Rhodia River - In the stream of love

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Rhodia River - In the stream of love

By: Anderson José OngoingRomance

Language: English

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Monica Silva wants to be a famous writer. Célio das Graças wants to be a powerful person to help people, and wants to get involved in politics to achieve his goals. Both have known each other since childhood, but the long life has transformed friendship into love. But when the two put their life goals at the forefront, can the love survive?


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Chapter 1 The Friends
1998In the reign of Royal Hill, the sun shines in a cloudless sky, on another beautiful morning in the Rhodia River neighborhood. It’s a housing district for working-class families but non-slum, well-presentable, mostly quiet, and decent residents. We have the main square called Praça da Granja, the church, tree-lined and paved streets, houses with minimal fences or walls, buses traveling, and finally, the main avenue. This one is busier, with small and varied shops, and people traveling on the sidewalk. We have a facade of Cascais Bakery, Cor-de-Rosa Stationery Store, and Malthus Snack Bar.Near the snack bar, Monica Silva, 19, light-brown, serious, and responsible, dressed socially in a woolen coat, is walking hurriedly to the local.AT THE MALTHUS SNACK BARMonica enters and takes a look. The cafeteria is in normal activity. It’s a rectangular enclosure, with plastic tables, and a marble counter for cash and orders. Monica smiles, she likes the place. Aurélio Malthus, 42, is the ow
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Chapter 2 Good and bad neighbors
GRANJA SQUARE - DAY Cássio is kicking a soccer ball by himself. He trains to juggle, kicks into the goal, and celebrates alone. Without him noticing, behind him, Sandra, 18, his girlfriend, approaches him. She smiles at Cassio for having fun. "Good morning, future national champion!" Cassio turns to her, "Sandra!" Cássio interrupts the move, approaches her, and the two kiss briefly. Sandra feels his stench. "The worst part of it all is the olfactory result." "Ofal—, what?" "Oh, dear, if you are not going to solve the hygiene issue, at least solve your studies. We aren’t going to perpetuate the idea that a soccer player is dumb." "I'm not a donkey, but what is 'perpetuate'?" Sandra holds out a laugh, "It's like, letting that legend that I told you perpetuate. Soccer players should have at least the basic education." "But, we have the basic education. It turns out that soccer is played with the ball and not with books." "Yeah, we have completed high school—" Cassio raises his
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Chapter 3 Falling in love to the policeman
AT THE POLICE STATION - NIGHTChief Carlos pins the thief on the wall; he wants to know if there is a gang forming in the neighborhood. There's tension and suspense. The thug starts to stutter and doesn’t look straight in the eye."Y-you are going crazy, man! T-there are no gangs forming here, no. I did it on my own!""What's your name?""Uélton!""Well, Uélton, I think I'm going to let you spend the night here to let you reflect on what you've done. If there's no one behind you, then you're just an inexperienced person. Think, reflect on what you want in your life."Uélton is almost crying, "Okay, "cop", it was my bad..."Carlos looks almost fraternally at Uélton; he could be his little brother.Carlos straightens up and leaves the cell, letting Uélton let out a sigh of relief.At the reception, Carlos walks slowly, going to his desk. It’s a small neighborhood police station, just for cases like these of minor importance. Some policemen are doing other things, answering the phone, and
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Chapter 4 Cats
MONICA’S LIVING ROOM - DAYNow Monica receives Annie. She is chewing on a bag of cookies, while Monica is satisfied with a cup of green tea. There is a cup for Annie on the coffee table. The two friends go on talking and eating —drinking at the same time."I didn't see you yesterday, my friend, after the incident. So, did everything do well?""If you are referring to me arriving at the publisher on time and delivering my manuscript, yes, of course, it worked. Now let's see if it will work out for me to be called by that phone and be informed that they are going to publish. And may they pay me at least R$ 2.00 per book.""Monica, this is very little! They will sell the book for at least R$ 20.00; why only two bucks for you?"Monica smiles smartly, "If I sell a million copies, I will earn TWO MILLION royalties, do you understand?"Annie chokes on the piece of cookie she chewed, "Yeah, I hadn't seen it from this perspective!""That's how you win in life, darling, thinking calmly and in th
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Chapter 5 Bad customers
MALTHUS SNACK BAR - DAYMonica and Célio are sitting at the table, which has already been served. They eat and talk.Célio begins, "Monica, I understand that you have been brave since we met, but... Now we are in other domains. We left our parents' skirts. So I ask you to be careful when facing certain people.""Oh, are you worried about me, Célio?" Monica reacts with emotion.Célio reacts by shaking his head, "N-no, Monica, what’s is it? Your father will be here shortly after, knocking me down. I respect you, I'm not flirting with you."Monica launches a joke, "Especially because in flirting you are not very good."Célio did not catch, "Anyway, that Ricardo worries me. Mysterious, creepy, alone... He has already got into some trouble and you know that he cannot be trusted. Today you were with Carina and Fábia, but... Imagine, one day you’ll go there alone, at night..."Monica says thankfully, "I appreciate the concern, Célio, but I'm not that careless. I’ll never be alone with him at
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Chapter 6 Sandra's schemes
IN THE POLICE STATIONCarlos is at his desk in front of Tito. The mayor wants to know what's going on in the neighborhood. The conversation already started.Tito is reacting surprised, "What? Daylight robbery?""Exactly! The boy spent the night here in the cell. But, I checked his background. Nothing. He debuted in the criminal world and paid for it. I don't think he ever tries again.""God help me not. Today's youth... Why did they say the 1980s were the lost decade? It didn't have half the problems today.""Young boy, he could be working as a supermarket assistant, or in his father's workshop... But, no, they are unoccupied today... They don't even want to watch television, nowadays they are all restless.""Do you think it's an isolated case?""He said categorically that he was not under the command of any gang. But, I trust not very much.""It was just what I needed, gangs killing each other in our neighborhood.""With the necessary tools, we will do a good job."Tito does not captu
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Chapter 7 First Confrontation
POLICE STATION - DAYWednesday, the routine begins. Casual amount of residents and policemen. Among them, Ricardo smiles silly, he seeks with his eyes until he finds Carlos's desk.He goes to him and sits down, "Here I am. What do you want to know?"Carlos doesn't like Ricardo's stance, "You know that our neighborhood is relatively new, Mr. Oliveira.""I know. I came here in 1997. There was almost no one on my street. It looked like a ghost town. Now that it's getting fun.""Yes, and unfortunately there is a resident who is not having any sense of fun. On Monday, I had to intervene in an armed robbery. You must have heard of it.""No, our neighborhood still doesn't have a radio or a newspaper." Ricardo's tone is always jibing and mocking."Well, that's what happened. And yesterday, I receive an anonymous tip about clandestine electrical connections, what people call a ‘cat’.""Okay, and what do I have to do with it?""They mentioned your address, Mr. Oliveira."Ricardo looks thoughtful
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Chapter 8 Miriam has a rival
STREETS - DAYMonica follows her path, she has already turned a block. She is in the back street. She keeps walking, looking up, and some passersby notice her.Ahead, Monica is already feeling crazy and almost giving up. Until she stops walking and does a victorious smile.In Monica's view, there’s a tangle of spliced ​​wires, obviously irregular. She looks from the top of the pole, going down to a certain house, and sees ‘number 33’. Monica smiles, triumphant, she found the irregularity. When she turns to go to the police station......Monica bumps into Fábio, only in shorts and sneakers, running. Fail."Why don't you look where—", she notices him, "Fábio?"A pseudo-charming Fábio smiles at her, "What is it? Ah, you never noticed me without a shirt, right?"Monica is indifferent, "Dude, a worthly shirtless man is just my dad. And he's better than you.""Come on! Age reaches everyone, Little Monica. And that's why I don't want to waste mine. You, not that you need it, but you could als
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Chapter 9 Best friends fight
MONICA’S LIVING ROOM - DAYAnnie confronts Monica for having argued and beaten up Jonas. Carina inadvertently ends up witnessing."Annie, calm down..."Annie is hurt, "How could you, Monica? I trusted you. I asked you not to get involved!"Monica gets supplicant, "Annie, don't you see that this story is a little weird? Jonas's family is taking this competition talk too seriously. The neighborhood is starting; we still have little shops... Try to open a bakery Downtown, or even in Tangamandápio! There they will see competition. Although it was not the case, I think it’s unfair to involve his girlfriend and future daughter-in-law.""Will we have a wedding after that?"Carina respectfully opines, "If he stops loving you because of that, then he is the fool, dear.""Annie, sit down, and let's talk calmly—" Monica gets up and tries to lead Annie to the sofa, but she dodges the other."I don't want to talk anymore, Monica. I just came to check it out of your mouth. Now I have to go home and
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Chapter 10 Neighbors demanding their rights
Miriam bounces on the chair and says in a tone of complaint, "Oh, Seu Aurélio, what a fright! Did you hear anything?""Was I supposed to hear or not hear something? I am very discreet."Sandra orders in an authoritative tone, "Bring cheese and ham pastries, two! Today I'm hungry."Monica gets into the snack bar, worried.Aurélio goes to her, "Can I wish you ‘good morning’?""Oh, Seu Aurélio, I let you. I need it.""Chicken patty always goes well in those hours. I imagine you want to talk about your friend Annie."Monica gets surprised, "Has she told you yet?""Daughter, don't worry. A long-term friendship just doesn't end easily.""She said she solves it with her boyfriend, but I felt that it was him who solved it."Aurelio acts like a big daddy, "Well, Annie is also a girl, she needs to learn to defend herself and impose herself. Come, the pie awaits you."Monica smiles yellowy and goes with him to the counter.Miriam disdains Monica, "She doesn't have a boyfriend and disrupts the dat
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