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WILL BRIDGES: The Salvation Case
Crime Thriller character growth
Linda Light
The life of a legal perfectionist can indeed be challenging and time-consuming. Will Bridges was known throughout the legal world as an ace defense attorney, a winner who never lost a case. His reputation was untouchable, until his junior assistant lawyer brought him a new case - the Salvation case. Will's job was to defend Michael Todd who was both a victim and a suspect in a mysterious shipwreck that left him as the only survivor. The state was torn between believing he was a hero or a villain, but there was no clear evidence to point either way. As the trial began, Will was faced with the task of untangling the complicated web of evidence and testimony, all while keeping his own emotions in check. It was a case that would test his skills as a lawyer, and his very understanding of the law itself.
Mysterious Billionaire: The Son-in-Law They Never Wanted
Romance Billionaire Mafia
Author Jarviz
Davin was treated unfairly, living with his in-laws the Windsors, even his wife disregarded him because they thought he was just a useless husband without a single penny, she cheated on him and divorced him because he complained. Her new partner sent some men to kill him. Just then, when they all thought he was gone, dead and no more coming back. He rose like a god, his true identity as a war lord. Lord Darius and the emperor of a powerful martial art empire. He would make them kneel and punish them for all they did to him.
The contracted son in-law
Brave Intelligent Arrogant
The story starts with arguments of both female lead and male lead, with their different parents. Ryan Scott, is chosen, much to his surprised, and agrees due to threat from his father, and promises of support, but the night before the wedding, Ryan had a heated argument with his father again, hoping he would change his mind, about threatening him to marry someone he doesn't know, but his argument, held no water, so he goes off to a club to blow off steam. He ends up sleeping with a stranger, not realizing who she is, but in the wedding day, after he woke up late, realizing he missed calls from his friends and father, he rushes to the wedding venue, and is surprised to find the daughter of the Brick family, is not as rumoured, but actually very beautiful and well groomed, despite her disability. in his confusion, Ryan recognizes the woman from the club as the step mother. Lindsay, also realize, the young man is the one her step daughter is to marry. Ryan is torn between his mistake the night before and his new marriage. Lindsay, plans to use the marriage and the young man, for her own gain, putting strain on the relationship between Ryan and his wife. Ryan and Alexander, though not in love with eachother, felt they have a duty, they navigate their new relationship, learning to trust and understand eachother, they uncover Lindsay's schemes and work together, to over come them, strengthening their bond. Ryan becomes a supportive and loving son in-law, providing his worth to his wife and her family. He showed he isn't interested in their money, and was ready to leave it all behind, to keep pursuing his dream, but somehow, the couple finds happiness together, despite the challenges they faced
Manipulative Nerd Brave
Lily The writter
In the desolate town of Ravenswood, journalist Lucas arrives to debunk its supernatural myths but stumbles upon a cursed history hidden in the shadows. As he digs deeper, he discovers a cycle of disappearances and dark rituals plaguing the town every decade. Guided by an unseen force, Lucas ventures into the ancient forest, revealing eerie symbols and a malevolent presence. The forgotten souls of Ravenswood, trapped between the living and the dead, implore him to unearth the truth. Haunted by memories of a forgotten past, Lucas faces a spectral figure revealing a pact made by desperate townsfolk centuries ago. To break the curse, he must confront an ancient entity lurking in the heart of the forest—a force that hungers for the suffering of Ravenswood. As Lucas navigates the ethereal landscape and confronts the colossal entity, the town's forgotten souls bear witness to a final reckoning. The malevolence that bound Ravenswood for centuries must be confronted, and Lucas holds the key to severing the town's ties to the cursed realm. In a surreal confrontation with the entity, Lucas must grapple with his own past and make a choice that will either free Ravenswood from its haunted history or condemn it to an eternity of darkness. The shadows of the forgotten demand justice, and Lucas is the reluctant harbinger of their long-awaited reckoning.
Crime Teenager Fantasy
Nuel's Pen
Jude Bowen's Passion for basketball Led him to Watch a high school basketball's Live Match, eventually got teamed up to Play for an absent Player who so much looks like him due to his skills. On the later end, this Incidence led to the Revealing of his real identity, Finding out he's a twin and Meeting his real Parents. Also Giving a go ahead to the reopening of a closed Attempted murder Case, 16 years ago.
Lower Floor
Humor Comedy Optimist
Amanda is a writer like many others who wants to leave her mark on the world through her stories, however, she has realized that not everyone can be the next Jane Austen, so she is content with having an extra job and being able to write relatively what you want Everything seems to be going well for her, despite having put many dreams aside and having a most unbearable neighbor, at least until she receives a rent increase notice and realizes that she alone cannot pay for it. By chance, he ends up living with his annoying and apparently rebellious neighbor: Emiliana Basile, a beauty with tanned skin, long legs and a sharp, poisonous tongue, with whom he has fought countless times since he lived in Italy. How will he manage to live with this woman without one of them ending up in jail? And more important still... Can she ignore the undeniable spark that jumps between them?