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The Greatest Heirs
Marriage Crazy Love
Pena Hasrat
After a tragic accident that befell his parents and the betrayal of his adopted younger brother, he rose from his ruin by taking over the Wayne Corporation company, a hidden legacy of his grandfather. On a journey to take revenge on Christian and his accomplices, Gerald creates dramatic changes in his life, controlling the entire global market, thereby elevating his identity so that his arrogant mother-in-law has to call him the greatest son-in-law.
The Heir's Reckoning
Revenge Billionaire Rich
EXCERPT: It is said that no one has ever seen the son of the great billionaire, Alexander Steele. There have been rumors going around. Some say he is in a faraway island, some say he is mentally ill and is receiving treatment, some say he is long dead, some even say there was never an heir. This controversy has been ongoing for at least fifteen years with people trying to know who will inherit the billionaire’s wealth. Who knows, the heir could be anywhere, roaming freely around with not a care in the world… * Growing up in obscurity and poverty, Nathan becomes the target of bullying by his affluent classmates and was eventually forced to drop out. while trying to make ends meet, his mother falls victim to loan sharks and unable to pay back, she was attacked and while trying to save his mother, Nathan was brutally attacked alongside and gravely injured. When he regains consciousness in a private hospital, his life took a dramatic turn when he discovers the truth about his identity and he sets out on a mission of retribution. The Heir's Reckoning is a tale of resilience, redemption and retribution where Nathan Steele transforms from a victim to the formidable heir of a billionaire tycoon who attains power and wealth to get back at those who wronged him.
The Mysterious Morgan Johnson
Soldier Revenge Misunderstanding
Shuyu Bee
Morgan has always liked Lyndsey since childhood but was rejected due to his background. His marriage was arranged, Morgan married Lyndsey and became the son-in-law of the Brown family. However, Morgan and Lyndsey’s marriage after marriage was not happy, because Lyndsey liked her ex-boyfriend, so after getting married for a few months, she didn’t even let Morgan touch her body. Mother-in-law and younger brother-in-law also often trouble Morgan, constantly mocking him, even withholding Morgan’s monthly salary and only giving him a few hundred dollars as pocket money. Morgan had thought of resisting, but because his father, Patrick Johnson, had heart disease and owed the Brown family sixty thousand, he could only endure and live in grievance under the roof of the Brown family. Will he be able to survive the humiliation?
Billionaire Rich True Love
Archie is a college student who's only there on scholarship. He's always the target of the other students' insults and mockery. He works 2 jobs after school to help support his mother and father. Archie discovers his girlfriend is only dating him as a joke and her new boyfriend, the school's most popular quarterback, is her real boyfriend. Archie fights with him and is expelled and put in jail for a night. His real father comes to bail him out and it is the most powerful man in the city: CEO and Founder of The Lockwood Corporation, Marshall Lockwood.
Billionaire Rich Powerful
Dylan Douse
Damien Delaney, a hardworking man, strives to please his wife. Unfortunately, she cheats on him with his rich godfather, who he works for, and then divorces him. In a fit of rage, he fights his godfather and gets fired. With nothing left to lose, he goes to drink his sorrows away when a dazzling beauty walks up to him with an irresistible offer that changes his life forever. In the same night, he inherits the biggest and richest consortium in the northern hemisphere, becoming a billionaire overnight, and finds out his parents were murdered by his godfather. As they say, revenge is a dish best served by the betrayed son-in-law.
Tragedy Crime Manipulative
A few months before Emily turns 18, her father dies. She goes to Baguio to live with her mother, her stepfather Miguel, and her half-brother Migo. Emily misses her father terribly that she finds it hard to fit into her new home, despite her mother's sympathetic efforts and her half-brother's irresistible cuteness. Good thing, Emily seems to be friendly enough to have made new pals, like Denver, who, it turns out, sees her as more than a friend. Then Emily meets a mysterious young man who suddenly appears and disappears; and he's always dressed in black leather jacket and denim pants whom she gets to know as Lance Monroe. Emily is smitten by Lance's romantic gestures and protective ways. He teaches her to play the piano, and brings her roses, and he even rescues her from bad guys, and helps her overcome her fears. She feels she has found in Lance her knight in shining armor who will rescue her from her incurable loneliness and deathly sadness. But Emily's family and friends are alarmed that she has become secluded and deluded in her own imaginary world. In the end, she has to decide what matters most to her and where her heart truly is.
Return of the war god
System Optimist Soldier
Back to the basics
Falling victim an ingenious scheme, the entire Rhyfel family was massacred. Risking her own life, Luna managed to rescue Arthur. Ten years later, the war god returns to the capital, "Whatever was taken from me, I will take back a thousandfold!" Upon reuniting with Luna, he made her a single long as she was with him, she would have the entire world in the palm of her hands.
Return Of The Ultimate Young Master
Campus Optimist Billionaire
Arxwen Pshma
Lucas' life changed after he met someone who looked like him, from a poor student to a figure who was terrifying to the world. Even this is a secret that he just found out. He came and conquered. His presence cannot be underestimated!
The Return Of The Lame Son In Law.
Manipulative Family face smacking
Chris Brown was the lame son in law of the Preston’s, his disabilities made him to be looked down upon by his in laws and everyone he came along. But just when Chris Brown was in the verge of giving up, he discovered that his real father was the richest man in South America and this gave his life a drastic turn around.
The Man With System
Campus System Student
M. K. Diana
There seemed to be no way for Darrin to protect the girl he was in love with, until a system popped into his head. "Ding! The super lavish system has been successfully bound! The host can ask for anything and the system will grant it!" With the power of his system, Darrin not only felt reborn as a new person, but he also realized he had the potential to achieve something great in the world, making a positive difference beyond what he had ever imagined.