Vampire's Return

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Vampire's Return

By: Seryna OngoingGames

Language: English

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Nick: The ruler is accidentally caught in a mortal game, eventually turning the oligarch into his slave, creating a new world before the final demarcation war.

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9 chapters
After waking up from a deep sleep, Nick wakes up vaguely, to find that everything around him is pitch black.He reached out his hand to touch around, the dark space covered his eyes, then Nick felt the crampedness of the place where he was lying.It was like he was locked in an enclosed space, with walls on all sides, unable to see the outside world.He reached out his hand to touch the black space in front of him, his hand touched an extremely hard object, then he smelled the smell of wood mixed with sand surrounding it.Nick thought for a moment, if he didn't get out quickly, he would definitely die from lack of oxygen.He used the force of both hands, and tried to lift the wooden plank in front of him, but did not expect it to open easily.After getting up from that closed space, he discovered that he was in a completely unfamiliar place, surrounded by faint purple lights, and what he was lying on was a coffin.Nick could hardly see in the blur, he saw above the lid of the coffin t
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Waking up again Nick was in a city, he put his hand over his head, feeling the pain coming, like a bouncing monkey being hit by a hard object.He took a few seconds to calm down, then began to observe the city, it looked very gloomy, very much like the city of demons.He pouted, this place looked as desolate as the slave quarters of Dealty. Walked around, and from bouncing to now, there wasn't a single person in sight.For each mission the player will be selected a suitable weapon, Nick initially chose the gun as his weapon, he felt it would be safer to kill the enemy from a distance than up close.There are only three lives, if all are lost, you lose, and are tied here forever.Series of rustling!There was a sound coming from behind, Nick clutched the gun in his hand, turning cautiously. There was no one behind him, which made him even more defensive.The quest's name is 'Red Diamond' but he still doesn't know what it is, what he thinks is the most important right now is to save his
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Play game
In this simulation game, the players are the dominant blood of the Dealty world, somehow they are all forced to join the game.After Nick and William met they found out about this. William is also the ruler in the world of Dealty, that day after sleeping, he woke up to find himself lying in a coffin.And then perform the same quest as Nick. In addition to the two of them, there were many other players trapped here, all having to complete two hundred quests to get out.Nick and William are beginners on the first mission, the two become teammates to perform together.After listening to William speak, he knew what 'Red Diamond' meant.One of the monsters here after dying will leave an item, and their task is to find the monster with the diamond item, then use its blood to dye it red is a task completed?Nick and William begin the hunt for monsters, on the way, they encounter a giant monster.It was not like the last time, this one was more like a buffalo-headed demon, on its head there w
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The road to Torous city is neither short nor long, just getting out of the ruins of the ruined city can get there.The special thing about this world is that, in each place where the boundaries divide the cities, there are demons standing guard, but when passing through another city, do not kill them, otherwise, it will be considered a failed mission.This rule was just introduced when Nick and William reached the boundary between the two cities, the system popped up a message, in turn, warning the two of them not to kill the demon guards.There is an abandoned house at the gate through Torous City, which Nick and William temporarily use as a shelter.In this city, there is no distinction between day and night, because whether it is day or night, the sun is still crimson, shining red light on the city.The original watch received from the system is the compass to distinguish, the bottom of the clock has an icon representing day or night.If the display icon is daytime, it will have a
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Currently in the territory of Torous City, both Nick and William have an unreal feeling, both have just stepped into the territory of this city about thirty minutes, are living in a house small abandoned near demon guard border.Talking about why they came here is a very long journey, even when they cross the boundary of the two cities, they still can't feel the truth.The story is that last night, when the first half monster seemed to have completely left the house the two were hiding, it suddenly returned.Without warning, it suddenly burst into the room, with its buzzing and hoarse voice, it said, "I know you're here."At that time, the two of them were truly bloodless, standing in front of the monster, even the basic thing of breathing was almost forgotten.Fortunately, it was still blind, and after that warning sentence, it started groping around to find their location, but this time it wasn't as simple as last time.The monster used its sharp claws on its hand, spitting out a je
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Inside the city was completely different from this simulated world, it was busier than Nick's Dealty city.When the two of them reached the door to the inner city, there was a Torous standing outside controlling the visa card, only after confirming they could enter.When completing a mission the player will be issued a visa card, each card will tell the player his next safe city, depending on the number of days on the card that counts.When the player reaches the city specified on the card, during that time it will not be attacked by the monsters of this world.These are called safe hours.After that period of time, which means that the visa expires, they will still be in danger at any time.The expiration date on the card of two people is two, but divided, each person gets one day because they have to use the same card.When the two entered the heart of the city, the scene was overwhelmingly bustling everywhere, everywhere were players like them, but all were unfamiliar."Nick." Will
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Green tick
Nick's next mission is called Green Tick.According to Jonny, he can understand that using his visa card does not affect the task that the system gives.This means that currently, your visa shows a safe status within the specified time frame because it was activated when you arrived in this city, when you are in Torous city, the time on the visa still runs according to the gyroscope. of the clock.But when Nick leaves this city, it means that his safe visa has stopped, and no longer continues to count, if the above time is left, he can still use it after finishing the mission. required by the system.In the part of the game rules of this mission are not the same as the original mission, it requires the player to go to the place it specified, then perform the task there.An hour before the mission starts, the system requires Nick to go to the Gatien area to the east of Torous city where he is staying.The 'green tick' task will execute there.This time he would go alone, for William wa
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Don't leave
"What a big bug." Nick only felt his scalp tingling, and fear emotions rushed to his heart."Retreat, don't take things, all retreat, Jonny don't shoot indiscriminately, lest stray bullets hurt people, call the team on the brothers, first see what this guy's intentions are." Compared to the panicked Jonny at this point, Gabriel, who is a few years older, is obviously more calm, constantly evacuating the people.Nick, who felt bad, was also quickly looking for an escape route, but the giant bug kept moving towards them, and the danger was gradually approaching.Although compared with the news description of the giant snapping turtle size at least a circle smaller, but that at least more than ten meters of the basic frame, also makes it look like a bus that can constantly move forward, the speed to the size of the slow, but also have a bicycle level of movement.Bringing a great deterrent to the crowd, theBang Bang Bang...Then rushed in front of the Gabriel and Jonny pull the trigger
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"The two of you will only die together if you continue like this, my friend has already awakened his skills, he may be able to play a surprise effect, you do not accidentally hurt, and please lends me a pistol because with the two of you firepower will not be able to stand."Cedric tried to make his tone seem calm."You know how to shoot?" Gabriel was startled."Previously in the Magic City shooting gallery practice, pistol or barely can, and this time should not complain to each other suspicion it, at least let me help you a hand." Cedric spoke sincerely.In response, the two looked at each other and handed out a pistol.After checking, Cedric pulled the safety and then pointed it at the big head of flies flying in the sky.The breathing gradually remained steady.This period of time because of the reason of hunting demons, also made him therefore rose a level, will add all the attributes in the perception refinement attribute of pupil strength, so that the already excellent dynamic
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