Invincible Billionaire Heir

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Invincible Billionaire Heir

By: Chanhlee Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Louis lived a life of poverty for twenty years. He was humiliated and bullied by his friends. Even his girlfriend betrayed him and followed the person he hated the most for money. He thought his life would go into despair. But on his twentieth birthday, his father told him his true identity. From a poor boy, Louis became the heir of the wealthiest family in the world...


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38 chapters
Chapter 1: Poor Louis Struggled for Living
University of GloriaThe afternoon sunlight was shining all over the campus, and the favored ones were doing their own things:The college students sweated wantonly on the playground, playing basketball, rugby, and football; Lovers lay on the grass, their faces covered by books, enjoying the spare time in the afternoon.Meanwhile, Louis was taking the delivery in his hand and walked towards his bicycle, determined to continue working hard for the day. He needed the money to support his living expenses.Though he didn't particularly enjoy his part-time job, he knew he had to accept it for the sake of his livings.As he rode his bicycle towards the delivery location, he was suddenly met with a crowd of people blocking his path.He recognized their voices immediately, and his heart sank. It was Steve and his group of friends, the ones who often mocked and belittled him.Louis contemplated turning away, wanting to avoid them, but before he could react, they quickly surrounded him and one
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Chapter 2: Cruel reality
Judy emerged from behind Steve, wearing revealing pajamas and embracing him. Her eyes were closed, and she asked, "Steve, who is it?" Steve smirked and was about to respond when a sound caught their attention. A delivery box falled onto the ground. Louis stood there, his gaze fixed on Judy, unable to believe that this was his once-innocent girlfriend. In his shock, he dropped the items he was holding. Judy heard the noise and looked up, locking eyes with Louis. Surprise flickered across her face for a moment, quickly replaced by contempt and indifference. Louis was about to speak when Steve interjected, taunting him: "What's the matter with you? Are you trembling in fear just by seeing me? You're nothing but a cowardly vermin, incapable of even the simplest tasks."Steve expected to see Louis' angry and helpless expression. But to his surprise, Louis stared past him at the girl by his side and shouted angrily: "Judy, what are you doing here with this bastard? You told me
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Chapter 3: One billion dollars!
In the messy motel room, Louis sat on the ground, his eyes hazy with drunkenness.Suddenly, he shouted and threw the empty bottle and cans aside to spare out his anger and depression.Then the next room came with a cursing sound, likely because of his scream and other noise, but Louis didn't care it anymore.Bottles and cans colliding, his room was now a mess like a slum, overflowing with beer bottles and dirty clothes.And what worse, he couldn't afford the rent then since he had run out of the money for......When he thought about the phone for Judy, sorrow and anger burst in his mind.However, tricked by a woman casually, he was really an idiot, too.He opened one bottle and then gulped it down, his eyes looking into the distance, the light in his eyes as vague as his future.Thinking of the afternoon taunts, he swore that as long as he was strong enough, he would make Steve and Judy regret it for the rest of their lives!Louis laughed at his thoughts for a bit, then continued to
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Chapter 4: Heir of the Richest Family?
Louis still couldn't believe it. He switched on the banking app and checked, and when he saw the balance of 1 billion dollars, he felt like he was dreaming.He pinched himself, throbbing. This was not a dream, but honestly, he had 1 billion dollars in his account. Oh my gosh, what's going on?!Louis was both happy and scared and vaguely remembered someone calling him yesterday. But he was too sleepy to notice and thought it was just his dream.He unlocked his phone and, of course, saw the missed call. But he couldn’t recognize the number that who had called him last night.Louis frowned in suspicion but eventually gave a call back. And then it was connected.Louis immediately said, "Hello, this is Louis Adonis, who’s that calling me yesterday?"A severe voice came from the other side:"Little Loui, now that you call me, you must have already received the billion dollars. Now I will tell you everything. I am Titus Adonis, my dear son, I’ve come back! Listen! You are the heir to the Ado
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Chapter 5: Distress in the Bank
Susan Adel and Louis Adonis were seated on the chairs oppositely. Both of them had lots of things to talk to the other one.They kept silent for a little while and Louis broke the silence then:" Susan, you told me that you are my mother's little sister. But I've never seen you before."Susan felt surprised that her nephew didn't ask her about the wealth firstly, but soon she came the question:"During the training period of every Adonis, we are not allowed to see you even though you are my nephew, son of my dear sister." Her low voice seemed depressed.Louis continued:"Could you please tell me more about the Adonis and your family?" He was curious about it.“Both the Adonis and the Adel are rich, but the Adonis is the most wealthy family in the world while the Adels are attached to the Adonis Family.” "So where is my father since he wasn't dead or missed in the sail? And how's my mum, she didn't pass away, right?" He wanted to know the truth.Seeing his eager eyes, Susan told him tha
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Chapter 6: The Bank of Adonis
Louis frowned, the one who came was none other than Steve. Next to him was Judy. She took Steve's arm and looked at Louis disdainfully. They had just completed their affairs here. Louis frowned; the people around heard the staff's words, and Steve also silently laughed and talked about him. Louis seriously said: "If you do not recognize this bank, it shows that your capacity is not enough. I want to meet your manager." Elly lowered her head and was about to respond when suddenly, a female secretary appeared. She came to receive Steve. When she saw everyone gathered to talk, she frowned and said, "What happened?!" Elly looked at the female secretary, but she was slower than Steve. He quickly said, "Oh, there you are. Your bank has a card-stealing customer. You should arrest him and hand him over to the police as quickly as possible." The female secretary knows that Steve is rich; she usually has to flatter Steve. She looked at Louis, saw him dressed in poverty, and immediately said
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Chapter 7: Shopping! Shopping!
The caller was Scarlet; she was almost the only person who was nice to him in school. At least she doesn't distance herself from or despise him because of Steve.She's a nice girl, not a fake like Judy. Louis didn't know why before they found Judy innocent and pure. He is so stupid.Louis answered the phone; Scarlet's gentle voice sounded: "Louis, it's my birthday tonight. Can you come and attend?"Is she inviting him to her birthday party? Louis didn't expect Scarlet to ask a poor guy like him; she didn't know he was so rich now. Isn't she afraid of losing face?Louis was surprised at the same time, feeling the pressure; it seemed that Scarlet considered him a friend. Louis smiled and said, "Okay, I will come."Scarlet: "You said it; you must come. If you don't come, I'll be angry."Louis laughed; the two talked for a while, then hung up.Thinking about going to Scarlet's birthday party tonight, Louis changed his mind about going home. He thought he was going to the mall to buy her a
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Chapter 8: Awkward Steve
When Steve heard Louis say that, his throat choked, and he couldn't say anything more. Louis was not caught proving that the card belonged to Louis.But even if he knows that, so what? He still wants to smear Louis. As long as Louis is upset, it's okay.The clerk on the side heard Steve say that and frowned.She was enthusiastic about Louis because she saw the sales personally bowing to Louis at the menswear store. Indeed, Louis is more straightforward and poor than in the words of the other guest.She would not interfere in the client's business even though she thought she didn't say anything. As a salesperson, she didn't need to offend any customers. She needs to do her job well.Judy on the side also laughed and said, "He probably doesn't know how expensive the items here are."When Steve heard that, he burst out laughing. At this moment, Louis' voice came: "I want the most expensive and most beautiful dress on display in the shop."When the salesman heard that, her eyes widened. T
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Chapter 9: Handsome Louis
She only had one class in the afternoon today, so she returned a little early. She thought she would eat something and get ready for her best friend's birthday party.She is curious to know if her roommate has woken up yet. When she woke up in the morning, he was still sleeping. Elena thought so.But when she entered the house, she couldn't help but be surprised, because there was a stranger in the house!Tall and handsome man. His clothes are also very nice. A luxurious suit hugged his body. The expensive pants made his legs look longer. His beautiful face also looked familiar, but Elena didn't think so much.She only feels uncomfortable when a stranger enters her house.This must be a rich man. But why is he here?What is this poor inn of hers worth?Elena was perplexed, but she still tried to stay calm. She frowned and said, "Who are you? Why show up at my house?"When Louis hears Elena say that, he can't help but be surprised. Last night this girl even allowed him to bed. Why didn
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Chapter 10: Conflicts on the Party
The speaker was Steve; although they didn't attend the same school, Steve's family did business with Bella's family, so they know each other. Louis hearing Steve's voice didn't show any displeasure. It seemed to him that their words were like the humming sound of tiny mosquitoes. Steve was infuriated by his attitude toward Louis. He still doesn't believe Louis is a rich man. Yesterday, Louis must have just gone shopping for some rich man. Otherwise, how could a poor guy like Louis have such much money? Bella didn't even trust Steve's words, but Judy, besides Steve, also sarcastically said: "Yes, he couldn't even buy me a present when we were in love. That suit of his was probably rented. Looking at such expensive clothes, it must have cost you a month's overtime, right?" Immediately next to him came the sound of chattering. They were all from the school and knew about Louis' past stories. They laughed at him. Louis didn't answer but just looked at Bella. Bella trusted the words
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