could at least see his way around the room. He slowly took off her pajamas and placed wet kisses on her body, Every touch was sensational on her skin and she felt so good.She shut her eyes, falling asleep exhausted by their activities earlier. Chris stood from the bed turned the light and went back to the bed to see his wife's beautiful face, She looked like a perfect and flawless creature fallen from heaven.He noticed that she had put on her pajamas again and wondered why since she always felt unusual
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Chapter 7
"Are you implying that I lied to you?" She rolled her eyes at him seeming annoyed but he didn't say anything to her so she continued. "We were all divided into three groups, robbers, policemen, and hostages, The hostages were tied by the wrist, and although I was chosen to be one of the robbers, a colleague of mine Tracy complained about switching places with me and I did." She shrugged, pouting her lips as she stared at her wrists with a frown."I didn't expect it to be too tight that would cause my wrist to redden, that's why I wore the long-sleeved pajamas knowing you were going to be annoyed when you saw me hurt." She pouted her lips staring at him with angel eyes but Chris didn't look as though he believed a single word she had just said and she noticed that. "If you don't believe me then I can call her in front of you." Chris was still silent and finding a fault in whatever lies she just spoke but nothing came to mind, it was so perfectly planned that he could not question it,
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Chapter 8
Chris dialed the number that had just texted him but it was switched off which angered him, How could anyone sprout such nonsense and be scared to talk afterward?Just then someone called his phone and saw it was his assistant at his company, he immediately answered the call placing the phone on his ear."Good morning sir." His assistant Marcus greeted. "There's a situation." He sounded distressed and Chris knew instantly that something was wrong."What do you mean there's a situation?" Chris questioned making his way back to his car."Well there is a large painting on the company building with the word shame," Marcus explained, Chris paused for a second wondering if it was the person that had a person that had texted him initially, he couldn't think of another person who would do such a thing."Well do so things about it before it causes any issues, Also have you been able to find out the culprit?""No one has been brought forward yet but I'm on it, sir.""Good, I'll be on my way the
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Chapter 9
"Spit it out, what's wrong." Chris urged him as he wondered what he wanted to say that was so hard to spit out. He was having a bad day already and the suspense wasn't at all helping matters, he gently tapped his fingers on the table."I came to town a few days back and stayed in Lenora Hotel but something caught my attention." Brian began to say after so much hesitation."What is that?" Chris asked, getting tired of the suspense Brian was giving him. He leaned back in his chair "Not to say that she's cheating on you but it's just something I observed and wanted to be sure.""What do you mean?" Chris furrowed his brows"I couldn't see them quite well but I know your wife when I see her…. The man was about the same height as you if not taller and he had tattoos on his hand, I couldn't see his face." Brian explained. "When they were about to leave he called her name.""How sure are you that it was my wife you saw?" Chris asked."He called her Ari." Chris was dumbstruck trying to proces
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Chapter 10
Brian and Chris both arrived at the hotel and casually walked in but before they got to the reception, Chris told Brian how to go about requesting for the CCTV footage for it to be easier for them."I'm sorry but I cannot allow you access to that sir." The receptionist said plainly and casually resumed her work. She liked white young and beautiful yet charismatic, Brian who is known to be a player wasn't in the mood to pull anything off as the situation was a matter of emergency, that could either break a marriage or clear doubts in the air."What nonsense is this? Do you have any idea how much that Rolex watch costs?" Brian snapped at her angrily but still, she wasn't shaken by those words."I cannot let you sir, please understand." She told him. "Could you tell me your name so I could search from our records if you had booked our hotel, From there I can take you back to the room you stayed in and do a thorough search.""Brian Owens." He told her adjusting his sunglasses as he looked
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