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The diary of Lizz
Sweet Rebel Betrayal
Lary lima
Lizz's diary is a work that portrays the overcoming of a young writer. Drugs, alcoholism, and in the middle of all of this, love and overcoming emerges. A person's addiction begins the moment they can no longer live without it. Eliza Campos was a promising writer and had everything that someone her age could want, until she unfortunately fell into the world of drugs and left it behind. Tired of how her life was and thirsting for change, she starts working at Monterey Publishing, one of the most well-known publishing houses in Brazil. Eliza then finds herself completely lost when she finds herself in love with her boss, the mysterious Pedro. What awaits Eliza on this new journey?
Optimist Intelligent Love
Friends, we all are aware that life is a journey as we live, we learn. Everyone has dream and expectations from life. Here, tells the story written by Lisa Onwuegbuna based on Business, Marriage, Love, Hardship, perseverance, and achievements of a man whose name is Elvis Wayas from Barbados who is so engrossed in fulfillment of his personal dreams and carefree of what others may think about ideologies, concept of life and view of things. I do hope you learn from this, even as you have a memorable and enjoyable ride through the Pages and Chapter of this Fictional Story.
The Mafia and his Angel
Revenge Dark Romance Mafia
He was a man who wasn’t put on this earth to be loved, but to kill. And she was a woman who was nothing more than an object to be used. They weren’t meant to find each other in this dark, cruel world. But they did, and now it’s war because there’s no way in hell he’ll let anyone take her from him. He was feared. She was hunted. Together they will fight to win this war.
The Reluctant Queen
Intelligent Romance Historical
Millie M
Charming had never been an issue for exiled Crown Prince, Wilhelm. Women came easy to him but he had been in love with another for as long as he could remember. Sent away by his father with the condition of his return home being for Wilhelm to convince a Princess, who has no interest in anything other than God and entering into the monastery, to be his wife. It was bad enough that that he didn't want her but the damn woman evades him at all cost. But he would try, no matter what it takes. Even if it means seducing a nun. For his family, there’s nothing Wilhelm won’t do. However, Princess Giselle Marié seems to have secrets and ideas about marriage – all not in the favour of an arrogant Prince.
The Connection
Teenager Brave Weirdo
Does one's choices dictate what path they go down or does it create a butterfly effect for those around, find out as many backstories connect to make the picture clearer from different perspectives of a mirror one can say. Jerry and those who surround him find all their fates tied and intertwining.
The Mad Alpha King
Tragedy Werewolf Intelligent
Aaron Ben
On the continent of Bastion, the royal prince goes on a diplomatic mission to a superpower nation that has subjugated the entire continent for five centuries. On the journey, he is attacked and through a twist of fate, the prince gains the same powers as his attacker. Some time after his attack, he meets a woman who he falls in love with. Their love blossoms but unfortunately, tragedy strikes as the prince finds out that beloved was the same creature who attacked him that fateful day.
Satria and Destiny
bxg Sweet Independent
Being blamed for the death of a mother while giving birth is the deepest wound for a child. Then, the arrival of Mother and a new sibling who was numbered by the father, really disappointed him and made him choose live alone with a bandage of disappointment mixed with wounds from his father. Can Satria wake up from a nightmare that made him regret ever being in this world? Meanwhile, wherever he went, the world seemed to not support him far from the source of the wound that made him gape even more when they met face to face.
The Bad Wolf Salvation - Bad Wolf Trilogy
Werewolf Badboy Gang
Escriba Livrinho
Run, run, little girl. You will be a dead girl if they find you She has broken. Without one to turn to. Desperately running from her hell, the girl does not prepare for the monsters she will find hiding in the forest. Could a bloodthirsty monster save her from her demons? Should she believe that someone like him can save someone? There seems to be no choice but to grab the possibility of tooth and claw. That is what she will do if she wants to escape her bonds. One by one, they will find that love pays. It's a story of how two wounded hearts can heal together. Warn: This story contains heavy and controversial subjects. If you do not like a possessive and slightly dangerous bad boy, this story is not for you.
The forced one
Tragedy Werewolf Weirdo
All Eddie wanted to do, was go through the heist, and get the job done. He could get a good cut of the money, quit his construction job, and go move to wherever he wanted with his grandmother and annoying cousin. Well, plans didn't go like they were supposed to. In fact, it went so bad, that Eddie was almost killed in cement. If not for his crazy, and abnormal co-worker, Terry Case. Now in a different state, with a fresh new start, Eddie is trying to make up for his cowardice, by joining an underground fight ring. It's on one night though that everything changes; a stranger appears in the back of his car, changing Eddie's life forever.
The infinite growlers
Vampire Werewolf Paranormal
Sam Chase
The war between the werewolves and vampires had been raging on for centuries. They were natural enemies, their instincts programmed to destroy one another. But amidst the conflict, a werewolf named Thrain and a vampire named Lila found themselves drawn to each other. Their first meeting was on the battlefield, but instead of fighting, they found themselves staring into each other’s eyes. There was something about the way they looked at each other that defied everything they had been taught about their kind. They couldn’t explain it, but they felt an unexplainable connection. Over time, they continued to cross paths, seeing each other secretly and forming an unlikely but passionate bond. They knew that if they were ever discovered, the consequences would be dire for both of them. Despite their best efforts, their hidden relationship was discovered by the other members of both factions. The werewolves were enraged at Thrain’s betrayal, and the vampires were disgusted by Lila’s choice to ally herself with their natural enemies. As punishment for their love, Lila was exiled by the vampires, and Thrain was forced to leave his pack. They continued to meet each other in secret, in the desolate forests where they first caught each other’s eye. On one fateful day, the war intensified, and in the chaos of the battlefield, Lila and Thrain were separated. Thrain was mortally wounded by a group of vampires, and Lila used her vampire powers to heal him. In that moment, they both realized that true love knows no boundaries. Together, they proposed a truce between the werewolves and vampires, suggesting that there could be a peaceful coexistence between the two factions. The idea was laughed at by most, but their love eventually led to a detente between the wolves and vampires.