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Lower Floor
Lower Floor
Humor Comedy Optimist
Amanda is a writer like many others who wants to leave her mark on the world through her stories, however, she has realized that not everyone can be the next Jane Austen, so she is content with having an extra job and being able to write relatively what you want Everything seems to be going well for her, despite having put many dreams aside and having a most unbearable neighbor, at least until she receives a rent increase notice and realizes that she alone cannot pay for it. By chance, he ends up living with his annoying and apparently rebellious neighbor: Emiliana Basile, a beauty with tanned skin, long legs and a sharp, poisonous tongue, with whom he has fought countless times since he lived in Italy. How will he manage to live with this woman without one of them ending up in jail? And more important still... Can she ignore the undeniable spark that jumps between them?
Independent Humble Upgrade
Andy woods
In a world where dreams are often stifled, John Smith, a resilient and compassionate young man battles against a sea of trials. With a heart set in conquering new York city, he toils tirelessly, holding fast to his aspirations. Yet his journey is marred by betrayal, discovering his girlfriend's deceit with his own kin. Fueled by a burning resolve, John's dedication propels him into a whirlwind of success. A chance encounter with a mysterious mentor, David Thornton, unfurls a part fraught with buried family secrets. As his business burgeons, a relentless advasery, victoria Hart threatens to dismantle all he's built. The apex of his tale culminates in unparalleled triumph, evolving from humble origins to becoming the city's most affluent figure. But beyond the wealth amassed, johns metamorphosis trancends, bestowing upon him an unwavering purpose. A narrative not just of financial conquest but of personal evolution, showcasing the resilience and compassion that elevate john to unparalleled heights, fostering a community once distant, and illuminating the might of kindness against all odds.
The Bad Wolf Salvation - Bad Wolf Trilogy
The Bad Wolf Salvation - Bad Wolf Trilogy
Werewolf Badboy Gang
Escriba Livrinho
Run, run, little girl. You will be a dead girl if they find you She has broken. Without one to turn to. Desperately running from her hell, the girl does not prepare for the monsters she will find hiding in the forest. Could a bloodthirsty monster save her from her demons? Should she believe that someone like him can save someone? There seems to be no choice but to grab the possibility of tooth and claw. That is what she will do if she wants to escape her bonds. One by one, they will find that love pays. It's a story of how two wounded hearts can heal together. Warn: This story contains heavy and controversial subjects. If you do not like a possessive and slightly dangerous bad boy, this story is not for you.