Return Of The Great Mafia's Heir

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Return Of The Great Mafia's Heir

By: Siti Junaah CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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David is a man who sucks. His name is only David, does not have a family name. Discarded, wasted. Not strong and not rich. A husband of Lily and an unwanted son-in-law. Every day he always gets insults from his mother-in-law, and the surrounding people, even his own wife, no longer respect him because of his very poor condition. David couldn’t make his wife and mother-in-law happy, so they thought he deserved the humiliation. David was so helpless. He could only accept his bad luck. His job, which only works as someone who provides cleaning services from house to house, does not work as he wants. He rarely gets a call for his services. But then, suddenly some men in black come to him to give him a salute and then called him a boss. What happens? Why did they call him to come back and offer him a lot of money and power? What will happen to David? Will he take the offer and become the great man? Or does he rejects it and keeps his poor life?

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217 chapters
Humiliate The Poor Man
David looked at his wife to see if she had woken up from the conversation on the phone or heard the conversation at least. However, judging from her calm breathing, his wife was not at all disturbed and was fast asleep.David lay back down with his back to his wife after putting his cell phone back on the nightstand. It was the first time he'd gotten the phone again in a long time. How long had it been since he left for some reason? Five years already? David sighed. Don't want to think about it first and then fall asleep.In the morning, David checked his cell phone. There was joy when he saw the message. Finally, someone rented back his services. But his smile only lasted a moment. Those who send messages and hire his services are actually his loyal customers. David should be happy, but the fact that his loyal customers regularly hire his services is just to belittle him. He was someone who liked his wife first. And maybe still today."That's enough. The important thing is that I wil
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The Betrayal
David's face was face to face with the toes of the shiny shoes that Jack was wearing."Come on. What are you waiting for? You didn't change your mind, did you? Don't waste my time."'For your wife, David.' So, finally, David kissed the toe of Jack's pointy shoe. Then immediately stood up straight after that."I've done it," said David.Jack nodded his head. "Haha, yes I know. You are so easy to belittle. This!" This time, David slapped the money on his right cheek.“Tips for a loser like you. Now take all the scattered money and all your equipment and then immediately get out of here. I can't stand the smell of your stinky body. Hurry up!" Without many words, David took all the money. This is quite a lot of money. He can buy a lot of necessities to eat at home and a birthday cake to celebrate his wife's birthday. Surely his wife would be pleased. David was very excited. He couldn't wait to see his wife smile.David carried a lot of plastic in his hands. Tonight, there will be a big an
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Vengeance Of The Poor Man
“What do you mean by the boss?” Jack couldn't believe what he had just seen and heard. They all just bowed respectfully to this poor David?! Ha!'What a joke that wasn't funny at all!' he thought, feeling disapproved of what had just happened."Hey! David! Quickly say this is just a misunderstanding! How can a poor person like you be the boss of this elite group of men?” Jack looked at David with a sharp look. David looked at Jack.Several people nodded their heads in agreement with Jack's words. Then laughed mockingly. Some even deliberately recorded to capture this embarrassing moment to be ridiculed later. Or maybe they will spread it on the internet later."Boss! Are you okay? Do you need us to punish these people who have treated you so badly?!” said someone who used to be David's right-hand man. The man did not seem to accept his boss being treated casually like this. In the past, his boss was very authoritative and highly respected. He is known for his cold and cruel personalit
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Worse Situation
“Boss, where are you going?” Bruno immediately confronted David, who was walking fast.“Go home,” David replied in a lazy tone."Then please get in the car, boss. There." David pointed to a luxurious black car that had been neatly parked. David raised an eyebrow."No need. I can walk.”"In that case. Let me accompany you on foot.” Those words actually annoyed David."Can you guys go?" asked David.Bruno lowered his head. Not daring to look at David with the piercing gaze that he hadn't seen in a long time. It still looks just as scary as before. He missed that authoritative figure."Haaahh..." It was the umpteenth time David sighed."Can't you see how I'm doing now, Bruno? There's nothing more you can expect from me. I've turned into a coward. There is no more power left. No more money. No more fit and muscular body. My greatness has completely disappeared. Replaced by misfortune that keeps on coming. I'm so bad. So why else do you come to me? Go. If things get any worse, I suggest th
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Annoying Neighbors
Lily watched the luxurious black car that took her husband away. Do not know where. Lily felt her heart tighten because of what her husband did. Her face was down. There is deep regret now. David had never acted like this before. Lily clenched her fists. Of course, this is all her fault. And now she really regretted it.“Lily.” Jack came from behind, embracing her hips. Unlike before, this time, Lily completely dodged. It made Jack seem surprised to see Lily’s change. Lily had been really friendly to him before. Did not refuse his seduction at all. But after what happened earlier, Lily’s attitude changed 180 degrees to him. Jack clenched his fists. In just a matter of minutes, things have changed so much. His brows knit together, his angry look clearly visible. But Jack tried to hide it from Lily. No! He hasn’t lost at all. After all, not necessarily the poor David is a boss, especially a billionaire. If indeed he is a billionaire, then maybe for the past five years he has been comfor
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Lessons For The Evil Neighbor
“Listen carefully, if you don’t apologize to my boss for the baseless accusations you harshly uttered to him earlier. So I won’t hesitate to put you and your husband in jail. Don’t mess with us. You really don’t know who you’re dealing with, Mrs. and Mr. Aisley!” said Bruno again, with narrowed eyes.Mrs. and Mr. Aisley looked nervous. But they don’t seem to want to apologize. It was very disgusting for them to apologize to that David, whom they often called the unemployed fat pig.“We don’t want to!” she said, trying to look fierce. She looked at Bruno.“You really think I believe your threat, huh?! I also have a police nephew! I can ask him for help! Your words have no effect on me at all, huh! I thought you were a great man! In fact, it’s the same with the fat pig! Huh! I’m so sorry I complimented you earlier, damn it!”Bruno snorted. This old lady really has no manners. His boss really has great patience to have a mannerless neighbor like them.“Bruno. No need to be served anymore
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Turning Point
“David, come with me,” said the mother-in-law. David was confused but kept his feet following his mother-in-law from behind. Apparently headed for the kitchen.“Now tell me. What other trouble are you doing, huh?” she asked in a very annoyed tone.“I’m not causing any trouble, mother.”“Then who are they, huh?! There’s no way they suddenly came here. With you? Who are you, huh?! Don’t lie to me. They’re definitely not your friends. I know that you have absolutely no friends here. You’re just a stranger who came out of nowhere and got to know my daughter and you framed her to marry you so you could stay here. You’re just a parasite. So it’s very unlikely that you have friends as cool as them,” said her mother-in-law breathlessly because she spoke in one breath. Her condescending look was clear in David’s eyes.David clenched his fists. “Are you going to keep accusing me like that?” David asked. His face was down. For some reason, this time, he felt like he really wanted to fight back.
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I Can Prove It!
“Don’t kneel,” David said. He crouched down to help his wife up. Lily sobbed.“I’m sorry, David,” said Lily. David knew Lily changed only because of the treasure he thought David still had. Though it will not completely be his anymore. David knew that, even if he was asked to return, he had a lot to face. Maybe even his life would be at stake. That was why David was still a little hesitant. But seeing the change in his wife, who seemed to have the opportunity to love him, David thought it didn’t matter.“You must have hypnotized my daughter!” the mother-in-law did not accept what was happening in front of her.“Mother,” Lily warned her mother.But instead Lily was glared at by her own mother. “Are you stupid or what, Lily?! Don’t be so easy to believe! Could this poor husband of yours have a plan! You know, he just got the money. Or maybe what Mr and Mrs Aisley said is true that he stole. Then he used the money to hire these thugs! Admit it, David! They are not your subordinates! “ Th
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Cruel Slander
Creak.David could finally enter the store. The moment he entered, all the gazes of the people in the same room immediately turned to look at him. Including Lily, as well as his mother-in-law. But his mother-in-law looked at him like she didn’t know him at all. David knew for a fact that his mother-in-law would be very embarrassed if everyone thought she had come with David, whose appearance was so unseemly enough to come in here. With the naked eye, everyone could see from his appearance that he was not someone from the upper class who could shop in a luxurious place like this.“Excuse me sir, can I help you?” David looked at the saleswoman. From the look on her face, David could tell she was pretending to be friendly. The frown on her forehead, and the stare, as well as her smile that seemed very forced, showed that she didn’t like David’s presence here.Creak!“David!” An exclamation with a high enough tone stole everyone’s attention.“What’s wrong, Onyx?” the saleswoman asked Onyx
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I Will Never Forget What You Did To Me!
It shocked everyone in the shop to see that. Some even shouted because they were scared by the atmosphere here. The situation has become increasingly tense.“AAAAAAAAAA! HELP!”“Shut your guy’s fucking mouth!” Bruno immediately looked at the screaming and then gave threatening words with his sharp gaze so that those who were shouting at the same time immediately covered their mouths with their hands.“Who are you?!” asked the police officer. His face is no less fierce.“Get out your fucking hands from my boss!” said Bruno before he answered the question.“I was trying patiently to wait outside. I thought my boss was being treated well inside this store. But apparently, damn it! You guys treated him so badly! How dare you! All of you! Fucking jerk!”David sighed. He knew that eventually Bruno would enter the shop. But he didn’t expect things to get so heated up like this. Until Bruno and his subordinates brandished their guns.“Bruno. Stop it. There’s no need to do such a thing,” said
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