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Fur Elise
Tragedy Sensitive Psycho
Wizart, a severely mentally insane man, was detained in a hospital for treatment. The restless brain likes games, making everyone feel anxious to take care of him, not to mention if he invites you to play with him. But, despite his pain, he also experienced bad luck, especially with his children. Wizart believes that the children are still alive now but unfortunately, the children who have been waiting for all this time have died. Benson as a friend tried his best to make Wizart give up on finding his children. "Wizart.. please don't be like this. Your children are gone, Wizart. You have passed away. Don't you feel sad when you imagine your children's spirits are not at peace seeing your father like this? Wizart, please wake up. .” - Benson "What are you talking about? My son didn't die! You don't know anything. I just saw my son running around earlier. Ish!" - Wizard However, Benson will not remain silent after seeing Wizart treated until such a change occurs in him. He was determined to find out who caused Wizart to experience the horror. And Wizart had the opportunity to recall his old story. "It's all over, crazy Wizart." - Nick How brutal will Wizart be? Will Wizart recover or vice versa? Is Wizart really crazy or just being dramatic?
A Second Chance at Disaster
Revenge Second Chance Urban
"When Damian is ostracized by his wife's family for being poor, he sets out on a path to success, becoming wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. He decides to go back to his family which he had left because of his undying love for his wife with the help of his uncle, and fortunately for him, his family accepts him back. Fate plays a game on him and he gets to reunite with his wife whom his family had betrothed him to but he refuses then. He decides that this is his opportunity to start his revenge against his ex-wife. He made a promise that when he became rich he was going to take revenge on her. He gets married to his new wife in the process and many other events happen. Rebecca had realized her mistake and was hell-bent on destroying Damian. Now that she found out he was rich, she wanted him for herself. She suddenly started acting like a maniac and had an evil plan. Will her plan succeed? Will Damian and his new wife get to live together in peace or will Rebecca destroy everything?
The Billion Dollars Revenge
Revenge Billionaire Rich
P. Timmy
Jacob Reed had just lost both his job and marriage when a lady, Chrstine Prescott, presented him with an opportunity to run a billion dollars company. Wounded by the betrayal from his former boss and his wife, Jacob Reed took the opportunity as a payback for what they did to him.
Outlaws: Spark city
Future Cyberpunk System
Daoist Xu
Aiden & Noah Colie both reincarnated after their death in a car accident and once again, they are born as twins in a cyberpunk world. Armed with nothing but a strange System Panel, Aiden and Noah began building their own power in Spark City!
Action Mafia True Love
An abandoned son of 7yrs who was left at the gates of a Judo store was given a stern warning by his father, "Even if you were to die the next day and you miss your practice, I will personally come to the gates of hell to give you a spanking". He fought to survive, scraping off the streets of society and when it seemed like his life would finally turn around with graduation around the corner, Gramps, the old gateman in college who dotes on him like a son is killed by a rich heir who consistently bullies him and thinks he can get away with everything, including killing Gramps. The Guerrio family reaches out to him to join the selection of the new boss of the family as a contestant of which he agrees. Rising in wealth and fame with the help of the family, Sebastian is out for revenge on Leonard who killed Gramps and crumbling his family empire from top 1 in Country A. What happens when the top 1 most powerful mafia family in Country A goes against the top 1 most powerful family in the corporate world of Country A? Read to find out more. *** If you want to read a face-slapping novel where the MC rises through hard work despite being an heir to an empire, passes through a series of uncommon Mafia trials and experiences bits of romance in his otherwise bleak life, then give this book a read. You're in for a ride. ... Updates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!
The Rise of The Amazing Heir
Action Billionaire Rich
Ramdani Abdul
Everyone treated Althon badly. His lover even played tricks on him and betrayed him by having an affair with a rich man. When he thought his life was ruined, a man came with an army and said, "Young Master, we have finally found you. You are the greatest heir of the richest family in the world." Althon was shocked.
Campus System Student
After the death of his parent. Max became half crippled and he had to with the help of a staff. He went to live with his grandparents. He was lucky enough to be among the few who got admission into Prospera Academy on Scholarship. It was a school meant for the rich but that was when his problem started. He was bullied by Zaco, one of the Elites in the school. Zaco's father had given out scholarships to many other students and Max was also a benefit of it. He met with Flora who was the most prettiest girl on campus who decided to date Max because he was brilliant. little did Max know she was sleeping with Zaco. when Max found out, he confronted Zaco and they engaged in a fight. Zaco pushed him off the cliff off the school and he landed on the floor dead. As the heavy rain poured into his eyes and thunder crackles, Max saw a system In front of him telling him to be a grim reaper for a powerful system. The system was ready to bestow him wealth only if he could follow the laid down ruless
Tales Of The Outworlder
Intelligent Fantasy ruthless
The story follows the journey of Darius Amel. A man reborn in another world where he has a special identity. With wisdom from his previous life experiences, tag along as our main character tries to survive in this new world.
The Rise of Mackin Jones
Brave Adventurous Billionaire
Adran Dé Knightingale
The smart guy is rejected by his whole family, hated by his in-laws, and betrayed by the love of his life. But he finds a gem that makes him a trillionaire. The door of revenge and payback is flung open as he becomes a shock for his wife, family, and those who humiliated him. He is denied the heir of his family by Drake and starts to battle for it. Will Jones get revenge or forgive them? How will Mackin Jones crush his enemies and reign among the friends and foes he is? You will be surely taken along with all the answers as the story unfolds.
The Untamed Son-in-Law
System Revenge Superpower
Mela Writes
Once an heir to riches, he now became a lowly son-in-law in New York City. Losing his job and discovering his wife's infidelity crushed his life. Alexander found himself in a desperate situation. He had been maltreated and bullied. However, his system activated, and he seemed to be making plans for his revenge. Can Jason harness this power to make his tormentors pay, or will it consume him in its own twisted game?