The Hunters Volume One: The Beginning

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The Hunters Volume One: The Beginning

By: Tony Hallows CompletedParanormal

Language: English

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They've kept the world safe for centuries. Working from the shadows, culling the numbers of those who might threaten humanity. Now asked to work alongside the very ones they used to call prey, will they find middle ground for peaceful coexistence? Or will the ever increasing forces of darkness use this opportunity to achieve their aims?


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73 chapters
Chapter One
Nightfall meant a lot of things to a lot of people, each differing in their own understanding. For the working class, it meant hours of rest and reprieve after slaving the entire day away behind a desk or workbench. The lowlifes saw it differently. For them, it was the time to be alive and indulge themselves in the numerous bars and night clubs spread out all over Starlight Bay. The night had other duties too. It provided a suitable ambiance for nocturnal creatures to go about their businesses unhindered. But most importantly, it concealed the existence of another world from the unsuspecting eyes of the people. An entirely different system that went beyond the borders of the natural and defied all logic by its very existence. The importance of the secrecy of this world was so high that it was agreed upon by every faction that constituted it, despite the fact that most of them did not quite get along. For one member of this world, tonight was rather special. He had been chosen by t
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Chapter Two
Having ended his introduction, he picked up the silver knife and brought up the girl's wrist. Laying it above the bowl, he cut deeply to ensure the blood flowed rapidly. Once it was full, he motioned for one of his subordinates to remove her from the altar. Then he raised his hand above the bowl, muttering arcane incantations until the red liquid turned black with thin wisps of smoke drifting off its surface. With a come hither gesture, he motioned the new initiates forward and passed the bowl to them. One by one, they drank until there was nothing left. The bowl was returned to the leader, who watched with barely concealed glee at the finalization of the ritual. He had done this multiple times thorough out the years, each completion of the process granting him increased vitality and power based on the innocence of the sacrifice. Soon it would all be worth it. Eventually he would gain enough power to summon his master into this realm and be rewarded for his tireless efforts. Retur
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Chapter Three
"Oh? Started the party without us, did you Jade?" the Asian man teased his associate, gesturing at the blood still covering her hand. "Shut up Lee," she hissed and went back to licking her hand. "It's not my fault you guys were late." "And who was it that was supposed to open the warp gate as soon as she found their hideout?" he retorted amusedly. She simply stuck her tongue out at him playfully and returned to cleaning her hand. "And why are you cleaning it anyway? You're still gonna get it dirty again." "No I'm not. There's no way I'm doing a hunt in this form." The cultists stood and watched the two of them bickering like long time friends in various states of shock and confusion. Only very few of them had recognized the action of the first girl, Jade as teleportation magic. Byron in particular understood perfectly what had happened here. The girl must have set herself up as bait and used the Trojan horse strategy to infiltrate their hideout, bringing her friends with her as
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Chapter Four
"You have been standing there all this while. Have you nothing to say? You are standing before Saraces, one of the Demon Lords of Hell. Will you not show respect, mortal?" At his words Michael raised an eyebrow, "Oh, so you're one of the Lords? I was wondering if this hunt was actually worth it." "Insolent child! How dare you?!" Saraces roared and pointed his hand at Michael. A dark orb of magic formed and shot forward at him at high speeds. The young man simply closed his eyes and held out his own hand. When the magic orb was a few feet away from his palm, it suddenly disappeared as if it was never there at all. When Michael reopened his eyes, his pupils were the color of light gray smoke. "Know your place, demon." Saraces took a step back in shock as his face scrunched up in rage. "Impossible! You have his magic! Then that means.... Damn you William! Show your face, you bastard! Quit hiding behind a puny mortal body and face me like a man!" Michael felt something stir within h
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Chapter Five
Beyond the edges of Starlight Bay, in the forest that surrounded the city, a house stood behind the short walls of a picket fence. The walls of the house had been painted an unassuming blue, although the moonlight gave it an unusual purple gleam. Imperceptible except to the highly trained and very observant eye, numerous runes littered nearly every hidden corner of the house and underneath every window and door. The workshop and garage attached to the sides of the building got the same treatment. Light shone through the windows of the main building, signifying that the occupants were still awake despite how late the hour was. Inside the house was as plain as the outside. Furniture, not shabby yet nowhere near exotic, made the living room less empty than it looked. Shelves lined the walls although there were no pictures on them, only the occasional flower vase here and there. The only thing that stood out was the larger than normal bookshelf that occupied the entire west wing of the ro
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Chapter Six
Five minutes later, they had all read the letter three times and were doing so again for the fourth time. Finally Lee threw his hands in the air and let out a small laugh. "They can't be serious?!" "I'm pretty sure they are," Jade replied dryly. Her eyes were still fixed on the letter, or more specifically the bottom of it where three signatures from three different parties lay. One was quite simple, a red drop of blood while another was an intricate magic circle and the last, a beautiful cross. These symbols belonged to the three biggest and most powerful factions in the supernatural world; vampires, witches and the Holy Church. The three groups were not official enemies but there had always been underlying tensions among them, resulting in something of a cold war between the factions. Of course the war was not always cold. Every now and then, loyal fanatics would pop up in a fit of madness and attack another faction in an insane attempt to 'purify the world'. Things like this en
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Chapter Seven
Starlight Central Academy was the biggest institution in Starlight Bay. Situated at the northern edge of the city, the university covered so much ground that it extended into the surrounding woodlands. The reputation of the school was top notch. Being the only higher institution in the entire city ensured a good portion of the city taxes made it to its coffers. That resulted in the school becoming one of the most sophisticated academies in the entire state, despite being a bit populated. The latter was an issue solved by the school management's decision to build mega dormitories on the annexed forestland. These giant buildings were designed to house hundreds of students comfortably within rooms spacious enough for the inhabitants. There were other buildings in the school just as big as the dorms. Most of them were laboratories and workshops where practical classes were held. Lecture halls dominated an entire section of the school, their sizes fit to hold large numbers of stude
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Chapter Eight
Michael swept the whole room with his eyes, slightly scaring some of the people his gaze fell upon. The frightened ones could not be faulted for their fear. It was only natural to be wary of one's mortal enemy, especially when said enemy had been looking at you like you were a piece of prime beef. He felt someone poke his side and when he turned, he met Olivia giving him a slight glare. "Stop that. You're scaring them," she chastised.Lee scoffed lightly. "They should be scared-hey! That hurt!" Olivia turned her glare on him, her finger digging deeper into his side. He held her gaze for a grand total of two seconds before caving into her unspoken demand. "Turn down the scare factor before some of these kids have a heart attack," he said to his leader. Michael did not respond until Jade gave him a look that although was nothing special, it had him withdrawing his magic. As soon as the oppressive atmosphere was lifted, a few of the people in the hall let out bre
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Chapter Nine
"I apologize for my outburst, Lady Veronica-""Dorerra?" Michael finally spoke. The vampire male turned back to him, red eyes once again aflame with anger. Michael saw this and paid it no attention. "Where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah, now I remember! I've killed someone with that name before. Judging from your reaction, I guess he was related to you. Was he by chance your g-" It was a well known fact that vampires were incredibly fast. They were easily among the fastest creatures in the supernatural world, possibly the fastest even. Most of the witches in that hall who had never seen a vampire run quickly had that rectified by what happened next. The vampire, incensed by Michael's words dashed down the stairs towards where the Hunters were standing in front of the lecture platform. Within seconds he had already reached Michael, his fist cocked back for what would surely be a devastating blow should it land. If anyone in the crowd had blinked, they had already mi
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Chapter Ten
There was something to be said about the level of preparation the factions had undergone for the program. The integration of the supernatural students into the university was seamless. Every one had a solid biography that had been created as background for their enrollment. All of them were first years and all offered the same course: Parapsychology. The nature of the subject made it easy to pass off magic classes as actual lectures. Experienced witches and vampires would come to the school three days a week, disguised as invited professors to teach these classes as well as report back to their respective leaders on the progress of the exercise. So far there had been no complications. The vampires and the witches made sure to have as little contact with the other group as possible, and everyone avoided the Hunters collectively. Which was quite understandable considering their reputation. They made it easier by rarely leaving their dorm during the day as Michael had decided to ke
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