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The Devil's House
Skye Blue
Saavni and Ryder are detectives that have to work on a case together. They have to figure out why eight different people went missing in a mansion. They think this will be like any other normal missing people case that they have solved... But little do they know of the dangers that lurk in the house...
A sublime Love.
Manipulative Sensitive Emotional
Ahli Kokou Daniel KPONTON
Enemy of the Sinaloa Cartel Aliyan fell in love with a woman called Bendis who turns out to be the daughter of the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, which he did not know at the beginning of their relationship. After knowing Bendis' family, he realized that this family does not love him after twisted blows that began with injustice. Accused of killing a man whom Yannick Bendis' brother had killed Aliyan began to flee the world. One morning after returning from a trip, Bendis came to welcome her man when she was shot in the stomach. This made Aliyan angry to the point of declaring war on Bendis' family starting with a clandestine marriage with Bendis.
Becoming A Mafia Boss
Action Gang Mafia
Benson Woods is being coerced to mortgage his house to a dangerous mafia group and a bank, the only inheritance his parents left for him to save his dying girlfriend, Rosemary Bernard. He was successful but had to quit his job. An old man named Quentin saves him from the clutches of his debts. Quentin Houston happened to be the leader of another mafia group and a new secret is discovered as Benson is indebted to this new mafia boss and finds out that a man named Joseph Jenson was helped by his real parents before they died and he gives him everything all his riches making him the new mafia boss before he dies. Does Benson gets to take his revenge as the new mafia boss leader?
The House Is Alive
Sensitive Ghost Paranormal
Ernesto is the new Night Watcher at the Roanake Retirement Community in Virginia. He is glad to have landed his new job and he pledges to do his best to do better than the former Night Watchers of the Community. Little did he know that the ex Night Watchers didn’t leave because of their incompetence but because of the disturbance of the ghosts that reside in the community. Will he be able to handle his new job or will his new job be the end of him? Only time will tell.
Beautiful Creatures.
Emotional Adventurous Powerful
Beautiful Creatures is a fantasy affair that centers around a couple, Opal and Doug. It is about the mystery of their bloodline and the power that lies within their genetics to change the world. We journey with them through time and space, love and betrayal, to challenge the strength of love. Opal always wanted to discover who killed her father and for what reason he was killed. Why was she immortal and what exactly was she? She moves back to the Bloomfield estate, with her destined lover Doug,to heal from the past and to hunt down the killer. Only to find out that the hunter was instead, being hunted.
"I will be a Villain in this life."
Tragedy Revenge Dark
Amber Shaw
"There are two types of people in the world after going to hell, the ones who will do anything to protect others so that they don't go through the same pain as them and the other who will do anything to let the world know about their pain, the former is called a hero and the latter is called a villain and I shall be a Villain"- Zhan
The two suns
Magic Gang
Skii senpai
Magic have become the most important part of people's life. Yotaro comes to Tokyo the heart of Japan for job but instead he was lables as a Criminals. This affects his life and he has no choice but to become a part of the criminal gang. According to police that gang uses power for criminal use but is that true? Enjoy the novel.
The good hearted Assassin
Crime Action Freedom
Maria G
Ruth's life took a devastating turn when she was born with Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA). This rare condition meant that she couldn't feel physical pain or regulate her body temperature. However, little did she know that her journey was about to become even more treacherous. At the tender age of ten, Ruth's world was shattered when a group of ruthless thieves invaded her home. In a horrifying turn of events, she was raped, and her family was brutally murdered before her eyes. The trauma left her scarred, both physically and emotionally.
Alternate Universe Soldier Action
Tom Gretchen
A ragtag band of civilians were recruited during an invasion. Armed to the teeth, they are met with challenging tasks that will took toll upon them. Initially focused on getting the job done, they need to work together to survive.
How to Design the Plot Framework of Urban Novels
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