Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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Sword Master In The Strange World
Sword Master In The Strange World
Magic Fantasy Twisted
A world of magic, elves, wizards, monsters, and swordsmen. To survive here, what you need is either strength or a perfect disguise. Jonas was an ordinary Earthling who accidentally ended up here and became a swordsman under the guise of a beggar. In exchange for his light, he gained strength a hundred times that of an ordinary person. In the town of S, he trained daily to level up, living a normal life despite being ridiculed and scorned by everyone, not caring at all. Until one day, the girl he cared for and cherished the most was killed by a hidden force. Jonas harbored hatred, and it was time for his sword to taste fresh blood!
Heir of the Blood Family
Heir of the Blood Family
System Harem Rebel
I looked Human. There was no difference between me and some random person passing by at a glance. But I would never dare to go into a city or even close for that matter. I don't want the blood detectors to ring and bring my life to a tragic end after all. I had believed that life to continue, of hiding from the masses in fear of my blood being detected as one of the filthy, but my life lived in fear changed as I looked up at the screen that suddenly popped up in front of me. I realized why the filthy are hunted. And became the filthiest for my wifey and little sister.
The Pure Realm Of Cultivator!
The Pure Realm Of Cultivator!
Light Novel Fantasy World Domination
Azure Luster
an incarnation of pure energy that pervades a tiny baby, and since then the baby has gained unexpected power. However, what is surprising is that his existence has become the target of natural disaster carriers.
The Road Goes Ever On
The Road Goes Ever On
Wise Growth Protective
The story follows Jason, an ordinary young man from Earth who dies and is reincarnated in the magical realm of Phantasma. He is granted powers of healing and fighting and told he has a destiny to fulfill in this new world. Jason travels to the town of Rockhaven and befriends wise mentor figures like the innkeeper Ralph who help guide him. He trains to control his new abilities. When the town is threatened, Jason emerges as a hero who protects the people. However, Jason feels restless and eager for adventure. He sets out to explore Phantasma, proving himself against threats like dragons, demons, dark cults, and tyrants. He discovers his childhood friend Daphne also came to this world and gained magical talents. Reuniting, Jason and Daphne become an inseparable duo who travel across exotic lands aiding villages and kingdoms. Their compassion and courage make them living legends. They master the use of their powers and learn virtues like wisdom, sacrifice, and perseverance. Though their skills grow formidable, Jason and Daphne remain committed to local lives changed through direct efforts, not personal glory. They periodically return to their hometown as a base, but always the call of adventure summons them forth again. No matter where trouble brews in Phantasma, these heroes bring hope. Now their journey continues as they confront ever-greater challenges, propelled by destiny. But their love and devotion to each other is their greatest strength. Together Jason and Daphne inspire the realm to believe in heroic ideals once again.
Heirs Of The Lombardis
Heirs Of The Lombardis
Vampire Intelligent Fantasy
Rosalie is an independent, strong and ambitious woman who's a neurologist at a hospital. Her life doesn't remain the same when she crosses paths with one of her patients who then appears to be her cousin, Venturo Lombardi. He tells her that she's the daughter of the Cheif of The Lombardi Family, the biggest and powerful Vampire family. She is taken to her real family against her will where she has to struggle to become a part of them. Rosalie is recognized as the next heir of the Lombardi Family amongst the Vampires and Werewolves. With no escape, she has to adapt the new environment, find true love and become the next Heiress..
Atonement's Path
Atonement's Path
Brave Independent Wise
In a fantasy-driven world, Zagorzaly Frostpyre is a ruthless villain who has killed thousands of humans and other races for pleasure. He has no remorse for his actions and continues to commit heinous crimes with zero regard for human life. His actions finally catch up to him when he is forced to confront his past deeds by the ultimate power in the universe, Luca, who sentences him to live a life of perpetual pain and suffering unless he reforms his ways. Zagorzaly must now embark on a journey of redemption, where he meets new people and experiences things he never thought possible before.
Ariel The Black White Angel
Ariel The Black White Angel
Magic Action Fantasy
The land of miracles has been destroyed by a war between clans, leading to a terrible disaster. Ariel is the only one left of the angel clan. When he wakes up, he is in a world that is completely new to him. That's when his new adventure begins. Out of depression and anger. Protecting his new friends and family from the fear of a powerful enemy means he has to get back to being strong as soon as possible.
Somewhere in the Sea
Somewhere in the Sea
Magic Fantasy Superpower
Faaiz the First
Villagers by the sea are astounded when fishermen start disappearing without a trace A team of scientists working on the coral reefs not sure what they are about to discover The kingdom of mermaids is threatened by the commotion on the surface This story revolves around a team of scientists working on the coral reef and a mermaid's search for her lost sister and how their paths cross and everything in between. This original story is set in the land of Pakistan. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. The story is based purely on fiction.. or is it?
Magic Beauty Brave
A story about a child with the mark that will bring about the destruction of worlds, such a great power lies in the hands of a child. what is the fate of the world?
The Battle Cries
The Battle Cries
Tragedy Mature Revenge
Eran and Theo, are two close friends that belong to the infamous mercenary group, Band of de Sun. Eran is driven by ambition for revenge, seeking retribution for his clan's death, while Theo seeks to realize his dreams of power and control. The road ahead of them will not be as beautiful as they imagined. The band's loyalty is tested, and tragedy ensues, forcing Eran and Theo to question their principles and reasoning. Will their friendship survive the clash of ambitions and the test of loyalty that awaits them? In a world driven by power and revenge, Eran and Theo's friendship will be put to the test. Will they find a way to reconcile their ambitions, or will their path lead them to a painful harsh reality?