A sweet surprise

Rodney continued to stay for five more days after Harvey went to visit his family. He thought those days would make it easier for him to part with Lyra but they didn’t. He realised that Lyra would never be ready to part with him and yet he needed to check on things in New York. Lilly assured him that everything was okay but Rodney decided to go nevertheless. He was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. He needed to be with someone who loved and could care for him. He needed to rest.

He promised Lyra that he would come back. After hearing that, the little girl went and locked herself in her room. Rodney’s heart broke but he had to leave. He needed to regain energy and sanity before returning to destroy the man who had destroyed him.

Getting back home was a huge relief. As the airport taxi approached his house, he could feel his exhausted body relaxing. He knew that Lilly was going to take care of him. The past few days had been so stressful and all he needed was a hot bath and a
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