Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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Revenge of the Apocalypse surviving Heir
System bxg Revenge
Author Promise
When an apocalypse breaks out in a City and a powerful crystal escapes from planet Juno, Carlos rushes to save his girlfriend, Rhea. Arriving at the scene only to find out that she was cheating on him. Pushed to a Zombie, Carlos received a scratch from the zombie. This scratch activated the crystal in Carlos's brain and gave him powers to think and act beyond human recognition. Like they say, revenge tastes good when you are rich, Carlos became the wealthiest man in the city with the help of the crystal in his brain and exacted revenge on his ex-wife and her family. But what happens when the Villains want the world to end in fifty days, and Carlos is the only hope of the world to live? Will he be able to save the world or will the crystal let him down?
I No Clown
Myth Magic Independent
Ando Ajo
Mathias is not a clown. He just doesn't want to be away from Alicia, his weak sister. Unfortunately, Cindy being his girlfriend was a point to make him a mockery. It was like the Beast loving the Princess. And Ryvel is the one who dislikes Mathias' closeness to the noble Cindy the most. Everything changed in the blink of an eye when the Demon Army invaded the Land of Purbha. Mathias loses Alicia, discovers that Cindy is having an affair with Ryvel, and becomes the target of the monsters. But the heavens had not destined Mathias to die. In great pain, he found a unique crystal in a cave. The crystal not only healed him miraculously but also gave him unlimited great power, provided, he had to kill every alpha of the monsters and absorb their souls. He returned as a different person to everyone's amazement, also discovering that his sister had been made into a prostitute by Ryvel. Alicia eventually died in Mathias' arms, and Mathias became enraged, becoming everyone's enemy. He killed every single one of them who had ever hurt Alicia. His pursuit of Ryvel leads him to many parts of the world until he ends up in Svarnabhumi. Getting revenge isn't as easy as it seems. Here, Mathias must face trials, temptations, and death.
the eternal path : the knight warlock
Brave Superpower cultivation
Zenon dreams of becoming a warlock in a world where magic and knights clash. But when he discovers he has no elemental affinity, he must settle for the scorned path of the knight. Determined to prove himself, he trains hard to become the strongest knight in the land, hoping to help his loved one. Along the way, he encounters deadly foes,that will test his courage, loyalty, and skill , unexpected allies, and dark secrets that could shake the very foundations of the world. Can Zenon overcome the odds and fulfill his destiny, or will he succumb to the hard reality ?
Return Through Magic
Reincarnation Alternate Universe Fantasy
Yuki Suzuki, a twenty years old university student in Tokyo, spends his days immersed in books about history and ancient civilizations. At the Faculty of Library and History Sciences, he is renowned for his insatiable curiosity about the world's unsolved mysteries. A tragic accident abruptly ends Yuki’s life, bringing him face-to-face with Shinigami, the God of Death. Desperate to return to the real world and reunite with his beloved Hana, Yuki makes a perilous deal with Shinigami. To regain his life, he must navigate and battle through a magical, treacherous fantasy world, traversing interdimensional doors that present challenges beyond his wildest imagination. In this new realm, Yuki must leverage his intellect and historical knowledge to survive and unravel the mysteries that could lead him back home. Each door he opens brings new trials, unexpected allies, and deadly foes. Will Yuki find his way back to the modern world, or will he be forever ensnared in this magical land? Dive into Yuki’s epic adventure in "Return Through Magic," where destiny, love, and magic intertwine in a quest across dimensions.
Ascendant Among All
Alternate Universe Narcissistic Fantasy
In a world cloaked in the illusion of peace and tranquility, danger lurks beneath the surface, hidden from the eyes of the unsuspecting masses. Jeremy, an ordinary individual thrust into extraordinary circumstances, finds himself at the center of a clandestine event orchestrated by beings of unimaginable power. As Jeremy navigates this perilous journey, he discovers dormant abilities lying within himself, waiting to be awakened by the crucible of danger. With each perilous encounter, Jeremy's latent potential unfurls, granting him the mantle of a superhuman. Yet, as Jeremy delves deeper into the shadows of the world, he uncovers unsettling truths about the nature of reality. With newfound clarity, Jeremy resolves to take action against the malevolent forces lurking in the darkness. With his newfound powers and unwavering resolve, Jeremy embarks on a quest to vanquish evil and restore balance to the cosmos. But as he confronts beings of godlike stature and challenges the very fabric of existence, Jeremy must grapple with the moral implications of his actions and the weight of his newfound power. In a world where every victory comes at a cost, Jeremy's attempt to save the world is fraught with peril and sacrifice. As he rises to unimaginable heights of power and prowess, Jeremy must navigate the treacherous waters of morality, facing adversaries who seek to maintain the fragile balance between light and darkness.
Magic Adventurous Witch / Wizard
John transmigrated into a magical world. By luck, he occupied the body of half-elf who could control plants. After he occupied the body, he used the mysterious power of plants to make novel things that he had never been able to do in his previous life.
The Zombie Catastrophe
Wasteland bxg Optimist
When Kevin Santorini, a struggling artist comes home to find his girlfriend cheating on him, he is about to confront them when a zombie breaks in through their window. She escapes with her lover and leaves him to the mercy of the zombies, until a genetic configuration makes him untouchable to them. What happens, when he tasks himself with finding the Allfather, the villain creating the zombies, and when he finally finds who he is?
The Gateways of Light and Shadow
Possessive Protective Powerful
This is the story of Theodore, a humble man from Oakwood whose life changes dramatically when a falling star heralds his destiny. Guided by the sage Eamon, Theodore learns he is chosen to unlock mysteries bridging heaven and earth. With unwavering support from his mother, he embarks on a transformative journey at dawn, driven by a celestial call. Accompanied by companions like compassionate healer Mariel, grieving Caleb, and storyteller Aria, Theodore's journey through forests, valleys, and towns becomes a quest to inspire hope and unity. Their path leads them to the distant mountains and eventually through the celestial gateway, where they face profound personal trials and emerge stronger in a realm of infinite possibilities. Theodore and his companions restore balance in the celestial realm, overcoming darkness and proving their worth at the Gate of Eternity. As Theodore's children grow under his wise rule, his daughter Lyra is chosen to lead the prosperous celestial kingdom, fostering innovation and unity that continue the legacy of light. However, their world faces a new threat when Damien's dark obsession leads to the opening of the underworld's gate, plunging the realm into chaos. It is Elara, descendant of Theodore, who rises to restore peace. With courage and sacrifice, she seals the gate, preserving the legacy of her ancestors. Ariadne, the kingdom's heiress, then takes center stage guided by ancient prophecies warning of resurgent darkness. Armed with the celestial relic, she leads her people in a climactic battle against encroaching shadows. Through sacrifice and unity, Ariadne secures lasting peace, marking an era defined by resilience and unity against the trials that shape their world's destiny.
Manipulative Teenager Intelligent
A civilization of human that was at the brink of extinction , a secret government sorted ways to escape the earth in search of the planet unopia, a group of worthy individuals where chosing to go on this mission, on arrival on the planet what they saw was not what they expected, as they almost lost their life's but luckily saved themselves, thinking they where the only being in the universe. But encountered an enemy that threatened the balance on not just the Galaxy but reality itself, now these powerless humans with limited less advanced technology must find a way to stop the dark one But interestingly the dark one was the ships captain.. And in other to defeat the captain they have to travel to the past where it all started, journeying through realities until they got to the end of not just the universe but time itself, a place named. (THE BEGINNING OF THE END)
Ghost Slayer: His Charge From Beyond The Grave
Magic Reincarnation Ghost
Ciara Moire Lorna
In the midst of Varidianth and Valorthorn's war, Arlo defies death and gains unusual magical powers from the gods, including the ability to traverse the realm of the dead and become one of them. Yet, a dark and formidable force, ancient and relentless, hunts him from the shadows of death, threatening to harm all those he loves.