Mermaid's Kiss

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Mermaid's Kiss

By: Adejumo Israel CompletedRomance

Language: English

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Arthur was saved by a mysterious mermaid after he jumped into the water to escape from the clutches of his parents' murderers. However, he failed to save his sister from getting kidnapped. As he loses consciousness he also lost the memory he had with the mermaid after they sealed their uncanny encounter with a kiss. The next day, he found himself lying on the shore with only one thing in his mind and that was to find his sister in the city and get revenge in the name of his forsaken family. He became the infamous gangster named Gordon Jack. Little did he knew, his sister became police who vowed to arrest the new gangster in the city. The city was set on fire. Bullets danced in the air. Heads burst out blood. The murderers had a tight bodyguard and an enigmatic beauty he can't resist who kept messing with his system.


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62 chapters
Chapter 1
Greenland Sea, North America, 1990.A gentle-going ship sailing on a peaceful sea. The sky, sauntering clouds, and the stars were shining. The mermaids jumped up and down back into the sea. On a far corner, a small mermaid swam in delight underwater. The yonder sky illuminated by the brilliance of stars was fascinating in her sight every time she would bob her head out of the water every night which she longed to see during the day. Her name is Isobel. She was very much aware that sons of men might see her when paddling their ship on the calm water so she always swims with caution.  One day, on a moving ship sailing in her direction, she saw a little girl sat down near the edge while gazing at the water. Isobel then swam to her and let the girl see her. "Oh!" The little girl was surprised and the mermaid just smiled at her as she swam away wiggling her tail back and forth. The little girl can't do anything other than ga
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Chapter 2
"Wait for me, mom and dad." "Your sister, Jane. Oh my poor Jane," Janet lamented."Go back son. Hurry and save her," Dennis said and they disappeared.Arthur shouted, "No!" Arthur screamed out of the dream. He opened his eyes and found himself on the beach. He saw a scar of a bullet in his arm and felt its pain. But it is without a bullet. Who removed it? Who saved me? How did I get here? A poignant question without an answer. His stomach was famished. He needs food. Something for strength. Arthur stood up and walked through the beach and saw a house nearby. And he hurried there.Walking towards the window, Arthur heard a girl sobbing. He leaned his ear to the window, listening."Maybe," A male voice said, "Maybe we should break up for good."A girl voices sob, "Please be fine.""I would be fine, please be fine too.""Okay," sadness beneath the girl's voice."What if," The male and sighed. "If we say w
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Chapter 3
Arthur walked through the night, through the luminous and peaceful city. Everywhere looked strange. He stumbled against a parked bus and was famished. The city wasn't a village where he would climb an apple tree and eat till his stomach get full, where he would sleep and woke as a child beside his mother's sides, but now in the strange big city, He climbed the back of the parked bus and slept alone.  Gunshots were heard. Three armed robbers darted into the bus, the tires screeched, and launched down to the quiet street. Police cars polluted the air with sirens while chasing after the bus. Arthur felt something moving him but he thought he was in his father's boat, not knowing he was dreaming. Two armed robbers started shooting the police car at the back till the bullets reached the police car's tire, suddenly, it somersaulted and then burned.  The first armed robber removed the mask from his face. "Wow!"  "We did it," the second armed robber sa
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Chapter 4
At the White House, Greenland, North America, 2010.Upstairs, in a neat and steady hall. Clapping hands arose and abate as Fredrick Derek's voice float gently on the wings of microphones, which are set down on a decorated table."As the Governor of this state, I would make sure there is peace and harmony," he said as he raised his head and glanced at the onlooker's eyes blinking under colorful bulbs. Mr. Eric, the new boss of Arthur, adjust himself on the seat, removed his glasses, and then put it right into his chest pocket. "I will sign two Sherlock Holmes in today. For tight security. To bring those gangsters down. Over there..." He waved his hand to the two detectives sitting down. Detective Desmond, a handsome man, smiled under the glasses in his eyes. He was an Irish man. In the record, he had arrested 250 gangsters during his training time. He has a unique passion for investigating criminals cases. Back then in his childhood, his mother wants him to
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Chapter 5
Arthur's POV"You should shot him down," Mr. Eric said, "And I give you forty-five minutes"I carried a gun, a parachute bag, a mask, and my popcorn. "Bye boss," I said."Goodluck.""Thanks."I darted out into the open air. I was transfixed by the bold shining sunlight dancing in the sky. I covered my face to see clearly. Martins Houghton, my pilot and my partner in crime waited for me in a new helicopter."C'mon," Martins shouted. I hurried to the helicopter, darted in, and he starts the engine into life.I looked at Martins. "How long would it take to get there?""Fifteen minutes." "Alright."I'm flying. Flying over treetop. Flying over mountains. Flying over churches and mosques. Sea float beneath me. And my past unreels itself in my mind. I remembered how my parents were killed, when John shot me, and when I jumped into the sea, leaving Helen on the ship. I remembered I didn't know who saved
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Chapter 6
    Arthur's POV    I opened my eyes ajar, and I was surprised to find myself on an old bed. I sit up, and I glanced at the old room with an old smell, sheltering eaves and sloping floors, the dormer windows, and an old-shaped room. I saw an old man feeding a dog outside.    He looked back, and widened his eyebrows, saying, "I'm glad that you come are alive." And he summoned me with his waiving hand. "Come greet Foxy."    The sun glinted from the sky and hurts my eyes as I walked out. I covered my eyes, and I bend down beside the old man. "How do I get here?"    "My foxy took me to you," he said, "how do you get drown?"     I tapped my forehead rapidly and remembered everything. I remembered Martins pushing me down from the plane. I remembered the mermaid saving me from being shot. I was scared again. I panicked when I remember she kissed me, and I kissed her back. "Where's she?"&nbs
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Chapter 7
    Arthur's POV     "This is Arthur," Alita said before three girls with pretty faces and rich smiles.     I waved to them. "Hey."     "Hey," They chorused.    "I'm Margaret," A girl with a smile that shows her dimple said.    "I'm Anne."    "I'm Jennifer."    "Follow me," Alita said. And we walked past the girls under the dried tree. Dried leafs crumbled under my shoes. And I enjoyed its crumpling sounds. It makes me feel like matching more. Long ago, as a child, I remembered Helen throwing soiled stones at me, and I matched them with my barefoot. And it crumbled. I laughed when Jane matched it too but didn't. It softens instead. Her eyes filled with tears, ready to rain. Little did she know I matched the dried one but she matched the loamy one. And I felt superior. And here, the nostalgic feelings come back to me. And here, crumpling more dried leaves besi
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Chapter 8
    Isobel POV    I felt the pain of having human legs. And I wondered where my long tail was. The moon wore a white garment in the morning sky, and it kept following me as I walked on the beach. This is my first time walking on the earth and breathing the same air which Arthur breathes in. Fishermen were fishing. They didn't catch a fish through the night. And those petered fishermen's faces looked sad. The fish were under the sea, moaning that I go.     The breeze swirled my long hair back. And I heard a fisherman shouted. "Wow! She is beautiful". He paddled his boat near me. "Hey, where are you going?"    I looked at him. "To the city"    "Come sit here. I will help you there without paying a dime"     I saw all his thoughts floating in the air. He wants to boost his ego before other fishermen, by paddling a pretty woman. And to talk me into marrying him. But his face says something else. I
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Chapter 9
    Isobel POV        Now in the city, I strolled through the morning light. The sun glinted from windowpanes, hurting my eyes. And my step slowed.        Different cars hauled on the exquisite street, horning in between glassy mansions. I stood near parked cars, glancing about. And at this moment, the human race appeared strange.        In every face I saw, non resembled Arthur's. Humans were as countless as fishes in the sea. And here, I stood in lonesome, and like a visitor seeking for my lost half heart. Wondering where he would be.        I walked to the waited crowd, surveying people's faces, and then cars stopped and we crossed the road.        Girls make-up and dressed with a bag on each hand, to show off in this city. And they smelt of riches perfumes. Their clothes beautified them
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Chapter 10
    The morning light blurred my vision as I woke up with my hands covering my eyes. Something for protection. But the light hurled into my eyes, making me feel the dried tears on my cheeks.        Sitting up, I wondered when the last night charmed my eyes and erode me into sleep. Sleepiness without a dream. And this is unusual for me.        No matter how serious the storm rotates the water, back then in the sea, I would sleep under the deep water and dream. And fantasies about my lover. About how bad I can't wait to hurry out of the sea and find him before he could fall in love with another girl.        But now, I bite my lips in regret. This is strange of me to wake up with the light attacking my eyes. And even the worst of me waking without a dream. And here, I feel the payback and the alienation of leaving home. The payback of losing all my vigor and the abil
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