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"Out-of-Range" On a world very similar to ours, powerful entities decided to cast their eyes, capable of erasing it from this universe with the click of a finger. They decided to play a game with this world that countless worlds are already playing. This game brought with it death, chaos and the destruction of the old order. Now every person and not only has a role to play in this world. The main character is no exception, except that he is no longer an ordinary person and in order to survive, he will have to put all his strength into it!


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Part 1 :One
In a dark area. In the distance, behind a wide layer of fog and impenetrable darkness, two beings communicated, whose age begins its countdown long before the creation of our world. Do you think he is worthy? It is not like the others, but it is still too weak,” the creature asked and looked reproachfully towards the interlocutor. - Yet! That's it! Still too weak, we need to give him a chance. Are you not interested in watching the developments? *** It all started the day my father died. If I had been told then what would happen to our world in a month, I would have laughed in his face, and no one could have condemned me. But let's start in order. It was a typical Friday night, my friends and I were going to take a walk, go to a bar and have a few drinks. It would seem that what could go wrong? I am a young guy, in my prime, just broke up with my girlfriend, I have two best friends, I have my whole life ahead of me. My father works in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and occupies
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It took me a little over fifteen minutes to prepare dinner, since the only food at home was a dozen eggs and sausages. I did not invent a wheel and just made scrambled eggs with sausages. He put three servings and called the guys to eat. I called out a couple of times and didn't get a response. What are they doing there? I think it will be easier to go and see than to sit and guess. Halfway to the room, I heard that they were arguing very violently about something:“You don’t understand…” I heard Lyosha’s voice. "It's alien technology!"- Do not talk nonsense! If that's true, we wouldn't be sitting here right now! Tom shouted excitedly.Coming closer, I saw that my friends were looking with great interest at some kind of glass panel, more like a tablet. True, made of glass and with some kind of frame along the contour. I already wanted to ask the guys what it is, but they beat me to it:- Oh, Pasha, come here, we just wanted to show you this, and we need you to help us deal with this
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Pavel, don't worry, everything is fine. Sorry, it's time for us to go, while you rest. I think in half an hour you will be able to get up. - After the spoken words, the whole trio turned around and left the ward.As soon as they walked out the door, I lay on my side and began to digest the information received. So, while I was passed out, some “healers” appeared in the world, and if I still didn’t go crazy, then adventurers too ... Also this evaporated bottle. There is clearly something wrong, I think I still have to learn a lot of new things.Now it is more important to understand something else. Of course, they do not want to immediately dump information on me that might shock me. And if you follow this logic, it means that I have been here for quite a long time. But then what happened to my mom? I hope she is alive.With such thoughts, I lay for about half an hour. Surprisingly, I began to feel much better. Looking at my hands, I saw that they no longer looked like the horror that
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From Vadim's story, I understood that my mother and I were found unconscious. Me in the apartment, and her right at the doorstep. Apparently, my mother tried to open the door to the apartment, but something prevented her, and she lost consciousness.Most likely because of the thing that I activated, but I did not discuss this with the guys.We were found by my father's best friend, who came to check on our condition after the news of the death. He was a soldier, and thanks to him we are here. Yes, my mother is also here, but for three years she never regained consciousness. Doctors still do not understand what caused the coma, or "deep sleep", as they call it. My father's friend brought all the leading healers of the country and not only to this issue, but they all just shrugged.The last attempt was made quite recently. An S-class healer came to the hospital, and even he failed. Also, as far as I understood, in order to hire him, my father's friend had to spend almost all the money.
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Having run offhand about five kilometers, I still managed to catch a ride. But the guy who dropped me off had to turn the other way right outside the city. So he could only take me to the outskirts. And it's still better than walking as much as fifteen kilometers on foot.I went out at the outskirts, as was agreed. I headed towards the center, because that was where the adventurers' association was located. Still, the city has not changed much, I expected to see a huge number of people in armor and some wyverns hovering overhead. But none of this happened, except that some strange ray hit the sky in the distance. Hmm, but there is just the center of the city. And what is convenient, so I definitely won’t get lost.Approaching closer to the center, I realized that I was mistaken. The city has changed, and quite a lot. People with weapons scurried about everywhere, tents stood along the edges of the roadways, where merchants offered all sorts of things like swords, staves, etc. It seeme
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I stood next to the hunters' association and looked at my adventurer card. “This is not funny at all, maybe they messed up something? Not only do I have an E rank, but my power level is one, how is that possible? Does that mean I'm the weakest in the world? Stop. And why is there a void opposite my class? I remember exactly from the stories of Vadim and Andrey that the class is issued immediately, and over time it can improve and evolve. Why don't I have it? This is definitely some kind of mistake. I thought, and headed back to figure it out. But they stopped me.— Surprised? said a mocking female voice.I jumped in surprise and turned around in place, looking for the source of the sound. There was no one around.No matter how much you look, you won't find. I'm in your head. - And again, I was blown away by bad news, or is it someone's joke?- It didn't break, don't worry. I have always been by your side and will stay here forever.“That was just what I needed! Schizophrenia is progre
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“I don’t accept rejections, just take it!”Thank you, I will never forget. Okay, I'll go! It's time already, see you soon, it was a pleasure to see you.“Come on, Pasha, take care of yourself,” Uncle Kolya said and shook my hand.Well, the issue of money for the first time is resolved, and I ate perfectly.- Well, hatred with ears, let's go to the dungeon? Can you tell me where to go, at least?“You yourself are hatred, and you yourself have ears!” Elaine scowled.- Don't be mad, you yourself wanted to go to the dungeon. Here, I'm ready, where to move? I clarified.- In a good way to the academy - sign up for the detachment, but we will not have time to get there today. However, you can not once again shine at low ranks. If people realize that you can build up your strength, we will not do well."Hmm, what do you do then?" Waiting tomorrow is not an option.Right, not an option. Therefore, there is only one way out of this situation. “Still, it’s hard to get used to the fact that she
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No sooner said than done. During the fight, I received a couple more minor injuries, but I still managed to prick the krats with a dagger right in the belly and rip it open with a quick movement.In addition to a bunch of intestines and other equally unpleasant organs that fell out on me, I also received a very strange message (!). And to be precise, it floated right before my eyes.Congratulations!Level up.You have received 5 attribute points.What kind of crap is this? What the hell are the specs?“I told you, you have a lot more opportunities to raise your strength than the rest,” Elaine put in her two cents. Is that where she was when I was getting hit by those bastards? I almost died.- Raised your level and are indignant? Distribute the characteristics, and let's move on, we need to finish this dungeon as soon as possible. If we get stuck here for a long time, other adventurers will come here,” Elaine continued.I don't quite understand what you are asking me. How can I distri
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We silently looked at each other and waited for who would start first. I didn't want to take the first step. But something told me that if I didn't take action right now, I would be finished. And as soon as I twitched in his direction, he spoke ..."Why are you here, little one?" said Krats.I stood up in my tracks and couldn't believe my ears. He is talking? Until now, I have not heard a single sound from his relatives, except for the squeak of a rat. What should I answer him? We need to take some time and come up with a plan of action.“First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Pavel, how can I contact you? — I did not dissemble and give a fake name. In any case, today one of us will die, and it will no longer matter.- My name is Mimidon, I am the leader of this tribe, have you come to serve me? After his words, I felt a wave of sinister aura.During our dialogue, I tried to find at least something that could help me in the upcoming fight. And the longer I stood st
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Picking up the scroll, I turned it over in my hands and scratched the back of my head. And what are you? As soon as I thought about it, a window with information about him popped up in front of my eyes. Comfortable!Scroll of identification.The class is rare.Allows you to open information about the hidden properties of an item of no higher than a rare class.Nothing special, but useful. Thanks to him, I now know that some items have hidden properties. Okay, I'm slowly starting to figure it out.Putting the scroll in my pocket, I reached for the crown and, picking it up from the ground, noticed that right under it was a golden ring. Yes, it's the jackpot! Three things at once! Let's hope you're just as helpful!Picking up the ring from the ground, I requested information about the finds.Small spatial ring.Class - Epic.Creates an area in space with a size of 3x3x3 meters. By putting a ring on your finger, you get the opportunity to move any objects into this space.IMPORTANT!The o
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