The Flesh-Eating Werewolf

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The Flesh-Eating Werewolf

By: krushandkill Completed

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A noise of something hitting her window on the first floor made Aniya go to it, in search of the cause of the annoying interruption that had awoken her from a pleasant dream. Looking out, she saw a dangerously handsome man standing on the ground below, looking straight up at her, naked and completely covered in fresh blood and with a dumbfounded look on his face as if he didn’t know how he got to her front yard in the middle of the night. The clouds unravelled the moon, and the moonlight covered her backyard once again. As he turned into a nightmare, Aniya felt the call of their bond for the first time, reaching out to her, trying to lure her to him. All the cells in her body were screaming at her. She closed her eyes and vigorously shook her head, trying to end the weird and unknown sensation. What was that? Why did she feel she wanted to break the window glass and jump from the first floor to go to him, almost unable to control herself?


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60 chapters
Chapter 1 – The spoiled brat
Aniya Rossi sighed. She was correcting a tiny deviation in her perfectly drawn lip liner, but the limousine that was driving her trembled because of a bump on the road, and her lip pencil made a weird line on her left cheek. She pressed the console at her front and opened the privacy-shadowed mini window. Her personal driver noticed the movement and squeezed the steering wheel, getting ready for one more of her usual rants.   “Davis, do you mind not driving like a toddler on his tricycle? You ruined my make-up! Just look at me! I look like a total freak!” <
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Chapter 2 – Aniya’s friends
It was almost two pm when Aniya left the shop. Maddie accompanied her to the exit and helped the driver put all the bags in the trunk. She then waved as Aniya entered her limousine, receiving a blown kiss in return. The cart rolled out, and Maddie kept her smile until she entered the shop again. There, she went straight to the reception counter and sat on the chair. She took a deep breath and leaned her head over the counter.   Amy, the new stylist, got worried and asked, “Maddie, are you alright? Did Miss Aniya annoy you or-“   The shop manager raised one index finger and slowly waved it, without lifting her head. “We don’t talk about our customers on their backs, A
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Chapter 3 – The changing
Two hours later, Aniya left the restaurant with her friends, and they all went to the gym together. For some years, they all trained in self-defence together, because Aniya convinced them it was the perfect way to bond their friendship and build their bodies, but they were never a match for her, considering she had been training for far longer than all of them combined. During the ride in Aniya’s limousine, and even with her friends doing what they could to distract her, Aniya couldn’t forget Nick’s dark green eyes, and she was silent most of the way. She forced herself to listen to Lisa Mc
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Chapter 4 – Family secret
Slowly, Aniya opened her eyes. Her mother’s worried face was looking at her, next to her father.   Aniya sat with a jolt and frowned at the window. Her mother glanced at where her daughter was looking and asked, trying to disguise her nervousness, “What happened, dear? A bad dream? You screamed for so long that you woke up half the mansion!”   “Is someone dead? No one is missing?”   Violet Rossi bit her lower li
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Chapter 5 – The list of suspects
Aniya was already in her bedroom, walking back and forth, thinking about everything she had heard in that secret cave under her mansion. “|… I hope they believed my act. I can’t let them find out about Nick, and I also want to know if I am one of those things! And if I am, why did I never turn? Why did I never find out about all those things? I need to know more, and I must absolutely talk with Nick! …|”   Aniya went to bed and had one of the worst nights of her life. Nick’s green eyes were looking at her, and then the beast would eat them from the inside out, emerging from his body. Her next train of thought was about her family’s secret. All that mingled with the plan she had
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Chapter 6 – Firing the company’s attorney
As the automatic door opened, a young woman rushed out of it, straight at Aniya. She made a big smile and greeted her, “Good morning, Miss Aniya! I was only told yesterday that you were coming today, but I have everything ready for you!”   Aniya nodded, still a bit distracted in her thoughts, making her assistant wonder, “Is... everything alright, Miss Aniya? You look kind of...”   “There is nothing you need to worry your pretty head about, Anna. Follow me. We need to prepare a few things before the meeting. Is the-“   Anna Kent rushed to accompany A
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Chapter 7 – The new CEO
As they were walking in the elevator's direction again, Aniya picked up her phone to check why it was buzzing with new messages while she was in the meeting. When she saw all the photos her father sent, she muffled laughter, “Pfft! My father had some fun firing that annoying man! It’s better if you get yourself prepared, Miss Meredith, because I doubt our previous company attorney will go out peacefully. For sure, he will be at the meeting with the Board of Directors, seeking refuge and support from his friends there.”   “Well, considering your shares, there is nothing he or the members of the Board can do against you. I still need to advise you not to decide anything against them right off the bat. Let them talk and then decide. As you said, you will need all the help you can g
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Chapter 8 – Nick’s explanation
Aniya got up with a jump. “That bloody idiot! What is he doing here? Quick, tell the reception to hide him in their room before my father sees him, or he will be dead meat! Go get him for me and tell him to hide his face as much as possible! Bring that knucklehead to my new office! Quick, Anna! Don’t you stand there looking at me like that!”   Anna immediately gave Aniya’s message to the reception and ran out of the room. Meredith Lion noticed how Aniya looked flustered and that she was once again tapping her chest and taking deep, slow breaths. “Is something wrong, Miss Aniya? You look nervous.”   “Yes... Just someone I wasn’t expecting to meet today, especially bec
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Chapter 9 – Warning Lisa
Nick opened his mouth to say something, but he slowly closed it, making a sad face. Aniya caressed his right cheek and continued, “My father told me they have a strict code about only killing Werewolves, never when they are humans, but there are some extremists in the Hunters that don’t follow the code. He also told me that some Werewolves don’t care about locking themselves up like you do, and many even like to wake up covered in blood near their most recent victims. Those Werewolves can’t be allowed to exist, because they only give a reason for Hunters to continue their killings. If your parents and many others could live a peaceful life, even with the mutation, why not give a chance to every Werewolf out there?”   “Aniya, you don’t understand... we lose our reason when we change!
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Chapter 10 – Taming Lisa
In a continuous movement, Aniya pushed Lisa against the bush and took a wolf’s bane flower from the purse she was carrying. She showed it to Lisa, who immediately stopped smiling as her face contorted in pure pain. While she used one hand to cover her mouth and to muffle the scream, her other hand was scratching her naked belly, taking huge chunks of skin and flesh. With each scratch she made, it became more difficult for her to control the screams. She removed her hand from over her mouth, and while she was screaming, her eyes became flooded with red, as a few veins exploded in her eyeballs. Lisa jumped at Aniya with her fingernails pointed at her like claws. Aniya reacted immediately. She grabbed both wrists of her friend from the bottom side as she let her body fall backwards and put one foot
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