Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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Demon High Academy
Magic Reincarnation Harem
Lord of Hallows
"Who am I?"... Born extraordinary powers that gravely superseded any race born into existence, Evox Delhade embarks on a journey of self-discovery, in am attempt to learn the truth and secret behind his ability and existence.
The Return of the Legends "Swordsman's Era"
Witch / Wizard Action Friends
The Swordsman's Era was a time when swordsmen fought for their home. Their opponents were unlike anything they'd encountered before. They are unworldly beings who have come from the darkest dimensions to conquer the world. Shikari, a swordsman who stood differently from the rest, was tasked with a mission to save his home and bring back the unknowns who once saved the world. He brought his friend Gakushin Gakure along with his mission to assist him, but there was a twist in store for them.
Hunters not hunted
Vampire Magic Fantasy
Iris Diamond
" Finally, I have found you guys" he paused before he continued " After hunting for you all this while, you guys can't escape any longer" " Who are you? And why have you been hunting for us?" I asked him while watching his every move " You don't need to know who I am but I was hunting for you because you are the key, the key that was hidden for sixteen years. THE SECRET KEY I burst out laughing "What's funny?" He asked puzzled " We don't know what you are saying about Hyacinth being the secret key but you are forgetting something very important" "What is that?" " We are the HUNTERS NOT THE HUNTED"
Anthologies of Love and Passion
Love-Triangle bxg Possessive
Sasina Zariel Leir Rhaghdary
A collection of tales from the world of Lovecraft County, is the city of mob and pleasure, in which is the mecca of crime and mobsters, for many years, there were countless mobster wars and conspiracies, murders, between the fact that the countless mafia clans, vampires, werewolves, gods, men and monsters, were engaged in fights over territory. When the whole city where everyone was involved in conspiracy and manipulation schemes through the authorities who were being bought and manipulated. present, of love, hate and envy, mystery, beyond space travel, increasingly involved in darkness, between tales of pleasure, pain, love and terror, romances through the world of life and death, between businessmen, werewolves, vampires, gods and aliens. Tales of love and legends, bringing men, women and hidden beings from the multiverse to the current world, in the midst of walks towards the abyss of pleasures and tales of lives of random pleasures, in which mafiosi, gods, criminals, are involved. the murderers, the businessmen, there are so many that everything revolves around envy, love and death, when each of the ancient enemies involved, conquerors, pleasures and love, in which each of them, the crimes of men and gods Involved with the world of researchers and pleasures their relationships, between villains, gods and lords of pleasures, those who seek a moment of pleasure.
Esper From The Ring Of Frozen Dragon
Witch / Wizard Fantasy Superpower
A boy named Kidnagan lost his memory and had to go through a series of unfortunate events until he was taken in by a group of bandits. But that's not where his story ends. As he grew older, he discovered that he possessed superpowers that surpassed anything known in his era. But as fate would have it, his group planned to take over a massive city. It was then that Kidnagan had an epiphany about the fragments of memories from his past. He realized that there was a world full of secrets waiting to be uncovered. Slowly but surely, he started to unravel the mystery behind his memory loss. With each passing day, Kidnagan discovered more clues that led him to the biggest secret of all: the word "ring" and its connection with the universe. And he refused to give up until he uncovered the truth behind it all. All of this was to be able to restore his memory so that he knew his true identity.
Back Home as a Villain
Comedy Magic Reincarnation
Riyan who is a fox spirit, when he was 15, he was tricked to think that the sky god of Azara saved his life, to repay that he went to Azara, the Sky realm. In other words, his soul transmigrated into the body of a war god, who was blind. Sky king had promised to let him go when his son ascends the throne. He trained to death off in order to become most powerful war god. He changed the previous image of Asuna as war mad person. He fulfilled all the things Sky king asked and when he thought he could finally go home. He was backstabbed. Later thinking that there was no purpose left in his life. He went to Styx Bridge and jumped from there. Instead of perishing, he woke up in his home. Dungeons opened when he was 5 years old on Earth, But not on Ankara the land of demons. He visited a dungeon and ended up beating a fake boss and won a system like feature. And it was just beginning. Author's note: It's my first time trying to write something. If you find anything is wrong in chapters or mistake. Do let me know. Thank you.
VLADIMIR: The Last Blood Mage
Alternate Universe Mature Sophisticated
The central continent is occupied by the vicious blood clan. Led by King Kozak; the light mages(ergomancers) who occupy the Eastern continent come together with the terramancers of the northern continent and the pyromancers of the southern continent. The water mages of the Western continent were still loyal to the blood King Kozak; the war began. The vampire tribe was wiped out and the water mages were almost extinct. Before the war began King Kozak gave his devil's heart to his Last wife Mia, a human, to bury it with her only son, VLADIMIR, in the western continent, the only safe place for the blood mage, after Mia leaves for the western continent, Palace is invaded, and king Kozak is killed as well as his many sons. The blood clan is extinguished, the ergomancers take over. Meanwhile, before Mia carried out her assignment, she was wrongly ambushed by nightcrawlers and killed. Vladimir is left alone with the devil's heart nowhere to be found. Vladimir is later found by an old woman who came into the forest to get herbs for her dying husband, who eventually dies//. I mean her husband. // As Vladimir grows, his attraction to the forest where the devil's heart was lost increases, one day he moves to the forest and finds the devil's heart, what will happen now? Two or three chapters would be released every Monday. Happy reading!!
Light Novel Love-Triangle Growth
Ren lived a poor life ever since he was a child. Without any luck in the power he possessed to try and turn their life around, he focused himself in academics where he seems to have better chances. With college entrance exams right around the corner, Ren was offered a scholarship just by tutoring a young miss of a wealthy family. Seeing it as a chance to turn their life around, Ren accepted the offer. And as if lady luck finally found him, Ren learned the truth of his power on the night of his birthday, a very unexpected gift that will force him to make drastic changes to his life long plan.
The Conqueror of Darkness
Vampire Harem Intelligent
Grateful Hope
"This world is unfair, so I want to change it. And in order to do that… I know I have to become the strongest. I want to become the absolute strongest." In the branching world of Discordia, sentient races joined forces to fight unknown enemies from another world. Tenma Kazuki, a young student in the combat school of Agni Veritas Academy, simply wants to live a quiet yet fulfilling life. However, he soon will realize that he will be more involved in this war than he wanted... and he has to be strong enough to weather the approaching storm with his friends...
Reincarnation Historical Bounty Hunter
Rachel M Nyambu
Lost and confused, he lacks knowledge of his location, identity, and the circumstances that led him to this mountain. Based on the recurring and distressing nightmares that plague his sleep, he speculates that he may have held a position of power as a saint within a particular world until his demise. In a world overrun by monsters, he must navigate his way towards his ultimate goal through relentless battles. However, everything changes when he receives a tempting proposition: assassinate a woman residing in the mountain in exchange for a chest bursting with golden coins. Yet, he hesitates, for this woman holds the key to his very existence. Will he carry out the deed? Discover from within!